Pleasing the Boss

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Chapter 16

As some NFL news goes on, I unlock my phone and check my barely used Facebook. Scrolling down the timeline, seeing news from people at home, I stop on a status from Greg saying that he has a hot date tonight. I roll my eyes and huff. Asshole.

“Something wrong?” Ethan asks as I exit the app “Just peachy”

“That doesn’t sound good” Ethan lets out a short clipped laugh.

“Just stupid people on Facebook.” I look down at the screen, debating on going back to Greg’s page to stalk a little.

Maybe find out who this date is. Am I jealous? Hell, no. I just may have to shoot the poor girl a message warning her that her date doesn’t like taking no for an answer.

I pull my feet up under me and lean over on a large pillow as I open the Facebook app again. I begin searching down the timeline until I see a conversation between him and a girl name Ashley.

Scrolling down, I see their last comments are planning dinner for tonight. My thumb hovers over her name, decided whether or not to go on her profile. It’s sort of my civic duty to inform others if they are making a mistake and this girl is making a big one.

Due to reflexes, my thumb twitches and hits her name, bring up her page. I quickly tap the message button and type that she shouldn’t go out with Greg because he is a douche and damaged some of my property because I rejected him. I delete the same message twice before retyping it. Growing frustrated, I start popping the joints in the fingers of my free hand and I guess Ethan takes notice because suddenly my phone disappears from my hand.

“Hey, what are you doing?” I frown as Ethan reads over the message. I watch his face and he puts two and two together.

“Do you want me to send it?”

I nod “I can’t. I keep thinking that I should just mind my business, but I don’t want her to think that Greg is a nice guy. He’s not.”

I feel the emotions of that night come back even though I’d totally managed to push it away. Ethan taps the screen one time and hands the phone back.


“Thanks” I mumble, sighing hard and sitting the phone in my lap.

Looking down at my palm, I remember exactly where the pieces of glass were from him making me fall on all the glass. I’ve never hated anyone before, but it’s safe to say that I hate his stinking guts.

Deep in my thoughts, I flinch when I feel a soft touch on the side of my face. Turning my face, it’s Ethan tucking my hair behind my ear. I force a small smile and he gives one back.

“He doesn’t deserve space in your mind, Thea. Don’t worry about him.” Though my hair is now behind my ear, securely, Ethan's hand remains at the side of my face, brushing over my skin with his fingertips.

Reaching up, I place my hand over his fingers, holding them in place. I begin to feel my heartbeat in my fingertips and I don’t even know if I’m breathing. Feeling the tension grow between us, I can feel the hesitation fuming off of Ethan, most likely trying to decide what he should do.

“God, just kiss me already” I blurt out, though it was only supposed to be a personal thought.

Ethan leans forward and presses his lips against mine and it’s like everything around us turns black. Then I realize my eyes are closed. Ethan’s hand slips behind my neck, pulling me closing as I part my lips capturing his. Sitting up on my knees, I rise over him and cup his jaw as I kiss him harder. I’m tired of him making a move and then taking it back. I want this. Hell, I haven’t had sex in weeks. I need something to hold me over.

I’m about to straddle Ethan’s lap and blow his mind with a killer make-out session when suddenly, my phone goes off. A notification. I try to ignore it, but when it goes off again, I pull back. Picking up the phone, I see that Ashley as messaged me back.

“Holy crap. She messaged me” I whisper, my thumb moving like lightning speed to open it.

When I read it, I breathe a sigh of relief.

“She canceled their date. She thanked me” I smile and Ethan nods, running his hand down my arm.

Too engulfed in my whole happiness, I barely hear Ethan whisper something, but I could swear it sounded like he said good girl. Who? Me or Ashley? I reread the message and nothing but joy spreads over me. I don’t know for sure if Greg would have tried anything risky, I didn’t want to sit back and wonder all night if he had.

Ethan’s hand stops at my wrist and he runs his finger over a vein. When I look up from the phone, he is staring right at me.

“You’re a good person, Thea.”

“Thank you”

I’m still on my phone when Ethan stands from the couch.

“It’s almost 9. I should start getting ready for this dinner. I want to catch a shower and hunt a suit from the closet.”

I nod and stand from the couch. Jeez, I need to start getting ready too. Ethan thinks I’m going to be cooped up in my apartment all night while he’s out being mister naughty pants. Wrong.

“Yeah, I don’t want to be the one to make you late”

Ethan walks me to the door and thanks me for the food again, completely walking around the fact that we kissed AGAIN. I start to walk out when I turn back around. I step to Ethan and step onto my tiptoes, kissing him on the corner of the mouth.

“We’re not at work, so no need to apologize this time.” I smirk and turn to walk away when suddenly, I’m being pulled back and pressed against the wall.

Ethan’s lips crash into mine and it melts me at the core. His tongue finds mine and I moan. Fuck, his mouth feels amazing. Just as I’m getting all hazing, Ethan pulls back, just barely separating our faces. His dark eyes stare down at me and he groans.

“I wasn’t planning on apologizing”

“Oh” Is all I can manage. Ethan steps back and I’m not even sure if I can walk straight. My theory is proven correct when I take one step and my knee gives out. Ethan catches my arm and gives me a cocky look.

“Damn, I’m good”

“Oh, shut up” I smack his arm as I stand up straight. Ethan chuckles a bit, before running his hand down my back and over my ass, giving it a small squeeze.

“Don’t feel bad. You should see what you’ve done to me” He raises an eyebrow and I want nothing more than to see it, touch it, lick it, sit on it, and...well you catch my drift.

“I should let you go” I bite my lip and walk out, not looking back.

When I get back to my place, I head to the bathroom and turn the hot water on in the bath. I pour in bubble liquid before stripping off my clothes. Turned on and all wanton, I push Ethan from my mind to prepare for tonight.

As I’m sitting down in the bubbles, I try to keep the thought of Ethan from my mind and from between my legs. There was no denying that I wanted him, but the whole boss thing kind of put a damper on things as well of this whole secret club thing. That doesn’t stop me from picking my fingers running through his dark short hair while he is devouring every bit of my sex.

Frustrated out of my mind, I press my hands against my face, letting the warm water soothe me, before grabbing my loofa to bathe. If I sit here any longer, I’ll lose track of time playing with myself.

When I’m out of the bath, I wrap a towel around my body and decide to pamper myself a bit. I shave and paint my toes before pulling my curling wand from the drawer. While it gets hot, I go to the kitchen and get a glass of wine. I turn on some music and hum along to it as I pull my hair out of the tie.

As I’m curling my hair and do my makeup, my nerves begin to pick up a bit. It crossed my mind to text Kate and cancel, but I’d slap myself with regret if I did. She has gone the extra mile to get me into this place and I’d be a fool to turn it down because I’m a little nervous. I’ve been to a club before. Usually, it’s dark and there is loud music. Nothing special.

But for some reason, I just know that this isn’t that sort of club.

With loose curls and half of it pulled back, I smile at how I look before putting on the dress. Slipping it on, I look in the mirror and giggle. I haven’t looked this good in a while. I go simple for work, but this is a whole other level. Taking everything from the box, I slip on my shoes and spritz perfume on my wrists, neck, and a little in my hair.

When I see the time, my heart almost skips a beat. 10 minutes till the car arrives. I quickly straighten the bathroom before turning off the light and grabbing a black clutch to put my keys, phone, and mask in before swallowing the last bit of wine in the glass.

At the two minute mark, I get a text for Kate saying she is here. Holy shit, this is happening. Shutting off the lights in my place, I lock up and head for the elevator. No turning back now. When I get down to the lobby, I see a man standing by a black SUV. Coming out of the building, he opens the door and I slip in, thanking him.

Kate is sitting next to me with a slender black dress, hugging her body and resting on her upper thighs.

“Thea, you look adorably sexy. I knew the dress would be perfect with your long hair.” She smiles, immediately resting a hand on my knee.

“Are you nervous?” She asks as her blond hair falls over her shoulder.

I nod and she gives me a soft smile. “I was too the first time I went, but I didn’t have anyone to show me around. You have me tonight. So don’t worry, Doll”

Her fingers caress over my knee and I nod again.

“Thanks for all of the goodies too”

“No problem at all. The perfume smells divine on you. I love it.” Kate slides over the seat a bit until her thigh is touching mine.

“Tonight is going to be so fun. And don’t worry about Ethan. He’ll never recognize you, trust me. Everyone begins looking the same after a while. It’s sort of a black tie dress code.” That would explain all the black.

“Good. I feel bad enough lying to him about all of this. If he finds out he will be so pissed at me”

Suddenly, I just want to let this whole childish crap go. It’s really not that serious that I even go. I’m just doing it in spite for Ethan brushing me off about it. I don’t need this, but yet I’m still in the moving car. Still, haven’t said stop or go back.

“What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him. He’ll just think you’re my friend. And by the way, tonight and any other night you come, if you come, your name will be Dawn. You’ll address me as Angela”

I nod at her instructions and she gives me a reassuring smirk as well as another rub of my knee.

25 minutes later to be exact, the SUV pulls up behind a seemingly abandoned building. The driver lets us out and Kate helps me tie my mask on before tying hers. Catching me off guard, Kate finds my hand, locking her fingers in mine before leaning in

“Are you ready, Doll?”

I nod, feeling so secretive that it almost becomes exhilarating. Kate gives my hand a gentle squeeze before pecking a small kiss on my lips, causing me to gasp softly in surprise. I start to say something, but she tugs me forward, walking up to a door. Kate gives it a knock and a small window opens.

“The devil's lair” Kate coaxes in a seductive voice and a few locks pop as they are turned loose.

Her words send a hard chill over me and I take a deep breath. Kate looks down at me and smirks.

“Tonight is going to be amazing.” She says just as the door opens. No going back now.

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