Pleasing the Boss

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Chapter 18

Pulling my attention back, the man in the bed curses loudly as he comes hard. The woman follows him, her body shaking hard as he collapses against her back. The people around begin to leave to go to the next bed, but I continue to stand there. The man kisses the woman’s shoulders as he unties her hands.

They sit up and the woman turns around, smiling up at the guy. Taking her hands, he starts to whisper something to her as he rubs her wrists that now have a faint red ring around them. Everyone around is so busy trying to catch the sex that they miss the romance of it all. The man kisses the woman’s forehead and she giggles, laying her head on his shoulder, a soft sheen of sweat covering them both.

When i’m done observing their moment, I turn and look for Kate. I catch her standing across the room talking to someone. As I walk up to her side, her arm quickly wraps around me again without even having to look to see who’s next to her. The man looks at me and smiles

“I see you’ve brought a new little toy, Angela”

“Indeed. This is Dawn. Dawn, this is Henry” I hold out my hand for him to shake, but instead, he takes it, turns it over and kisses the top, gently.


“Thank you”

He goes back to talking to Kate and I decided to let them be. Turning away from them, I wander over to another couch and this time there are three people. Two guys and a woman. She is slowly getting her mouth fucked as the other guy eases into her backside. The sight sends a hard shiver through me and a moan slips from between my lips before I can catch it. After a few moments, I can feel my panties soaking as the guy with his length in the woman’s mouth places his hand on the back of her head and pushes her head to take his whole rod.

“Holy shit” I mumble to myself.

“Tell me about it” The voice next to me causes me to flinch in surprise. I didn’t know anyone was standing so close. I look up at the guy. Not Ethan, but even with the mask, I can tell he is extremely handsome.

We continue to stand close as we watch the woman gag and moan. The guy behind her picks up speed, beginning to pound into her as the guy in her mouth throws his head back, clenching his teeth, making his jaw flex.

Just as they are changing positions so both of them can take her, I walk away before I leave a puddle on the floor. When I look around, I don’t see Kate anywhere. Panic begins to set in as if i’m a child who’s lost their mother in the grocery store. I walk around for a bit and when I don’t see her, I go back to the hall to see if she’s there.

When I see that she isn’t, I hear soft giggles coming from the stairs that she told me not to go up. If she’s up there then I can find her. Something in my gut tells me not to, but my feet move anyway. I make my way up the stairs and when I get to a door, I open it without hesitation.

Immediately the sound of a whip cracking almost sends me running back down, but I don’t. Stepping in, I see people standing around with leather on along with their masks. The sounds of yelps and smacking cause my heart to thud in my chest. I quickly walk around, looking for Kate but when I don’t find her, I let myself explore a bit more. In the front, there are men on leashes and women in leather walking them around like pets. What the hell?

I even catch a man licking a woman’s foot which is as odd as can be in my eyes. Who wants their feet licked? That’s just gross. Further in, I see a man with a woman sitting by his feet, her head resting on his thigh. She looks peaceful as he slowly runs his fingers through her hair while walking to a man next to him. This whole scene is confusing to me. Why do these people want to do any of this? What’s so appealing about it?

Back to the task at hand, I walk further in to search for Kate and before I know it, I’ve wandered into some weird dungeon. I hear whips cracking and yelling coming from a room. Following the sound, I walk in a random room to see a man hitting a woman across her backside with the little thing that jockeys use on horses during races. Standing behind the small crowd, I watch as he hits her again and I flinch as if feeling her pain. Her back arches and her shoulders flex. Looking up, I see her hands tied to a rope hanging from the ceiling.

With each hit, I flinch. This is abuse. Who does this sick shit?

“Hey there, gorgeous” I hear coming from the right side. I turn my head to see a tall man.

“Hi” I mumble, turning back to the scene.

“It’s interesting isn’t it?” He asks as if he is showing admiration towards the man.

I frown. “It’s twisted”

“Well, apparently it’s captivating if you’re still watching” He chuckles, quietly, not wanting to disturb the people in here watching.

“It’s like a car crash. Just can’t look away” I start to smile until the man takes it upon himself to wrap an around my waist, firmly. I try to step around, but he pulls me back to him.

“Why don’t we go find a room and I can show you a thing or two” He smiles, grimly and panic sets in.

“Why don’t you let me the fuck go.” I say as I finally pull away from him. I turn to leave the room and when I get back in the hall, I’m yanked by my arm.

“Hey, don’t walk away from me” The man hisses as he begins pulling down the hall, away from the main room. I yell for him to let me go, but it’s overpowered by the music and the sounds of other people grunting and yelling.

I try to pull away from him, but his grip tightens around my wrist, hurting me. He begins pulling me into a room and I plant my hand on the door frame to stop him “No!”

“I’m going to have to teach you a little respect” What the fuck!?

Tears start to form in my eyes as I try to fight against his pulling and suddenly someone is there.

“Hey, let her go, asshole!” A strong voice comes out of nowhere. He runs up to the man punches the guy in the jaw, causing him to let me go. I stumble back until my back hits the wall with a hard thud. The hero guy hits a button on the wall and within seconds two extremely built men are charging down the hall.

“What’s going on?” One asks. I take notice of the handcuffs on their waists along with a gun holster. Cops?

“This guy was trying to force this younger woman in a room with him. She told him no, but he refused to release her.”

The two men nod and walk in the room, picking the guy up from the floor and leading him from the room. As they walk past, I look down at my feet to avoid his glare. Once they are gone, I look up at the hero stranger.

“Thank you” I whisper.

“You shouldn’t be up here alone.” Behind his mask, I detect a frown.

“I...I was looking for my friend. I couldn’t find her” My body is still shaking with fear. I’m so ready to get out of here.

“Who are you with?”

“K...Angela” I shake my head.

“Come. I know Angela.” He presses a gentle hand against my back and leads me out of there

. Still shaken up, we make it back through the main room and when we get downstairs, I breathe a sigh of relief.

I’m about to thank the guy again, but i’m interrupted.

“Dawn!” I look up and see Kate rushing up to me.

“Where the hell were you?” She asks.

“I was looking for you.” I mumble, feeling like i’ve done something wrong.

“A guy tried to attack her. You need to keep up with your guests, Ang” The stranger buts in.

“I told you not to go up there without me. I’m so sorry I left you alone” Catching me off guard, she pulls me into a hug. I melt into her embrace, just happy to be out of that place.

“It’s okay. You told me not to and I went anyways. For what it’s worth, it was really interesting until that jerk bothered me.”

Kate giggles, pulling back. “Yeah, I bet, Doll”

She looks up at the guy and smiles. “Well, I guess I should introduce you two. Dawn, this is Asher. Asher, this is my date for the night, Dawn”

“Nice to meet you, Dawn. I’m glad you’re okay” He holds out his hand. Reaching out, I shake it. It’s warm and welcoming.

“Likewise and thank you. It might have turned out quite different had you not showed up.” I smile and he returns it.

Kate wraps her arm around mine “So, Asher. I was going to take Dawn back to the main room. Care to join us for a drink or two?”

“Sure. The night is still young”

Asher follows us to the main room and back to the bar. Kate orders a few rounds of drinks and we all begin talking about random things of no importance. Asher and Kate seem like good friends. Kate says that they met here and clicked so they decided to become friends outside the club. I try to keep up with their conversation, but the alcohol has me in another world. I feel loose and warm all over from the many drinks.

When we’re done drinking, Kate moves us over to a set of lounge seats that face each other. Asher sits in one while I and Kate take the other. Wasting no time, Kate lets her hand rest on my thigh again. This time I let it stay there. Between the alcohol and the vast amount of sex i’ve witnessed, it doesn’t take long for me to become horny again. God, i’m like a 13 year old boy in a girl’s body. If I had a penis it would be poking out of the dress.

Kate slowly caresses my thigh and it begins to affect me. I take a few deep breaths, but it doesn’t help clear my head. I’m horny and drunk. My panties dampen again and I fight the urge to wiggle in my seat, craving some kind of friction.

When I uncross my legs to shift, Kate’s hand slips further up, causing me to gasp. My hand clamps down over hers and she turns to look at me. “Something wrong, Dawn?”

“I...I’m...” Damn it, tell her you’re not gay, Thea!

Kate leans into my ear and her warm breath sends a chill down my spine.

“Your arousal is so strong. Don’t fight it, Doll.” With my hand over hers, she move further up until her fingers graze over my wet panties. I whimper softly and she moans in my ear.

“Open your legs. Let Asher see how wet you are”

I look up and Asher is staring straight at me as if my horniness is transparent. His gaze is dark and hungry. Letting my legs fall open, Kate turns her body towards me and switches from her right hand to her left. When her fingers begin to rub me through my panties, I let my head fall back, moaning softly. Kate whispers softly

“Don’t hold back. We want to hear you”

With my dress up my thighs, Kate lifts my left thigh and lays it over her right knee, exposing me to Asher. The nerves in my belly grow wild, but the pleasure and drunken haze over powers it. When Kate suddenly stops I begin to pout. Hooking her finger in the lace underwear, she tears it with ease. My fingers dig into the edge of the seat as she tears a bit more until the fabric is no longer covering me. I lift my hips and she takes what was my underwear, putting them in her clutch.

“Much better” She smiles, two of her fingers slip into my depths. I nearly call out her actual name, but I bite my lip as she pumps her fingers in and out of me, slowly then fast. Out of the corner of my eye, i see people making their way over to us. Fuck, this whole place is going to see me come on Kate’s fingers.

As she is pumping into me, her thumb rubs over my bud of nerves and she leans into my ear.

“Come for us, Thea” She whispers softly so only I can hear her.

My breathing becomes erratic and my thighs begins to shake as I let go and come all over her fingers. I yell out, grabbing her hand to stop, but she doesn’t.

It’s only when i’m coming down from the wave that she stops. Breathing hard, I keep my eyes closed, afraid to look at the crowd we’ve drawn. Even more afraid to look at Asher who has remained quiet the whole time. I pull my dress back down and try to look like i’m not about to have a full blown panic attack.

“Come with me, Doll. Let’s go freshen up” Kate takes my hand and leads me to a restroom.

Around 3am, we leave the club and it’s like a weight off my shoulders. The atmosphere was so heavy that it was sexually suffocating. In the truck, I rest my head back and stare out the window in silence. I don’t know how to feel about tonight, but I do know that it was quite the experience.

The people there are probably stuffy lawyers or secretaries who are clean cut by day and sexually liberated by night. The only thing keeping them from being notice is a piece of material over their faces and fake names. People probably live out their fantasies in that place every weekend. I can’t say I lived out any of my fantasies, but then again it was only the first night.

I smile to myself as the truck pulls up to my building. Before getting out, I turn to Kate. “Thank you for taking me.”

“No problem, Doll. You were quite the pleasure to have. And i’m sorry again about leaving you. It won’t happen again if you choose to come with me next weekend” She gives me a hopeful smile and I return it.

Decided to just be spontaneous, I lean in and kiss her a small appreciative peck on the lips. “Next weekend”

“Fabulous. Oh and I know for a fact that Ethan didn’t recognize you one bit. He texted telling that I should put a leash on my date next time” Kate giggles, but I don’t.

“Wait, Ethan was there? Where?”

“Silly, Asher was Ethan”

My eyes widen and all of a sudden it makes sense. He said he knew Angela when I told him who I came with and he’s the only person she asked to have drinks with us. I’m a fucking fool for not putting it together. I suddenly become nauseous.

“Oh God, Ethan saw my...”

Kate laughs as the driver comes around and opens my door. “I’ll text you in the morning when you’re mind isn’t all hazy. Good night, Thea”

“Night, Kate.”

I hurry up to my apartment and strip of the clothes before showering away the drunken cloud over me. When I’m done, I throw a shirt on and crawl into bed, my damp hair cool against my neck. Lying there, the whole night plays in my head and I can’t help, but giggle to myself. I honestly can’t believe that I let Kate...ugh, I just can’t believe it. And to have Ethan watching without knowing it was me the whole time is so exciting. I’m happy he was there to save me though. However, it also makes me wonder why Ethan was on that floor in the first place.

So many questions without answers. I guess I’m just going to have to wait till next weekend.

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