Pleasing the Boss

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Chapter 22

Instead of pushing the moment behind us, for the rest of the week, Ethan sneaks little moments to touch or kiss me. I don’t know what has changed, but he’s getting very comfortable with us being openly attracted to each other.

We still keep our little sexy moments private at work, but when no one is looking, he’ll run his fingers over the back of my neck or run his hand up my thigh under the table at meetings. It truly makes me feel naughty that we are basically sneaking around and by Friday, my wrist brace is off and club night is here again.

I’ve tried not to think about the fact that Ethan and I are getting closer, but I’m still lying to him. I don’t like it, but I don’t know how to tell him. I’ve even contemplated just telling him at the club so we can at least be in neutral place, but I doubt that would go over well.

Also, there’s Kate. She has been texting me all week saying how she can’t wait to have me to herself again. I know it’s only a Friday night type thing, but her flirting during the week increased to the point where she was telling me how she wants to taste me. Did it turn me on? A bit, yes, I can’t lie about that.

I feel like I’m in a love triangle and one of the corners doesn’t even know about it. It’s frustrating and confusing to say the least.

After work, I get home just in time to find a delivery boy at my door. I breathe a sigh of relief, thanking the good lord that Ethan had to go to his place for a last minute conference call with a company from California.

After signing, I take the box and go into my apartment, dropping my keys and purse by the door. Flopping down on the couch, I open the box to find yet another expensive black dress. However, instead of the slightly modest one from last week, this one is more....everything with less material. It’s shorter and tighter. The neck line is high, but there is no back to the dress. Just great. Putting the dress down, I dig in the box again, finding a new mask. This one is made from feathers. It’s soft and elegant.

I go through the rest of the things and there’s a cute pair of heels along with a medium sized velvet bag. Frowning, I pull it out and when I open it, I realize that it’s a bra and panty set. Black lace. So Kate. Holding up the panties, I notice that they are crotch-less. Holy shit. Who the hell is supposed to wear these?

Picking up my phone, I call her and she answers on the second ring. “Hey, Dollface”

“Don’t hey me. I think the makers of these panties forgot to add a piece of material where my lady bits are.”

Kate giggles into the phone and soon it turns into a full laugh. “I saw them and immediately thought of you. That was the exact reaction I expected, but I want you to wear them for me.”

“Kate, I don’t know. I mean are you going to send me a goody box every week. I know this stuff is expensive and I don’t deserve any of it.”

Kate huffs into the phone. “Doll, I don’t buy these things to treat you like a charity case, I buy them because I know you’ll look sexy as hell in them. And the panties are for easy access tonight. I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep my hands off. Maybe Ethan will get a little grabby. I told him I’m bringing the same girl with me when he asked.”

“Ethan asked about me?”

“Of course. You were fucking hot last week. He wanted to know if I was bring someone new or not.”

Butterflies swarm in my lower belly at her words. Ethan was asking about me. He just didn’t know he was asking about me. Clearly, my lady bits left a lasting impression on him.

After talking to Kate a little longer and eating a small dinner, I decide that I should try to relax before tonight. I’d had an extra-long day with 3 meetings. All of them boring to me, but important to Ethan. No hands on my thigh or flirty notes the whole time.

Heading to my bathroom, I run a hot bubble bath and turn on a little music to set my mood. Sinking down into the water, I inhale the lavender scent, letting it soothe me. The bathroom fills with Bob Marley’s “Is This Love” and I hum along, tapping my finger on the edge of the tub.

After getting out of the bathtub, my energy is restored as “Wasted” by Tiesto starts playing. Dancing around, I curl my hair, twisting some of it back. I sing into the curling iron, almost burning my lip at one point. Now that I’ve been to the club once, I feel a lot less nervous about it all. I’m still nervous, just not as much.

After putting on lotion and perfume, I squeeze into the dress and it nearly takes my breath a way for a second from how fitted it is. If I inhale to much air, it may break a rib. It stops about mid-thigh and I know that keeping my legs crossed tonight isn’t on the agenda for Kate. I still don’t know why I’m not freaked out by her. It’s clear there’s something there and it’s something that I like. I’ve never been with a girl so it’s not like I’ve ever been curious. It’s just easy with Kate though.

I wait until it’s almost time to go to slip into the new heels. I’m thrusted up a few inches and I feel quite confident with my temporary height enhancement. When Kate texts me letting me know she’s outside, I grab my things before heading out. When I get to the lobby, I see Kate standing outside of the SUV waiting for me. I scan over her long legs in her dress and I can’t help but think that she’s so gorgeous. Pushing the door open, her eyes shoot up from her phone and she smiles.

“Wow, you look amazing” Usually her tone is playful when she gives me compliments, but this time it’s different. More serious.

“Thank you” I send her a soft smile as she leans in, kissing my cheek. Kate opens the door and I slide in before her. Once inside, I expect the car to leave, but instead we just sit there. Kate whips out her phone, types something then looks at me.

“Put your mask on, Doll. Ethan is riding with us.”

I nearly choke on air as my eyes widen. “What the hell, Kate!”

“Don’t freak out. He thinks we just pulled up. He doesn’t know Dawn lives in the same building.” She shoots me a reassuring smile before resting her hand on my knee. Quickly, I reach into my clutch and pull out my mask. Kate helps me put it on so I don’t mess up my hair. As Kate adjusts the mask, her eyes stay on mine. I focus in the specks of green before the car door opens, starling me. I flinch away as Kate slides over next to me to let Ethan in.

Ethan closes the door and smiles at Kate, before pulling his mask on. When he has it in place, he looks down at me. “Dawn, nice seeing you again”

I nod and Kate smiles. “Yeah, we had so much fun last week so I figured I should keep her by my side.”

“I agree” Ethan says as the driver heads to the club.

The ride is quiet for the most part and if it weren’t for Kate’s finger drawing different shapes on my knee, I’d have nothing to focus on. I’d surely be panicking right now at the thought of Ethan sitting right down from me. Kate totally screwed me over. She clearly finds it amusing to put me into situations that leave me flustered. She knew all along that she was letting Ethan ride with us and didn’t think to tell me during our half hour conversation.

I ponder on this for most of the right until the car stops. Blinking several times, I realize that we’re here. Thank God. I don’t know how I was going to make it in that car for another 10 minutes. I watch as Ethan gets out before helping us from the car. When it’s my turn, he takes my hand and electric shocks jolt through my fingertips. I don’t make eye contact with him as I walk by and join Kate by her side. She wraps her arm around my waist as we approach the door.

With my mind so clouded, I barely hear Ethan tell the door man the password. Sensing my tension, Kate leans into my ear. “Calm down, Dollface. We’ll be at the bar soon enough.”

I shoot her a short nod before walking in. As promised, Kate gets to the bar and gets some liquor in me. After a few shots, I feel my nerves easing down. Next to me, Ethan drinks his drink rather quickly. Does he have something to be on edge about?

I study over him for a while before turning my attention to Kate who is talking to someone at the moment. Is she trying to push me and Ethan together? He’s the only other person I know here.

Standing there, quietly, I scan over the room. People are standing around talking with naked girls walking around with trays of drinks. I can’t imagine a man in here not captivated by a gorgeous body, but none of them are looking. Stuffy much? I’m sure as hell looking.

“Dawn” A deep voice says, pulling me away from my idle thoughts.

Turning, I look up at Ethan...well from this point on, it’s Asher.

“Yeah” I smile, softly.

“How are you? You seem a bit off”

“Oh, no. It’s just so...boring down here. Why do these people come if they just plan on standing around?”

Ethan....Asher smirks and glances around the room. “These people keep the place running. They make pretty big donations to come to a place like this. And yes, they look pretty boring, but you’d be surprised what some of them are into when they head upstairs.”

“I can think of a few things” I mumble, but he hears.

“I bet.”

Before I can say anything else, Kate...Angela finally buts in. “Are you two ready?”

We both nod as she takes me hand. I can’t hide the fact that I’m excited to go upstairs. I damn near walk faster than Kate, but I manage to slow my pace as we head up the stairs. Once we get to the second floor, some similar activities from last week are going on. Tingles run up my spine as the sight of people laying their desires out for everyone to see. It’s exhilarating.

Inhaling deeply, Kate leads me around and I can feel Ethan following closely. I fight the urge to reach back and take his hand in mine. Surely, it’s a little lonely coming without someone to play with. Did I just imply that I’m Kate’s play thing?

Scrunching my nose at the thought, look back and Ethan’s eyes find mine. I give him a small smile and he returns it, though it doesn’t fully reach his eyes. Ah fuck it. Reaching out, I take his hand in mine and tug him along. His palm is large and warm and I can’t help but remembering this very hand sliding over my skin.

The three of us go through the motions of navigating through the club. Kate and Ethan stop to talk to people while I watch others fondle each other. At one particular moment, my eyes lock on two men sitting in the far corner. One of them is on his knees taking the other in his mouth. Inhaling sharply, I squeeze Ethan’s hand by accident which causes him to follow my gaze. When he sees what I’m looking at, he chuckles and turns to me, raising an eyebrow. His playful stare makes me look down to the floor as I smile.

The longer we are standing around the more comfortable Ethan becomes. At one point his arm make its way around my waist when it isn’t occupied by Kate’s. It stays there as we follow behind Kate. Finally after what seems like forever, we get to my favorite floor. The sex floor. I can’t hide my excitement when we enter and the familiar beds catch my attention. Under the sheer curtains, couples are indulging in each other while being watched.

I break off from Kate and Ethan to do my own exploring. Each bed is something different. One couple is fucking hard and fast while another is taking their time. Both send me into a haze of horniness. Stopping at one bed, I watch as a masked woman slowly straddles a man, easing down on his manhood. His eyes roll back and his hands rest of her hips as she begins to ride him. I try not to let my arousal become obvious as I stand there, controlling my breathing.

As I’m watch the woman dig her nails into the man’s chest, I feel the hairs on the back of my neck stand. A chill runs down my spine as I sense someone standing behind me. Thinking it’s Kate, I turn my head slightly, but when I catch the deep alluring scent, I know it’s Ethan.

On cue, his hands fall on my hips. He pulls me back against him and I feel his hard member against my back. My nerves spike, but I don’t move. My heart is thudding in my chest and I swear I can feel my pulse between my legs too.

Suddenly, my hair is being swept over my shoulder and Ethan’s lips graze over my neck. In that moment, I remember the hickie he gave me and how it took 30 minutes and two different concealers to hide it. I paid $40 for those concealers. They better last all night or I’m getting a refund.

A deep groan from Ethan brings me back and I rest against him.

“You smell amazing” He moans and for a second I wonder if he knows, but I remember that I swapped my regular lotion for one I never use. I really have to stop panicking about this. If he knows then he’ll say it.

“So do you.” I mumbles as his hand comes around to rest on my stomach. I’m no longer focused on the couple in front of me, because Ethan’s hands are enough to send me over the edge. A few seconds later, another figure appears and it’s Kate.

“Having fun without me?”

Neither of us say anything as she leans into kiss me. I don’t hesitate to kiss her back as Ethan’s fingers dig into my skin. When Kate pulls away, I notice a few people stare at us and as much as I don’t enjoy it, I don’t hate it as much as I thought I would. It’s something so naughty about it.

Feeding into the crowd, Kate reaches between my legs and before I can process it, her fingers are on me. I moan softly as my wetness dampens her fingers.

“Oh, Dollface, are you wet for us?” She smirks.

All I can do is whimper.

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