Pleasing the Boss

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Chapter 20

By the time we get to work, the tension has moved to the back of my mind so I can think about work. I sit at my desk and start up my computer. Waiting for it to start up, I put my things in the desk drawer and put my phone on silent. When I’m logged in, I go over Ethan’s schedule for the day. He has an early more conference in about 30 minutes. It’s nothing serious so he won’t need me to attend. Thank God.

Ethan passes my desk and puts a few folders on the edge before going into his office, only to come out in 10 minutes to head to the meeting. When he eyes me, I give him a short nod before diverting my eyes back to the computer screen. Fuck, I want him so badly.

On cue, my phone vibrates and it’s Kate asking me how I’m doing. I immediately text her back telling her that I’m a wreck. Kate being Kate, texts back saying that as long as I keep my legs closed, Ethan will never know. I close the text and change her name in my phone to “Smart Ass”

I sit there and text her for a few more minutes. She spends those minutes reminding me of our dirty deed, saying that she can’t waiting until this Friday. Oh God, I don’t think I can handle anything like that again. I’m down for anything once so it’s safe to say I can scratch girl on girl action off my bucket list.

I continue to text Kate for a few more minutes before realizing that she is kind of my friend. If I were nothing to her, she wouldn’t be texting me about things like split ends and her pervy assistant Eric. I finally find out that Kate is a realtor. Which makes her seem more human.

As I’m replying to her text about lunch later this week, the door opens. Glancing up, I have to look twice.

“Greg, what are you doing here?” I sit up straight, sitting my phone down. He sends me a smile and sits a small vase of flowers on my desk.

“I just wanted to apologize for the way I acted. I really didn’t mean to upset you. I just thought you were changing without me. I just want you to be the same Thea.”

I stand up, a frown on my face. Is he delusional or just plain stupid?

“Greg, you need to leave, now before I call security. I don’t want to see you anymore. You hurt me and damaged my property over some petty jealousy.”

Greg’s smile falls and he closes the door, cutting off the noise from the rest of the floor. I eye my cell phone and see Kate replying. A nervous feeling rises in my throat and I have to think of a way to get him to leave without breaking anything.

Greg steps to me and I step back, nearly falling into my chair. His eyes widen a bit and he chuckles.

“You don’t have to be afraid of me, Thea. We’re friends. We fight all the time.” My eyes widen in disbelief. Okay, he is fucking crazy.

Stepping from behind my desk, I smile. “Please, Greg, you have to leave. My boss won’t like this at all.”

“I don’t care about your boss, Thea. He needs to know that you’re mine. He doesn’t control you”

“And you do? I don’t want to be with you, Greg. So leave. Don’t come to my job and don’t show up at my place anymore or I’ll have you arrested”

Greg turns and paces a bit before turning back to me with a new expression. He’s angry. Within a blink, Greg steps in my face and grabs my arm.

“You aren’t going to treat me like I’m a piece of fucking trash. I was good to you. I took you in when you needed me. Your boss is screwing with your head. He’s probably the one who got me fired.”

Holy shit. He got fired from his job. I don’t know what makes him think Ethan did it. He sucked as a writer so I’m pretty sure that only justified his termination.

“I’m sorry you lost your job, but Ethan had nothing to do with that and it doesn’t give you the right to just show up here. Now, leave or I’m calling security. No more warnings” I stand there and look at him as he looks at me. I can’t read his expression, but when he doesn’t move, I reach for my desk phone. As I’m about to press the button for security, Greg grabs the phone from me and slams it down. I jump back, covering my mouth in shock.

Suddenly, the phone on Ethan’s desk rings and Greg looks behind me.

“You should get that” He mumbles, but I shake my head.

“It’s fine. Ethan will get it when he comes back from a meeting” My voice shakes a bit as Greg stands in front of me, tense and unpredictable. A part of me wants to cry from fear, but I can’t. I won’t.

“Please, Greg, leave. There is nothing here for you. I can’t help you with anything. Just leave and i’ll forget about all of this”

“You’ll forget about me too, huh?”

I don’t know how to reply without making him angrier. Breaking my thought, my desk phone rings. When I look at my computer, a conference room number pops up. Ethan.

“I have to answer that. If I don’t Ethan will come check on me.” I reach for the phone and this time he lets me.

“Hello” I say, trying not to sob into the phone.

“Thea, can you call James Wilks and make sure we’re still on for lunch at his office?”

I sit down and make it seem like I’m pulling up information as Greg stands there watching me.

“Uh, yeah I call him for you, I have him on speed dial 1.”

“Thea, speed dial 1 is for security” Ethan says.

“Yes, I’m sure he’s speed dial 1. I put him in the other day.” I press the issue as if I’m correcting Ethan, hoping he catches the hint. Out of the corner of my eye, Greg’s fists are balled up. It makes me more nervous.

After a few seconds, Ethan speaks “Thea, is something wrong there?” His voice, now very serious.

“Yes, I can make those copies for you too.” I nod.

“I’m coming up now” He says before hanging up. I sit on the phone an extra few seconds before nodding again, pretending to get more information from Ethan. Anything to waste time.

“Okay, sir, I’ll get that done” I hang up and look at Greg.

“Can you leave now? I have work to do”

Greg eyes me for a few seconds before nodding. “Okay, I’m sorry, Thea. I just wanted you to know how sorry I am. I hope you can forgive me”

“I do, Greg. Now, go” I stand and go to open the door when his hand shoots out and grabs my wrist too tightly. I flinch and try to pull away, but he doesn’t let up.

“You’re hurting me!” I say loudly, but still no slack.

“I just want to kiss you before I go. That’s all” He mumbles as he leans in. Leaning away from him, I nudge the desk and the vase he brought falls over onto the floor. I gasp and Greg’s face turns livid.

“Fuck, Thea! I said I was sorry!” He yells in my face, bending my wrist back forcefully. I yell out in pain and suddenly the door flies open. Ethan immediately grabs Greg and punches him in the face, sending him to the floor. I step back into a corner as Ethan leans over to punch Greg again. When blood starts seeping from Greg’s nose and mouth, I shut my eyes, frightened by the sight. I’ve never seen anyone so angry before.

I hear people rushing in and when I open my eyes again, Ethan is being pulled off of Greg. Security comes in and picks Greg up, handcuffing him. They take him away and outside the door, people are gathering to see what all the commotion is about. When Greg is being escorted out, Ethan comes to me.

“Thea, are you okay? Did he hurt you?”

I start to shake my head, but when I go to make a fist with my right hand, a pain shoots through my wrist. I hold my wrist up and hold it to my chest, trying to ease the pain. Ethan’s face reddens even more as he puts his hand against my back to ease me away from the corner.

“We need to get that checked out.”

On the way to the hospital, Ethan gets a call that Greg is in police custody and was actually wanted before he even showed up. Apparently, he assaulted his boss after being fired. Ethan becomes angry all over again. I want him to calm down, but I’m angry myself. When Ethan turns to me and asks if I want to press charges, I nod.

“And we’re getting a restraining over against him too. I don’t want him anywhere near Thea. If he even looks at her from 100 feet away I will kill him”

When Ethan hangs up, He turns to me and cups my face. “I’m sorry I couldn’t get there sooner”

“It’s not your fault. I’m just glad you came when you did. He just wouldn’t leave. When I tried to call security, he took the phone then a few minutes later you called. I had to think of a way to let you know.”

“Yeah, I figured it out when it didn’t make any sense.”

I giggle a little and Ethan smiles, clearly trying to make me smile. I slide over to him and lean my head on his shoulder as I cradle my wrist against my chest.

“You were so angry” I whisper.

“I hate you had to see that. I just lost it. I kept thinking about that night in your apartment. When I walked in you were crying, because that bastard hurt you. As soon as I got my hands on him, I just let him have it. I think it was built up anger.”

“It was scary” I shudder as it replays in my head. It all happened too fast.

“I’m sorry, I scared you, Thea.” Ethan’s turns his head and kisses the top of my head. “He’ll never hurt you again. I promise”

After an hour or so in the hospital, I find out that my wrist is not broken, but severely sprained. I get a nice wrist brace and a prescription for some pain killers. The doctor tells me to just take it easy for the week before sending me on my way. It’s a relief to both me and Ethan. It’s also a relief because I could have never walked into the club with a cast on without giving myself away. I know it’s weird to think about that after the day I’ve had, but I’ve already taken two pain killers so my thoughts are running a little wild right about now.

On my way home, I get a text from Kate saying she heard what happen. I discreetly text her back saying that I’m fine and heading home to get some rest. After a few seconds, she calls Ethan and repeats to him what she texted me. She asks if she could do anything to help, trying to appear as just a good friend to Ethan. She’s good. Almost too good at this secrecy thing.

When I get in my apartment, I kick off my shoes and Ethan sits my things on the couch before going to the kitchen to make me lunch. I would object to it, but he looks like he needs a distraction so I let him. I go to my bedroom and strip out of my clothes, slowly before pulling on shorts and a t-shirt. With my wrist in the brace, it’s hard to pull my hair up so I shuffle to the kitchen.

“Help me” I pout and Ethan smiles at my inability to do simple tasks. I turn away from him and he gathers my hair up. He takes the hair band from me and wraps it firmly around my hair, just the way he likes it.

“Perfect” He mumbles in my ear and suddenly, he kisses the side of my neck. He wraps his arms around my waist and rests his head on my shoulder with his mouth at my neck. Taking a deep breath, the warm air sends the hairs on the back of my neck up.

“You sound tired”

He groans, “Just drained. It’s only Monday and all this happens.”

“You should take a nap. The pain pills are making me a bit drowsy so you can nap with me if you want.” I shrug, lightly.

“What about your lunch? Your sandwich is on the counter”

“And it’ll be there when we wake up.” Turning, I take his hand and pull him to my room. Once in, he kicks his shoes off and undoes his tie, dropping it by my bed. Thankfully, I cleaned up yesterday and all my club essentials are in the back of the closet.

Laying down, Ethan climbs in behind me, throwing the blanket over us. He gently wraps his arms around me, pulling me closer. As a few minutes pass, I begin to fall asleep until I hear my name.

“Hmm” I hum, through my tiredness.

“I said, I’m glad you’re okay. You mean a lot to me” Ethan’s tone is soft, but I can tell he is as tired as I am. I snuggle against him, unable to say anything coherent as I fall into a deep sleep. However, if I could, I’d tell him that he means a lot to me too.

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