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Chapter 37 – Gregory

I hold my breath as I listen to Rafa and Nance argue outside. When a warm hand closes around my wrist, I nearly jump out of my skin. Ty shakes his head as he tugs on my wrist and gives the partly open window I used to eavesdrop a look as if to say ‘Really Greg? They are old enough to handle this themselves.’

Giving the window one last longing look, I let Ty tug me back to the living room. “You’re a meanie.” I pout as I sit down on the couch, crossing my arms across my chest and scooting away as Ty sits down beside me.

“I am sure they are old enough to talk about this like the adults they are.” Ty seems to think about it for a while as he adds, “Well, Nance is the adult, I can’t say the same for Rafa. But he is trying.” Ty even gets a far away look in his eyes. “This is the first time I have actually see him make an effort to talk things over. He usually doesn’t make any effort all. He can be lazy like that, especially after the things that went down between them.”

“So, when I come and see one of your matches again?” I blink at the question and his sudden close proximity. “I want to see you play again, all sweaty...” He lets his voice trail off, eyes scanning my face as he licks his lips.

I can’t help but feeling turned on. “I am sure there is another form of physical activity that can make me sweat.” I state boldly, my hand softly pressing against his chest. Feeling his heartbeat speed up under my palm has adrenaline rush through my system.

“You mean just like in Rome?” My face nearly explodes in heat as I am transported back to a sunny day in Italy where I decided to test Ty’s boundaries. I am sure we can never show our faces in that particular hotel again. Ty chuckles as I hide my face in his chest with an embarrassed groan.

“We can never show our faces there again thanks to you!” I wail, shoving him off of me. I quickly stand up from the couch and start pacing up and down on the other side of the coffee table. Keeping well away from his grabby hands.

“Thanks to me?!” I frown as he sounds slightly upset. “And who’s brilliant idea was it to try and seduce me with beautiful golden skin lying naked on the King size bed huh?” I flush as he slowly rises up, keeping direct eye contact. ” Watching me with those hooded eyes, before biting your lip and stretching like a cat.” He advances with every word dropping from his lips. “Were you really that surprised that I pounced on you like that? You are irresistible when you are like that.” His hand reaches out to touch my face. “Just like you are irresistible right now.”

My lips part as I pant softly as Ty takes his sweet damn time to kiss me. When his lips finally touch mine, it is a soft meeting of lips, very romantic. I get warm flutters in the pit of my stomach whenever he does that. The damn guy knows it too and takes full advantage of it. A needy whimper leaves me as his hand cups the back of my head in a possessive hold and lets his tongue work its magic on my senses.

I know by the fact that his second hand is tightly wrapped around my waist that Ty is slowly stoking the embers that are burning inside me up to a fire. Just like he did when we were alone in Italy, and I let myself get lost in the warm feeling. At least I was until I hear a door slam closed and a gust of cold air reaches me. Against better judgement I pull back form the kiss and see Nance’s burning face, starting at me wide eyed. Rafa is right behind her looking a little uncomfortable. Only then does our compromising position sink in. In my subconscious I wrapped one of my legs around his waist, and my arms and hands are coiled around his neck and hidden in hid soft hair.

My mouth opens to say something, but closes as nothing comes to mind. It helps that Ty is slightly blushing, making me feel less alone in this situation. Usually when we are like this, I am the only one feeling embarrassed.

“You might want to fix yourselves before mom and dad come home and find you like this.” Nance mutters, not really making eye contact.

“So the two of you also managed to talk about things?” I ask once I am unwound from Ty and stand next to Nance in the kitchen as she pulls out glasses and little bowls for the snacks. She stills before looking up to me and shrugs.

“I guess...” She turns her back to me once more and busies herself with filling one of the bowls with cashew nuts and another with pandas. I take the bottle of soft drink from her as she struggles to get the cap off. I know when she is not ready to talk about it yet.

“Well, that’s good.” I easily uncap the bottle and start pouring it into the four glasses. From my peripheral vision I can see Nance look at me, still as stone before she smiles lightly and continues to fill the other bowls with different snacks. By the time mom and dad come home an hour and a half later without Lo -- Logan-- as he wants to be called now as he is a big boy, we are all laughing and joking. A good atmosphere to end the day with. Both Nance and I are still smiling as we walk Rafa and Ty to the front door. I think Nance surprises us all as she stands up on her tippy toes and kisses Rafa lightly on the cheek.

His hand creeps up to the spot where her lips touched his skin in wonder, obviously not expecting her to kiss him. “I told you they would be fine.” Ty whispers in my ear as he too leans down for a goodnight kiss. “You are such a worrywart.” I look slightly fronted and such him away when his face is just a hairs breath away for me. His arms sneak around my waist and he hoists me against him, “A very beautiful worrywart. My worrywart.” The heat creeps up my cheeks and my stomach clenches as he presses his lips against mine, giving my waist a good squeeze before ducking out of the door. All I can do is shake my head at his antics, still I can always count on him to make me smile.

“I am surprised to see the both of you alone.” Mom pops his head around the doorframe with a slight surprised look on his face. “I would have expected to see Rafaël and Tyler being fused to your hips.” A thump could be heard as he bangs something into the wall as dad wallops the back of his head. “No fair T.” He whined, “You should support me on this!” Nance and I both gape as mom actually stomps his foot. “They are too clingy!”

Dad just looks at him and utters “Who was it that went against his parents wishes and decided to get me a promise ring anyway hmm?” Mom blushes as dad cocks an eyebrow as he casually leans against the doorframe between the kitchen and livingroom. “Or the time you threw a tantrum because we couldn’t go to Rainbow since someone had a make-up test to pass and an important game later that night that he both wanted to ditch to spend more time with me.” Mom’s mouth open and closes, blushing to the roots of his blond hair. “Don’t tell me that is different Zach, you know it’s not. It is exactly the same.” Dad rolls his eyes as mom splutters as he slowly removes mom from the room, stating that since Lo is having a sleepover, they needed to have a parentconverance about us dating, again.

“They are the best parents ever.” I start as I hear Nance announce that. Looking over the edge of the couch at the closed door mom and dad disappeared behind, I think about how right she is. Our first set of parents didn’t work out but our second ones did. Making me believe firmly in the saying everybody deserves a second chance.

“So you and Rafaël are really okay now?” Nance glances at me in slight annoyance, I know there is a lot more going on then she lets on. “I mean the both of you manage to say your piece right? He didn’t force you to say something you didn’t agree with right?” Worriedly I look at her, praying to God that she didn’t agree mindlessly with whatever Rafaël wanted just because she didn’t want to face him in a confrontation. She really hates those.

Surprising me with a light laugh, Nance stretches her arms above her head, shaking her hands when her arms come down. “Yes we did, we both got to say our piece. I told him about what happened to her and that I am not ready for the kind if steady commitment he is looking for.” Nance doesn’t look at me, her eyes are firmly staring at her toes as they brush over the carpet.

“What did he say to that?” I know for a fact that Nance’s birthmother died by the hand of her birthfather with her in the room. Not the kind of thing you want to repeat.

“He said he knows that I have some trauma to work on regarding my birthparents and doesn’t want to pressure me into anything that I don’t want to.” I let out a breath that I didn’t know that I was holding at hearing those words. “Regardless of that, he is going to take me to one of his other family reunions, apparently his whole family wants to meet me.” Here she looked a little scared and intimidated. “The people I met on the previous family gettogether, was one of his father’s sisters, now the extended family members want to meet me to. They also want to meet the girl that Rafaël keeps going on and on about.”

“How big is his family anyway?!” My jaw drops at the sheer amount of relatives Rafaël must have if the twenty-five people Nance meet on the previous get-together were just Rafael’s aunt’s children and cousins. I am lucky that Ty’s family members kept it under twenty. But that were his direct Italian family members, not counting the extending family members. I shudder at the thought of the numerous other family members that I haven’t met yet. “Dear God, we are in trouble if we are to meet every single one of them.”

Nance gives me a small smile, “Cheer up Greg, at least you met those in Italy already. I have that to look forward to if Rafaël and I keep seeing each other.” Here she grimaces, “I still have to learn more Italian then, ‘Hello, good morning, my Name is Nancy Chambers and nice to meet you.’ Rafa says I just need to learn the essential things to hold a conversation.” She stomps her feet, furrowing her brow. “How the hell am I going to hold a decent conversation with anyone if I have fricking clue what they are on about.” She mutters under her breath as she walks up the stairs followed by ‘stupid idiot, gonna make me look like a right fool if I show up and only know how to cover the basics.’

I just grin as she continues to mutter, stomping along until I hear her bedroom door slam shut. Knowing for sure that she is going to continue listening to the Italian podcasts that I got from Ty.

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