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It's 3:23 am and you're woken up by someone loudly knocking at your window. What do you do? You invite them in and finish their whisky bottle, of course. Adabella, an 18-year-old about to entwine into a very stressful college life, gets woken up at 3 am in the morning by a loud noise coming from her window. What she doesn't expect is to find her neighbour knocking repeatedly, causing her curiosity to spark up. Almost four hours, 3 million laughs, 2 confusing confessions and 1 whisky bottle they find themselves in a very scary yet exciting position. Will they give in to each other or will their fear keep them apart?

Romance / Drama
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3:23 am

“What is the meaning of life? What is really our purpose here? Do we even have one? Since the first second of our lives we’re brought here only to learn and be tested, I bet you haven’t thought about that. You’re teached how to eat, how to have a sleeping schedule, how to be independent but still be a fool for your family, they even teach you how to love and live your life, but what for? If we’re still going to be unhappy because that’s not the life we chose, it’s the life they taught us to live without questioning it. And you better don’t or you’ll turn out to be a rebelious child that is too ungrateful to be okay with the story they paint for you.

And what are we supposed to do against this? Fight back? With what strenght? Because we’re too dumb and weak, as they raised us to be to even move a finger, we shut up and execute as if our feelings didn’t matter, and for a moment, they don’t.

Well, let me tell you something, THAT is not our purpose, we are not in this world to be controlled by the olders, even if they are our parents or some type of powerful authority.

Today my friends, you better mark this date in your calendars, because today, August 2nd 2018, I’m breaking every rule and I’ll be in the search of my purpose, whatever that will be.

And I dare you to do the same.

- Love, Ouragan”

I kept staring at my computer screen, where the last post of this mysterious yet enthralling writer was, calling and captivating me as I read every letter of every word. Still dumbfounded I started to close the page, deciding that it was too late and I needed at least 6 hours of sleep before my dance practice in the academy at 6:30 am. It was going to be a long day and I needed to be ready, so shutting down my computer I spin around and make my way to my closet to lay out my comfy yet classy outfit for tomorrow just in case I was running late in the morning.

After that, I turn off the lights and make myself comfortable in the depths of my quite cold but cozy bed and I start to let myself fall into the arms of Morpheus.

I quickly open my eyes, startled by a loud sound that I don’t even know where it is coming from. I slowly make my way out of bed to investigate but as I’m about to open my bedroom door I hear that sound that is deafening enough to wake the dead, for real.

Turning around I squint my eyes and I realise there's a black figure standing on my balcony, and I jump so high I almost hit the ceiling. I get my phone as quick as I can and open the door to my undersized balcony.

And just as my phone screen lights up to display the time I let the most unexpected words leave my mouth.

"Lilith? What are you doing climbing my balcony at 3:23 am?"

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