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Chapter 28 - Rafael

I knew right away something was wrong with Tay as Greg affectingly calls him when he showed up for our first class. “So, are you going to tell me what is wrong?” The teacher wasn’t here yet, so I lounge around in my seat. He was off to copy some paper handouts. To my surprise Tay turns his face, pressing his cheek against the wood of the table, peeking at me from under his lashes.

“Anna and Mickey came by and dropped off some papers to make our adoption official.” He grunts a little, stretching his legs out in front of him. “And Greg stayed the night.” I feel my eyes widen at his love struck look and goofy smile.

So they finally had sex. I grin a little evilly as I lean forward. “And my guess is his parents weren’t too impressed were they?” I cackle as he grimaces, glowering at me. “What did they do?” I manage to get out as I got my laughing under control. “Did they threaten you?” I lift up his head by his hair; he has been hiding it in his folded arms. “They did, didn’t they?”

“Mr DiNozzo, would you please pay attention?” I turn to face the old fart that is our teacher for our first history class. “And preferably let go of Mr Thompson’ head without banging it on the desk please.” He hastily adds since I sometimes literally do what people say. Just to spare Tay and me the headache, I gently place his head back on his folded arms and turn to face the front of the class.

I breathe out a sigh of relief when lunch comes around and I snuggle against my Nance at our lunch table. She huffs a little but I can tell by the gleam in her eyes that she doesn’t really mind it. “I missed you sweetheart.” I murmur as I breathe in her light shampoo, nuzzling her hair.

“Do you know what happened to Greg and Tay? They have been acting a little odd.” I am surprised that she didn’t notice all the hickey’s that cover Greg’s neck and collarbones.

Not one to be saying this out loud, I snatch her phone out of her hands and open her text app. You do know that Greg stayed over at Tay’s house right? She nods her head as she reads the text before I delete it. According to Tay they had sex and your parents showed up the next day to threaten Tay with what would happen to him should he ever hurt Greg. She gasps as she reads the text before I delete it once more, she turns to look up at me blushing and wide eyed. I could see the gears whirling in her head.

She placed the phone back on the table, face down. She nibbles on her chicken sandwich, clearly a little uncomfortable as she peeks at Greg and Tay every so often. “I will see you after school?” I lean back in my chair as she gets up with her tray. She smiles as she kisses my forehead.

“I will be the one waiting on the steps.” I grin as she comes up with her own reference to the Breakfast club. The movie we watched over the weekend.

“They really look and act like the happy couple don’t they?” I look up in surprise, as Ronnie sounds quite bitter. My only guess is that her date the other day was a waste. I just shrug as I finally manage to get out my science homework and notes.

“I think they both deserve some happiness. But form your tone I gather that your date with that college guy was a total bust?” Ronnie pouts at me as she follows me to the science classroom. I never know why she does; she has Art on the other side of the building.

“Do you have some time after school? I want to talk to you about something important.” Frowning in concern, I nod. I couldn’t focus on the lesson, even though science is my favourite class. My mind kept wondering back to what Ronnie wanted to talk to me about. It had to be something big, if she wanted to talk to me directly after a failed date. Maybe she wants me to knock some sense into the college guy’s head or something. I feel a lot more relaxed as that must be the case. The college guy must have tried something during their date.

I had texted Nance during science class that Ronnie wanted to talk to me after school, so she might have to wait a little longer before I could pick her up. She said it was fine, her last period was study hall, so if I could pick her up at the library that would be great. I affirmed that I would pick her up at the ground floor library; it was close to my locker anyway.

Reaching my locker after todays last class, I was surprised to see Ronnie there all dressed up and ready for a date. “What’s with the new outfit Ronnie?” I was sure she wasn’t wearing it this morning.

She smiles and does a little twirl, giving me and everybody else still littering the hallway a good look at the curve hugging outfit she was wearing. “Do you like it?” She asks once all the wolf whistles and catcalls died down. “Rafa, baby what’s wrong?” She comes too close for comfort as she tries to cup my cheeks.

I pull back, shaking my head. “Don’t call me that Ronnie. I am not your boyfriend.” She drops her hands and pouts, pushing out her very kissable looking lips. If I wasn’t together with Nance I would have let her cup my cheeks and maybe even kiss her. “What is it that you wanted to talk about?” I fold my arms in front of my chest, leaning against the locker next to mine.

Ronnie huffs put her hands on her hips “You are no fun. Both of you! Since you both started dating neither of you will play with me anymore!” I narrow my eyes as her voice goes higher at the end. “You never come over to my house anymore to fool around or just hang out. You weren’t like this when you were dating Trisha or Melanie or whatever dell managed to snag your interest for the few days or weeks.” I feel my jaw drop at her words, okay, I might not have seriously dated either of them, but they knew I wasn’t looking for a steady relationship.

“What Nance and I have is different to what I had with either of them and you know it!” I couldn’t help but speak a little louder than I should.

“Exactly!” Ronnie says looking smug probably happy that I admitted that I was a sleaze back then. But I have changed; I even told Nance all about them. Nance smiles at me encouraging, as I see her peeking around the library door. “What do you think when she hears that you never took any relationship seriously and always, always come to me for comfort?"

“I say that time is over.” Nance enters the hallway and makes her way over to my side. “Rafael told me all about Trisha, Melanie, Edith, Mercedes, Jackie, Angelina, Megan, Patricia and you. It means nothing.” She smiles shyly up at me as she loops her arms through mine, cuddling in my side. Turning her head she glares at Ronnie “You are quite pathetic that you never had the guts to confess to Rafael that you were in love with him. Instead you sabotaged every serious relationship he has ever been in.” I look at Nance in disbelief, not quite sure about she is implicating. “I spoke to several of Rafael’s girlfriends and they all say that whenever they came to you for advice about what Rafael would like to do on dates or what he would like for his birthday, you would give them advice about stuff he absolutely hates and that your present would always be the thing he wanted.”

The fact that Ronnie looks put out clues me in that what Nance said was true. “Is this true Ronnie?” I demand, glaring at her. As gently as I can I untangle myself from Nance, marching up into Ronnie’s personal space. Ronnie shrank back, looking quite sacred of me. “What the hell were you thinking Ronnie? Did you really think I would fall in love with you? Even if I didn’t meet Nance, I would never fall in love with you! I will never ever felt that way about you!” I pant, chest heaving. “I thought you were a friend, but obviously I thought wrong.” Stepping back to Nance, I wrap my arm around her waist. “Nance is the love of my life Veronica,” I look up from Nance’s loving gaze tot Veronica’s terrified one. “I want you to leave me alone Veronica.”

“Rafa! Ronnie! What the hell is going on?” Tay and Greg both comes running around the corner. He took one look at Veronica’s now tear stained face and my angry one.

“Why don’t you ask her, she should be able to tell you.” I sneer as Nance and I walk past where Veronica is huddled against the lockers. “I am way too angry to even form a decent sentence about what she has done.”

Greg looks worriedly at Nance and they seem to have some silent communication going on cause he lets us pass without trouble. Instead he walks over to where Tay is kneeling near Veronica, softly talking to her, probably asking what is wrong.

I roll my eyes as I hear her sob, I can tell by the way she is breathing that it is all theatrical. “It is her fault,” She moans, her face still covered by her hands. “She turned Rafa against me! Rafa and I were supposed to go on a date today but Nance, she, she just blew up and started spewing all kinds of lies about me and I just...” I had half a mind to turn around and actually hit her, with my fist.

“Really?” I hear Greg ask quietly, “So what everybody says about you caring an enormous torch for Rafa isn’t true?” I hold my breath, waiting for her answer. “The fact you always seem to be there when Rafa and one of his girlfriends have a fight over something they asked you advice for is just mere coincidence?” I see Greg shaking his head in disbelief. “I have seen the way you look at Rafa when he isn’t looking, and I have to say you look a lot like a love struck puppy. And how hateful you glare at the girls who at the time were Rafa’s girlfriend.”

Squeaking of sneakers against the tiles and the rattle of metal alert me of quick movement. “Touch him again and you’re dead Veronica.” Tay is forcefully holding Veronica against the lockers as Greg is clutching his cheek. There is a light trickle of blood sleeping through his fingers. Tay pushes her back against the lockers once more, effectively checking her, “Do I make myself clear Veronica? If you just as much look in his general direction, I will make you pay in blood.” He pushes himself away from her “Leave my sight you pathetic creature. You’re no longer wanted here.”

Veronica glares hatefully at Tay as she straightens up, dusts herself off and struts away with her head held high. She stops in front of me; Nance had rushed to her brother’s side when he was pushed into the lockers. “If you want some fun, some real fun, you know where to find me.” She had the audacity to wink t me and trail her fingertips along my chest as she walked away. I made a note to throw this shirt away and scrub my skin when I get home later, in fact I will throw out everything Veronica ever got me.

“Greg? Do you want to go to the infirmary?” Tay is now also standing worriedly at Greg’s side, looking unsure whether he should touch him or not. He told me that Greg was kind of niffy with people touching him and whatnot. Greg made that decision for him as he latches on to Tay, mumbling under his breath. With Greg now safely in his arms, he trudges down the hall to the infirmary.

Nance’s arms tighten around my as she returns to my side, tugging me along to the infirmary. Still, I can’t seem to shake the bad feeling in my gut that this is going to come back and bite us in the ass.

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