Pleasing the Boss

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Chapter 15

After kissing Ethan, my whole world exploded and I died. Well, that’s what it felt like when his lips touched mine. A girl always thinks that those super unexpected kisses only happen in movies and that if a guy is going to kiss you you’ll see it coming a mile away. So wrong. When Ethan kissed me, I didn’t know how to react and I took a few seconds to make my lips work. And finally, I kissed him back. It seemed like we’d both been wanting it for so long.

After I pulled away, it seemed as if the words in my throat were stuck and suddenly I was mute. The situation immediately turned painfully awkward when Ethan apologized twice for bad manners then proceeded to send me back to work before I really got fired.

A part of me wanted to talk about it, but I knew Ethan was probably mentally beating himself up about kissing an employee. He made it clear when I first started that he was a professional man. However, If I’d know a few little pictures would have gotten me a kiss from Ethan, I would have been sent him a shit load of selfies a long time ago.

Despite how passionate the kiss was, we haven’t had any physical encounters since then and it’s now Friday morning and tonight I will be walking into the private club where Ethan will be. The fact that I went behind his back to get an invite still has me feeling extremely guilty, but technically it’s his fault for not giving me the chance to make my own choice about going. He could have baby-stepped me into whatever lifestyle he’s living. I’m opening minded. I’m fun. I’m hip. Hell, get enough drinks in me and I possess killer go go dancing skills.

After work, I ride home with Ethan next to me doing his usual activities that included playing games or checking emails on his phone. As I’m sitting there, I can’t help but wonder what time my dress from Kate will arrive. She texted me yesterday saying that it would be after work but didn’t tell me a specific time which only makes me more nervous. Sitting back against the warm leather seats, I twiddle my thumbs and sway my knee as I stare out the window.


My head flies around “Huh?” Ethan is staring at me with a weird expression as he raises an eyebrow.

“You okay?”

“I’m fine. Just tired. Ready for the weekend.” I shrug, hoping my tone is believable. Ethan nods and looks down at his phone.

“Any plans for the evening?”

Yeah, I’m going to a top-secret club that may be a brothel. “Not unless you consider watching horror movies and making peanut butter cookies plans.”

Ethan chuckles “So that’s no plans then. And make a few extra cookies for me. I’ll pick them up in the morning”

“Why can’t you come to get them tonight?” I ask knowing good and well that I won’t be playing Susie homemaker tonight, but I want to see what he’s going to say.

Ethan shrugs lightly and sighs “I have an important dinner to attend tonight.”

“Oh cool. Potential clients?”

“Something like that. I’m sure it’s going to run late though. They will want to go out for drinks after.”

From his tone, you’d think he was telling the truth, but I know the truth. I know exactly where he will be tonight and I’ll be there too, but what if we bump into each other? Oh, God what if he recognizes me on the spot? He will be pissed that I went behind his back and lied to him. Maybe I should make those cookies. I may need them to smooth over whatever drama may happen tonight if he indeed does catch me.

If he would have just let me come willingly, I wouldn’t have this problem so technically it isn’t my fault. I’m about to say something when my phone vibrates in my lap. Glancing down, I see a text from Kate. I pick the phone up quickly before Ethan looks down at it. In the text, she tells me that a car will come pick me up at 11 sharp. All these kind gestures from Kate make me wonder what exactly her intentions are for wanting me to come so badly. I don’t completely trust her, but she hasn’t given me much reason not to either so I’m just going to go with it and keep my guard up around her. Tonight is going to be stressful enough. The last thing I need is to have to watch out for her too.

The rest of the way home is quiet as usual and when I get into my apartment, I flop down on the couch, tossing my phone and purse on the coffee table. Pulling the hair tie out, I run my fingers through my hair, giving my scalp a good rub.

During lunch, Ethan was, for some reason, unnerved at the fact that on more than one occasion my hair almost dipped into my salad dressing and requested me to put it up. I didn’t argue about it because frankly, I’m more than used to it now. When he pulled a rubber band from his pocket, I just took it without questions.

Lazily kicking my shoes off, I lay my head down on a couch pillow and close my eyes. Today has been an unusually long Friday. We had a heap of meetings meaning I had a heap of work to do and on top of that I just couldn’t stop thinking about this club. It’s literally driving me crazy at this point. If I had to wait another week I would explode. Closing my eyes, I take a deep breath, letting myself rest a bit before tonight. Unfortunately, whoever began knocking at my door a second later has different plans.

I let out an irritated groan before sitting up and walking to the door. Opening it, I see a guy standing there with a garment bag and box.

“Uh” He looks at the note on the bag “Thea Washington”

“Yup” I nod.

He hands over the goods and I close the door with my foot. Well, this must be my look for the evening compliments of Kate. I go to my room and set the box down on the bed. Holding the garment bag up, I unzip it. Letting the bag drop to the floor, my eyes widen at the black dress. It isn’t the tight skimpy dress that I thought Kate would have delivered. It’s actually the complete opposite. The loosely fitted dress stops about mid-thigh and covering the black underside is a black lace material. The long sleeves are black lace too.

Holding it up, it almost looks as if it’s from the 70′s. I lay it down on the bed before opening the large black box that came with it. Inside is the infamous black mask, but unlike the plain one Ethan has, this one is covered in lace too. I lift it up and put it next to the dress. Next, I hook my fingers in the straps of a pair of black wedge heels. Cute.

My eyes spot a small box and when I pick it up, I see the word Gucci on it. I open it and see that it’s perfume. Kate really went all out, I guess. There should be more giving people like her and Ethan in the world. Sitting the perfume down, I shake my head. This is far too much for just one night at a club.

Leaving my goodies on the bed for later, I walk to the kitchen to make myself an early dinner. To keep my mind off tonight, I go all out and make lasagna with garlic bread. For dessert, peanut butter cookies. I pull out a few containers and put the food in before heading up to Ethan’s place. It’s still too early for him to be getting ready so delivering food will be harmless. At his door, I knock and hear his footsteps as he approaches the door.

When he opens, he smiles.

“Thea, what can I do you for?” He says before he can get a good look of what’s in my hands.

“I made dinner. Thought you’d like some.”

“Are their cookies involved?” He smiles hard, rubbing his hands together like a starving man.

“There are indeed peanut butter cookies in this container” I hold it up and give it a little shake.

Ethan lets me in and I carry the food to his kitchen counter. Ethan walks around the kitchen before finding a fork and popping open the container with the lasagna. I watch him take a bite and when his eyes roll back, I laugh.

“Well, I take that as a compliment”

“You should.” He says with food still in his mouth.

As he eats, I circle the stool are and look over his place. Nice and tidy as usual. Nothing particular out of place. No black masks laying around. When I turn back around, Ethan is still eating.

“Would you like some water?” I ask, hopping off the stool to make myself useful while I’m here.

Ethan nods, graciously as I open a few cabinets before finding a cup. Opening the fridge, I pour some cool water and turn back to him. When he looks at me, a snicker escapes my mouth.

“Uh, you got a little sauce right there” I point to his mouth.

When he wipes the wrong side, I shake my head, taking a step towards him. With my thumb, I wipe the corner of his mouth for bringing it to my own mouth. Ethan watches as I slip the tip of my thumb into my mouth, licking the bit of sauce off. I don’t know why, but in the process, I see his pupils dilate a bit. Oh, what is going on?

After Ethan finishes half of the portion I gave him, he drinks a bit of water before turning to the container of cookies. Opening it, he pulls out two before returning the top.

“Thanks so much for this, Thea”

“It’s no problem. I don’t have anyone to cook for so this is the next best thing” I shrug.

’Well, you can cook for me anytime you want. I won’t complain one bit.” He smiles, popping half the cooking in his mouth before moaning. “So good”

“It’s gluten-free” I comment, but I doubt he hears it as he closes his eyes, taking it all in. When Ethan is full and rubbing his stomach, I put the food into the fridge for whenever he wants to finish it.

“I hope I didn’t spoil your business dinner.” I say as I close the fridge door.

“What dinner?”

I knew it! Finally, I caught him in a lie!

“Um, the business dinner you said you were having tonight. It’s still on isn’t it” I play it cool, but on the inside, I’m shining a light over his head while he quivers in fear.

Ethan nods quickly “Oh, yeah. It’s still on. I guess it slipped my mind at the moment.”

Yeah right.

I nod, letting it go, but Ethan mumbles something to himself that I don’t hear.

“You say something?” I ask, knowing damn well he did. Go ahead, Ethan. Lie again.

“Uh, just looking for something, but I can find it later. So you wanna hang out here for a bit. I know have to get ready for another couple of hours.”

You’re not the only one who has to get ready.

“Yeah, sure. What would you like to do?”

“That’s a very dangerous question to ask a man, Thea.” Ethan smirks and I bite my lip. “Oh, didn’t you know? Danger is my middle name”

“Ha! Funny. I could have sworn it was Amelia.” He squints at me with a funny look and I shake my head. Stupid background check.

“Yes, well, it was supposed to be danger. Misspelling, I guess”

“Right” Ethan chuckles as he flops down on his couch, patting the area next to him. I take a seat further than he patted and he looks at me.

“Are you afraid to sit next to me, Thea. I don’t bite” He pauses as if he is thinking of something mischievous.

“I’m not afraid. I’m just putting some space between us.” I shrug and turn to the TV to ignore his gaze.

Letting it drop, Ethan starts flipping through the channels until he falls on ESPN. Instead of pouting like most girls would, I look at game highlights with him. I enjoyed sports, but mostly football. Coming from Alabama, football is a religion. SEC to be exact.

Leaving home made me miss the football atmosphere that seemed to linger year round. Upon moving here, I had some of my things stolen which included some of my football paraphernalia and of course no one in New York gives two shits about the University of Alabama football team. It’s a crying shame.

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