Pleasing the Boss

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Chapter 23

With all eyes on us, my heart beat grows into a soft thud in my chest. My breathing is heavy and my head is hazy. Standing in the middle of a small group of watchers, Kate’s fingers are working between my legs as Ethan is holding me from behind, his strong bulge, protruding into my lower back. God, kill me now. How did I get into this situation and why do I like it so much?

Leaning my head back against Ethan’s chest, his slow steady breathing sends me into a mental bubble as I focus on it. I fight to keep my eyes closed in fear of seeing the actual number of people watching us. I feel Kate lean into me, pressing her lips against mine. Her lips are soft and taste like sweet liquor. Reaching up, Ethan’s large hand grips my chin, roughly turning me away from Kate to slam his lips into mine. Mm, strong brown liquor pours off his taste buds onto mine. Having them together could make me into a drunk fool.

Suddenly, Kate’s fingers are gone and I feel uncomfortably open. A strong feeling of vulnerability washes over me and when I open my eyes, there are so many eyes on me that my knees nearly give out from under me. Gasping, I step away from Ethan and damn near run from the room. I hear Kate call after me, but I don’t stop. I have to get out of this room, away from them.

Turning down a dark hall, I stop and catch my breath, my whole body shaking with nerves. I press my hand against the cool wall and it’s tempting to just rest my fact against it, but that would be a little too much. Standing there with a hue of red flooding the area due to the colored lights, I feel like I’m in a daze. A fog of lust and danger. Why am I really doing this? What am I getting out of it? Outside of this place, Ethan likes me just fine. I shouldn’t have to conceal who I am just to be the girl I think he wants. I was curious at first, but now I’m just confused.

Should I leave and just accept that this is what Ethan does on his Friday nights? Hell no! I would never be able to trust him. Hell, he doesn’t even know I’m me and his hands were all over me. Who am I to think that he would give all of this up just to be with me?

Letting my breathing settle, I rest my back against the cold back, letting it put out the blaze inside of me. I look down at my shoes and wonder if I can catch a cab home. I’m not quite feeling the scene any longer. Maybe it just isn’t for me to be a play toy. It’s too overwhelming and intense. I like being here because I’ve discovered a new side to lust and sex, but at what cost?

“So stupid.” I mumble to myself.

Suddenly out of the corner of my eye I see a dark figure appear at the end of the hall. Standing up straight, I turn to look at them. By the time my eyes adjust and I realize its Ethan, It’s too late. A split second later, he is in front of me, turning me and slamming my body against the wall. Gasping loudly, I go to say something when all of sudden my mask is ripped off.

My eyes widen in shock and Ethan just stands there looking at me. His face is hard and angry. I’m caught.

“Ethan, I…” I start, but nothing comes out past that point because suddenly his lips are on mine.

His body sinks into mine, pressing me harder against the wall. His mouth is rough and hard, unlike how he kisses me outside of the club. I like it though. Reaching up, I go to touch his face, but he grips my wrist, pinning it above my head. He repeats the action with my other hand, more gently. Obviously taking into consideration that I just got my wrist brace off. Even angry, he still doesn’t want to hurt me like that.

I don’t have time to ponder of it, because with one large hand holding my wrists, the other yanks my dress up to my hips and though they are crotch-less, Ethan rips the panties from my body. The movement, causes me to moan loudly. God, yes.

I don’t take my eyes off of him as his fingers undo his pants, quickly. My heart is beating erratically and I want nothing more than to have him inside of me. I need him to fill me.

When his hard member falls out of his pants, it takes everything in me to not fall to my knees and suck him off. Fuck, what is this club doing to me?

With my juices soaking my inner thighs, I whimper. “Please, fuck me.”

Ethan groans, but doesn’t speak as his mouth find the crook of my neck. Biting down on my skin, the pain sends a shock to my core and I press my hips against him, his member brushing over me. When he can’t take it any longer, Ethan turns me around, taking my hands and pressing them against the wall. I let my forehead rest against the coolness as he pulls my hips back. I hear something rip and I assume it’s a condom. After a few seconds of silence, I feel his hands on my hip.

Holding my breath, I feel him at my opening. He presses one hand against my lower back and with a hard thrust, he enters me. I claw at the wall as the pain of him stretching me and the pleasure of him finally being inside of me collide. I can hear Ethan breathing hard as I adjust to his size which is significantly larger than Greg was.

After a few seconds, Ethan begins slamming into me, the sound of our skin smacking together with each blow. I try not to yell out, but my moans are constant as I bite down on my bottom lip. I know Ethan is having a hard time keeping quiet with each half groan.

I don’t know how I went this long without sex, but I’ve missed it so much. It’s literally being forever and by forever I mean 3 weeks. With everything that’s been going on, you’d think it would be longer.

As I’m reaching my peak, Ethan doesn’t lighten the blow, but with his heavy breathing, I can tell he is so close to exploding. Shutting my eyes, I push back against him and catching me off guard, Ethan smacks my ass, hard. Harder than I would ever expect. The sting shoots through me, only fueling my approaching orgasm. I begin to feel my core contract around him and on cue, I fall apart. Behind me Ethan curses softly, hops jerking, member throbbing inside of me. My core continues to milk him as our heavy breathing fills the area.

As we come down, I stand up straight, smoothing my hair out of my face. When I turn and lean back against the wall, Ethan is already zipping his pants back. I pull my dress back down and when we’re composed again, I part my lips to speak.

“Ethan, I’m sorry.”

I expect him to say something when all of sudden, Ethan reaches in his pocket, pulling out my mask. Tossing it at me, it hits my stomach before falling to the floor. Inhaling sharply, I look at Ethan as he walks away from me. That’s it? Without a word he just fucks me and leaves?

Anger rises over me and tears come to my eyes. I feel filthy and used.

Pulling my mask back on, I head back out only to slip through the crowd to leave, not looking for Kate or Ethan. I just need to get out of here.

As I’m walking outside and onto the main street, I luckily see a cab passing by. Thankfully, he stops. I get home shortly after and before the door can fully close, I’m sobbing. Ripping off the mask, I throw it in the trash and go to my room. When I get out of my clothes, I take a hot shower, scrubbing until my skin is red and raw.

Once I’m out, I pull on a long shirt and go to the kitchen. Making myself a cup of hot tea, I squeeze some lemon in and add a bit of sugar a long with a tear or two. I don’t know why I’m crying like this. I guess I just didn’t expect Ethan to react this way when he found it. I knew there would be a possibility of him being angry, but what he did tonight wasn’t him. Or at least it wasn’t the Ethan I came to know.

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