Pleasing the Boss

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Chapter 17

With Kate holding my hand firmly, the door to the club opens and she pulls me in. We turn down a dark hall and the door behind us closes, causing me to flinch, squeezing Kate’s hand. I’m not trying to give her any ideas about us, but right now she is the only person I know so i’m going to cling to her. The hall is long and just small enough for two bodies to walk down, but Kate moves as if she has walked the space over a million time. I’m sure she has.

In my chest, I can hear my heart thudding hard with anticipation and excitement. My blood is pumping adrenaline through me like straight vodka, heating my skin. The atmosphere around us immediately sends this persona over me and suddenly I feel wicked and filled with lust.

When we get to the end of the hall, another, less intimidating gentleman is standing there in a black suit and mask.

“Welcome ladies.”

“Hello” Kate coos, her voice thick with charm and seduction.

The man grabs the door handle and opens it for us and Kate tugs my hand, pulling me along. When light is restored to my vision, I blink a few times and see nothing much a sea of black. People standing around with wine and champagne, laughing and talking to each other. This....this is normal. I see nothing sinful or even out of the ordinary. A frown develops on my face and I look at Kate who is pulling me through the crowd.

By the time we stop, we are at a small bar.

“Red wine, please” She says before turning to me. I raise an eyebrow and Kate smiles.

“This is just the lounge. Don’t worry, the fun is upstairs” My eyes flicker down and catch her nipping at her bottom lip as she looks at me.

How do I tell her that I’m not trying to be her date? How do I tell her that I just used her to get in? Both explanations seem like they could get me into a heap of trouble. So I say nothing.

The bartender sits our wine on the bar and we both take a glass. When I sip mine, the warmth of it soothes my tongue, the taste of sweet fruit hitting my taste buds. A soft hum escapes my lips and I close my eyes briefly to savor it. When I open them again, Kate is gazing down at me with a smirk plastered on her lips.

Trying to ignore her, I turn towards the crowd. I understand what Kate said about everyone looking alike. With black masks, everyone looks unrecognizable. I could talk to two men and swear they were the same person. The only thing that separates them as individuals is the obvious body types and hair styles. Some of them are a bit more than than others, but as far as facial features, there isn’t much to go on expect lips and jaw lines.

My eyes scan over the large room and suddenly they stop, a soft wrinkle creasing in my forehead.

“Oh...” If I wasn’t so attentive I would have almost missed the naked women moving through the crowd carrying champagne and wine. I count 6, all wearing masks.

Kate hears me and follows my gaze

“Ah yes, they are moving models. Beautiful bodies to entertain the people while they are down here mingling.” She says it as if it’s an everyday norm for her.

Well, I suppose she is used to seeing this by now depending on how many times she had been here all together. However, this is my first time and I already feel the butterflies swarming in my belly.

In this moment, I realize quickly that this club is going to shatter all my previous assumptions. I no longer know what to expect tonight and that scares me.

After having a few drinks to “Loosen me up” as Kate says, she takes my hand again and leads me across the room. Anxiety and alcohol looming over me, I try not to bump into anyone, but it’s impossible not to brush against people with the crowd. A few sets of eyes fall on me and Kate, causing me to blush. I can only wonder what they are thinking. From their small smirks and greedy eyes, I can guess a thing or two.

I’m so caught up in the people around me, I don’t realize that we’ve stopped until I bump into Kate’s side. She turns to look at me

“Are you okay, doll face?”

“I um...I just don’t like big crowds. Makes me nervous and anxious.” Under her mask I can tell her expression has softened a bit. Reaching up, she runs her thumb over my jaw.

“This is the one place where nothing else matters. Not work, not relationship problems, nothing. You’re free here, doll. Just open your mind and explore a little.” A satisfied smile grows on her lips and I take a deep breath nodding.

“Now, are you ready to go upstairs? There’s better alcohol up there. This,” She waves her hand around. “Is for the snotty rich people who just want to stay down here and be prudes for most of the night.”

“Sure” I nod again, not being able to think of anything else to say.

When Kate locks her fingers in mine, I feel myself begin to grow comfortable with it. Almost like that favorite blanket or teddy. Naturally, I give her hand a gentle squeeze as she pulls me along like her little puppy. I don’t mind though. I find it quite nice that she wants to spend the evening baby stepping me into this. She could have easily just let me roam about alone with not a clue in the world.

We make our way up the steps and the chatter from the first floor slowly fades as music starts teasing at my ear. I immediately recognize the dark twisted song. It sends the hairs on my arms spiking up and my lips part to let out a song breath. A sense of fear and excitement take over, giving me the same partial high a person would get when they are turned on. Am I turned on right now? From a song? No, I think the feeling comes from the anticipation of what lies behind the doors we're about to enter.

Kate stops and takes one last look down at me. “Ready to be free?”

“Yes” I breathe out and Kate looks at me like she can sense my arousal before opening the door.

The music becomes louder, but not house party loud. Just loud enough to drown out my thoughts. Marilyn Manson’s ‘Sweet Dreams’ vibrates over me as we step in and suddenly it’s like I’ve stepped into an entirely different world.

The room is dark with overhead recessed lighting that dimmed, leaving just enough light to see what’s going on in front of you. My eyes scan over the room and see people make out on couches, slowly pulling off each other’s clothes as a small crowd of well-dressed people observe from behind their masks with strong drinks in hand.

Even from afar I can sense their sexual excitement. Diverting my eyes from them, I see a naked masked woman on a small platform swaying seductively. The crowd of members isn’t as large as the one downstairs, but still big enough fill the space of the room. As Kate pulls me along, I look to my right and see two people sitting on a large couch. It’s almost like a bed. People are standing around and I can’t help but want to get a closer look.

I let Kate’s hand go and she turns to me. Her eyes follow mine and she steps to my side, brushing against me.

“Go. Let your curiosity guide you” Her hand lands on my lower back and she nudges me.

My breath hitches and I step forward. I move slowly until I’m standing behind two men. They must sense my presence because both turn and look down at me. One guy smiles and steps aside. He reaches out and puts his hand on my back.

“Get a better view, little one”

He leads me forward until I’m standing in front of him. As soon as I see the scene taking place in front of me, I nearly stop breathing. In front of me is a woman on top of a man, giving herself to him, slowly and rhythmically. She grinds over him, throwing her head back as his hands slide over her breasts. The two are masked, but it’s clear they are full of pleasure.

Suddenly, I feel warmth in my ear and a body gently pressing against me. “Look how in sync they are. You’d never guess that they just met tonight. Two strangers indulging in sexual gratification as if their bodies were made for each other. Her hot, sweet sex, wrapped around his manhood. Their energy growing around them. Can you feel it?”

The man’s words send my own depths pulsing wildly as I take it all in. I continue to watch for a few more moments before a familiar hand wraps around mine. I turn Kate is there. She leans in, brushing her lips over my earlobe

“I can almost smell your sweet juices from across the room”

My skin heats and I gasp, looking at her, my eyes wide. Kate smirks at me and glances briefly at the mysterious man behind me before pulling me away from the scene. She leads me over to the bar and mouths something to the bartender, who is masked and shirtless with nothing but black pants on.

He passes over two shot glasses and Kate slides one to me. Without asking what it is, I throw it back at the same time as she does. The sweet burn lets me know that it’s Fireball. Fuck, it burns so good. I lick my lips, letting the alcohol warm me to the bone.

“Another?” Kate asks, looking quite satisfied with me.

I nod quickly as the bartender is already on it. We take a few shots and I feel the nerves leaving my body bit by bit. I start swaying to the dark themed music. Turning my seat around, I look over the room and see people either talking, observing, or participating. It’s almost too much to take in.

Overwhelming and exhilarating. Suddenly I can’t help but wonder where Ethan is. Is he among the crowd of people? I look around the room to try and spot him, but as Kate said, everyone begins to blend in after a while. Unless I can tell Ethan’s body type, it’ll be the only way I recognize him. After a few minutes, I give up.

As I’m sitting there, a pair of eye catch mine. I’m not sure, but I think it’s the guy that was standing behind me earlier. He has a glass of brown liquid in his hand and is now sitting in a chair in the corner. A thought crosses my mind that it might be Ethan, but I can tell it’s not. I know for sure when I notice small specks of gray in the man’s hair. He’s older.

I hold his gaze for a few moments and when I go to cross one leg over the other, his eyes flicker down to catch the gesture. A small smirk grows on my lips and I press them together so he doesn’t notice. What the hell am I doing right now? I’m basically flirting with this man. I don’t know if it’s the alcohol or the atmosphere, but my inner slut is starting to make an appearance. Thankfully there are no poles in this establishment or she’d be swinging around one by the end of the night.

Before I can laugh at myself, my chair turns and now I’m facing Kate. “He’s interested in you”

“How can you tell?”

Kate tilts her head to the side and licks her lips. “He is eye fucking you”

A drunken giggle escapes my lips, but it stops in my throat when Kate’s hand lands on my thigh. I look up at her.

“What are you doing?”

“Giving him a little something to look at. He needs to know that you’re mine for the night, Doll.” Her hand slips further up until I grab her hand, gently.

“Ka...I mean...Angela” start, but nothing follows. I secretly want to slap myself for not realizing the true intentions of Kate’s actions by bringing me here so willingly. She wants me. How could I be so freaking blind? Usually, my gay-dar is on point. If I weren’t so preoccupied with wanting to get in this club, I could have at least caught some hints that Kate was into me, like really into me. Oh boy, I’m in trouble.

With her hand firmly on my thigh, her thumb caresses over my skin. “Ready to see the rest of the place?”

Anything to get out of this awkward situation. “Sure”

Hopping off the bar stool, I sway a bit and reach out, grabbing Kate’s arm. Bad move, because she takes my drunken clumsiness as a sign that she should wrap her arm around my waist. Just great.

She leads me down another hall and as we pass a set of stairs, she tells me not to go up there without her. I nod as I crane my neck to look up there, catching nothing significant to hold my attention. In the hall, there are a few women and men leaning against the wall talking or trying to feel each other up. I honestly don’t think I could ever just put myself out there to let people watch me engage in sexual activites. I’d freak out under pressure.

When we enter the room, it’s a lot bigger than the one before. I look around and there are different sections with a large bed like couch in each corner with people surrounding it. There are sheer lace curtains surrounding each section. I don’t know what’s going on until we get all the way in.

“Are they?” I whisper just loud enough for Kate to hear.

“Fucking? Yes.” she giggles.

The sound of moans and grunts fill my ear as I take it all in. Pacing over to the bed closest to us, I can almost feel my pupils dilate. In the bed is a guy slamming into a woman from behind. Her ass in the air and her face lying against the sheets, her hands are tied to a steel ring attached to the edge of the couch...bed...whatever the hell it is.

Her screams of pleasure heighten my senses and arousal. Fuck, this is hot. I try to remain my cool like the other masked strangers around me, but it’s not easy. It’s that moment that I happen to glance over and see a guy discreetly run his hand over the growing tent in his pants. I bite my lip to seem from smirking. Apparently, I’m not the only one struggling

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