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Chapter 5 – Gregory






My mind went blank when Taylor’s lips touched mine. My body heated up but I didn’t, or couldn’t push him away. I was still scrambling to get my brain working again when he pulled away on his own, wide-eyed like I was. Probably freaking out over what just happened.

Silence filled the car once again, this time it was an uncomfortable one. “Greg.” The way he said my name sends a shiver down my back. His voice was low and sultry.

“I-I” He started stammering. My God, if he’s going to apologise I will smack him!

He grinned as he saw my angry glare “What I wanted to say was; I want to do it again.” He leaned back into my face again, his lips hairs breathe away from mine. “Let me kiss you again Greg.” My back pressed against the car door, but I didn’t feel it as his warm, slightly rough hands cupped my cheeks and he pressed his lips against mine.

Something inside of me shifted, I clung to him as if my life depended on it. I must come off as some sex-crazed idiot. Taylor didn’t seem to mind though; he pressed his firm body even closer. A sigh of content left my lips as we were both pressed together on the passenger seat. We both were startled by a knock on the passenger window, an officer glared at us as he shone his flashlight right in Taylor’s face. I reluctantly let him go as he made his way back over to his seat and started the car. “I will drive you home.” During the short drive, he held my hand, making me confused.

What were we? Boyfriends? Friends with benefits?

Taylor parked the car on the drive, he left the motor running. I swallowed thickly “So what now?”

Taylor seemed to think deeply about it as he turned he seemed to have an idea. “I guess it’s too early to call this anything. I don’t know what it was but it felt right. It felt right to kiss you.” I nodded my head, unsure of how to proceed. I didn’t make any move to get out of the car just yet. I wanted to stay like this like this a little longer.

“Not that I want to sound like a jerk but you need to go. Your parents are waiting for you on the porch.” He sounded exactly like a jerk though. My eyes snapped over to the porch to see both of my parents stand there, arms crossed and everything.

“Then I better get going.” I unbuckled my seatbelt and slowly opened my door. I stilled as I felt Taylor’s hand massage the back of my neck.

“I will see you in a few hours then.” I made my mind up and surprised Taylor and my parents with the quick peck on his lips before I quickly got out of the car and up the porch steps. Taylor honked his horn once before I heard the sound of his motor die away.

Mom just sighs as he turns to the side to let me pass, “You know we will talk about this in the morning.” I nod my head as I silently sigh with relief that neither of them made a big fuss about what just happened.

“I know mom, see you guys in a bit.” In my bedroom, I quickly shed my clothes and crawl under the quilt. having slept a good seven hours, I felt well rested and recharged.

“Morning Greg!” Lo chirped and I heard a softer mumble from Sylvester.

“Morning Lo.” I gently patted his head, “Morning Sylvester,” And I patted his head too, much to his surprise “did you guys sleep well last night?” I was a bit worried when Taylor honked that they woke up, but luckily they didn’t as Lo reassured me that they had a good night sleep.

Mom gave me a look that told me we would be having ‘that’ talk soon. Sighing under my breath I sat down at the kitchen table and mumbled a thank you to dad as he set a plate in front of me. After finishing breakfast I cleaned up my dishes stopped in my tracks as mom called out to me “In my office in ten minutes Greg.” Nance and Lo looked at me in question; we only get to go to mom’s office if something went wrong at school or we have been in a fight.

“I know mom, I am just going to get dressed.” I was up the stairs as I heard Lo ask mom if I had done something wrong, I didn’t hear mom’s reply but I think it would be along the lines of him just wanting to talk to me about my career choice. When I got downstairs ten minutes later, showered and dressed; Lo was playing a board game with Nance and Sylvester. I knew for sure Nance wanted to eavesdrop on our conversation; I haven’t been called to mom’s office since the incident with Paul.

“Honey, I am not going to tell you not to see him or being friends.” Mom started immediately after I closed the door behind me properly. If you didn’t close this door properly it will open up on its own. “I know you have a hard time trusting everybody after what happened with Paul so I- we worry about you. We don’t want you to get hurt. And Taylor looks like the kind of guy that will hurt you if you let him.” Dad comes in and wrapped his arms around mom’s bulkier frame.

“If he does hurt you, he’s toast. I don’t care if he has mob connections or is part of the mob or not.” Dad sounded quite serious. “If he hurts our boy he will not live.” They might be a little rough around the edges, but they always tell me how it is. They never try to hide things from me on purpose (unless it’s my birthday or something). I hug mom and dad close “I know that it’s just that I am not sure on what we are now. He says he didn’t know why he did what he did, but it felt right to do it. I even felt the same which is a first, I initiated it.” I explain quickly as I see mom and dad pale.

They were very clear from the beginning on how to proceed when dating someone; the first thing is parent approval, second is grandparents’ approval and last is sibling approval. And in that exact order too, there is no diverting from that order. “Well, as long as you don’t force yourself to do a thing and he doesn’t, I guess it is okay.”

Dad stopped glaring bloody murder at the wall, “Well that settles it then. I guess he should be still alive to pick up his little brother.” I snicker softly as I shake my head at dad’s bluntness. Leave it to dad to be overly blunt about these kinds of things. I guess it is because he grew up in a gang and there they were overly blunt too.

“Dad?” Dad looked up from the cutting board where he was cutting up mushrooms.

“What is it Querido?” I nervously fiddle with the hem of my shirt, now I am near him I am losing my nerve. “I told Taylor about your time with the gang! I am sorry! I didn’t mean to!” I bit my lip and squeeze my eyes shut as I await his harsh words.

Dad surprised me by hugging me tightly, “It’s okay Querido. I don’t mind. There is no need to cry.” I didn’t know why or how but I was crying. Jeez, so uncool. I sniffled a little as I wiped away my tears and Lo came in looking worried. “Why is Greg crying?” Dad pushed my head into the crook of his neck, “It is nothing serious Lo. Greg is a little tired.” Lo didn’t trust dad to much but with one more worried look he returned to Sylvester.

Lo was a little sad when Taylor came to pick up Sylvester, they were having a great time. I was keeping Taylor company on the porch; he seemed to feel he wasn’t too welcome in the house and he was smoking. Even Nance was glaring at him whenever he was in her line of sight. “It seems everybody thinks I am the bad guy here.” To the untrained ear he would have sounded uncaring, but to me he sounded a little disappointed. “It’s not that, she doesn’t know and is annoyed that nobody wants to tell her.” The cigarette nearly fell from his mouth “She doesn’t know?” I shook my head, “And it’s not her business either.” Taylor just hummed as he took a long drag of his cigarette.

“Bye Greg.” Looking down I see a sad Sylvester. Crouching down to his level I hug him lightly, and he latches on desperately. “See you tomorrow Sylvester. I am sure you will be coming over again tomorrow right?” He nods his head before looking pleadingly at Taylor “Please fratello?” Taylor chuckled as he dropped the cigarette and threw it in the trash. “How about Lo comes over to our house? I know for sure Gordo would love to meet him.” Lo smiled brightly “Please mummy? Can I?” Mom sighed as he petted Lo’s head “I guess so.” My eyes widened, mom was pouting that Lo finally made a friend besides Sean, something he desperately wanted. I will never understand him.

“Ah! Greg!” I looked up from my phone as I hear Taylor shout my name. “Hey, what’s up?” Taylor grinned as he came closer “Lo forgot this yesterday.” He handed me one of Lo’s favourite stuffed toys. I smiled lightly “Thanks Taylor.” Before turning and walk to my locker so I won’t forget the stuffed toy. The rest of the day I had this feeling that I was being watched. It made me feel uncomfortable; reminding me of the bad days, the days Paul would lock me up in de cellar. Shivering I cranked up the heating in the car, rubbing my arms I tried to get rid of the goose bumps. “Are you okay Greg?” Lo and Nance were looking at me worriedly. Plastering on a convincing fake smile, I nodded my head “Yeah I am okay. Just a bit cold.” Nance narrowed her eyes, crossing her arms as she huffed. “You’re not getting a cold are you?” She asked worriedly, she hated getting sick just like me.

To make my day even worse rain started pouring down. By the time we made it home, all the roads were filled with a couple inches of water. Our only luck today was that grandma and grandpa were home and made us all take a warm shower and grandma had made her famous hot chocolate and whipped cream. Lo was dressed in his pyjama’s, I was wearing a pair of sweats with mom’s uni shirt, and Nance was dressed similar to me, only plus a bathrobe. Mom and dad both got soaked when they walked in the door, much like us. After they had showered we had a big family dinner. Grandma wanted to make up for missing out on the dinner on our first day back to school.

It was no surprise to me I slept badly that night, I woke up several times in the middle of the night. After having countless tries to fall back asleep, I went downstairs to the kitchen for some warm milk, hoping that it would help me go back to sleep. It was a wasted effort for the knot in my stomach didn’t lessen, it only tightened.

Tomorrow is going to be hell.

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