Pleasing the Boss

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Chapter 28

Deciding to get out of my head, I let my eyes refocus on the window, however instead of the lights getting my attention, it’s the reflection of Ethan standing right behind me that I focus on. My breath stops and I’m almost afraid to turn around and face him. A chill runs over me and I let my feet move.

Before I can even look up at him, his hands find the sides of my face and he leans down, pressing his lips against mine. This time I have no urge to slap him like I wanted to Travis. Nope. This kiss is welcome with open arms.

His lips pull me in one cell at a time, causing me to briefly forget why I even showed up here. Hell, I never came to the conclusion on why I came. Oh well. I’m here now.

Parting my lips, I let him in more. His warm tongue sends me into an Ethan induced trance.

It isn’t until he pulls back that my senses return. I bite my lip softly, blinking a few times as I look up at him. “Why’d you do that?”

“Because I want you to know that you’re wanted and that you’re enough. Did you at any chance stop and wonder this whole time why I was here when you knocked and not at the club?”

Um. “I... It slipped my mind.”

“Because you were too busy ranting about not being enough. Well, here I am telling you that you’re enough to keep me from going. I couldn’t even bring myself to look in the mirror without feeling like a complete asshole.”

I don’t know what to say about this. I didn’t have a speech planned out when I came here. I was just angry and wanted to yell at Ethan. I didn’t expect anything to get resolved. Well, surprise, surprise.

“What are you trying to say, Ethan?”

“What I’m trying to say is I’m here with you. Not at the club.”

He has a point. If I didn’t matter then he’d obviously be there right now instead of here going back and forth with me.

Taking a deep breath, I nod. “You’re right.”

“And another thing, who is this guy you went out with?”

“Uh, Travis something. He took me to a really tall building with a W on it.”

Ethan steps back and chuckles a bit although it doesn’t seem like he finds anything funny.

“You went out with Travis Wellings?”

I shrug. “Yeah. So? How do you know him?”

Ethan laughs this time and it reaches his eyes. “I can’t take my eyes off of you for a second. One minute on your own and you’re out with that rich bastard. I run into him from time to time in the business world as well as the club. I want you to stay away from him, Thea. His kinks are a lot different than mine. He’s into some dark shit.”

Biting my lip again, I think back to that asshole at the club who tried to hurt me. Ethan was there for me and didn’t even know it at the time. The thought is like a cold splash of water on my whole body. As much as I sometimes want to see Ethan as a bad guy, I remember all the good he’s done for me.

“I don’t want to be around Travis. He’s not my type of guy. You are. I just want to know that if I let myself feel anything for you that I’m going to get the same in return. This scares me Ethan. I’ve never been in this type of situation.”

“I understand, Thea. After these past few days, I just haven’t been able to get you out of my mind. I feel like I’m going crazy. Then tonight, it didn’t feel right going to the club without you. Not after what happened between us.”

“What do you mean?” I frown and Ethan steps closer to me, sliding his arm around my waist.

“After being inside of you, I can’t even see myself being with anyone else.” He says as his hand slides down over my backside. His touch sends a chill down my spine, but I contain it without him knowing. Leaning down, Ethan looks me right in my eyes.

“Tell me you want me, Thea. Tell me that you want to be mine.”

Holy shit. Is this seriously happening? I came here to yell, but they only thing screaming is my hormones. I lift my hand and press it against his chest, letting out a deep breath.

“Yes, Ethan, I want you. I want to be yours, but-“

Before I can continue, his mouth is on mine and I’m being lifted off my feet. Wrapping my legs around him, he carries me through his apartment to his bedroom. Once there, he lays me on the bed and begins undressing. When he’s down to his pants, he steps to me and removes my pants before tugging my hands for me to sit up. He removes my short, leaving me with nothing but my panties and bra. My breathing accelerates as he kneels down and spreads my legs apart.

Holy shit. This is definitely happening right now. My head is spinning and I can’t seem to think straight about anything, but how badly I want this man. Travis nor Greg could have never made me feel this way. Only Ethan has this weird power over me.

Looking down, I watch Ethan peel my panties off and I suddenly feel very open for him, both physically and mentally. Feeling like I’m going to combust any moment, I reach down and run my fingers through his hair as he kisses the inside of my thighs, moving higher up to his destination. It definitely doesn’t take him long to get there. The first lick he lays over my swollen bud causes me to arch my back and raise my hips.

With his tongue, he spreads my soaked lips and sucks lightly. From that moment, I let myself go, accepting everything this man has to offer me right now.

The more he licks, the more I want to tell him to just fuck me already. Every night I’ve fantasized about him taking me repeatedly and now I just want to be ravished, not gently cared for.

Looking down at Ethan, I grip his hair firmly. “Please, Ethan.” I beg.

Taking the hint, he kisses his way up my stomach, stopping at my breasts to flick his tongue over my swollen nipples. When his eyes reach mine, I press my hand against his chest.

“We can go slow next time. Right now I just need you.”

A low groan escapes his mouth and he sits up on his knees. Undoing his pants, his eyes never leave mine. It’s almost weird to look into them so intimately. I remember looking into them at the club when I didn’t know it was him. Just his stare alone made my knees shake.

Needing him to move a little faster, I push his pants down. Reaching over into his nightstand, Ethan grabs a condom and quickly puts it on. Ethan becomes rather assertive when he roughly pries my legs further apart before positioning himself at my opening. For some reason, I hold my breath and as he enters me, I moan. The more he fills me, the more I feel like I can come any second without him even moving.

Looking up at Ethan, his expression is hard and focused. He pulls back and enters me again. Jeez, I needed this so damn bad. Wrapping my legs around him, I use them to pull his body to mine, forcing him to go deeper. Catching the hint, he pulls back slightly and thrusts into me hard, causing me to gasp.

“Fuck!” I grip the sheets and he smirks. “Be careful what you ask for.”

“I know what I’m asking for. Now please, fuck me already.” I order.

Apparently being bossy just does something to Ethan because he slams into me light the world is coming to an end. Each thrust sends my body sliding across the bed only to have him grip my thighs and yanking me back to him. It doesn’t take long for me to explode around his length and the build of the next to grow soon after. Leaning over me, Ethan grinds and pounds, releasing God knows how much frustration. However, I’m not complaining because it’s making out to be the best sex I’ve ever had.

After 3 or maybe 4 more orgasms, I lost count, Ethan finally finds him before collapsing on top of my nearly unconscious body, the pure energy it took just to muster of 3 orgasms leaving me completely limp.

After regaining our composure and sanity, I lay in his arm, skin sheened with sweat as Ethan kisses my forehead. Under the lamplight in his room, our skin is glowing though I’m sure without the light I’d still be beaming. I’m half asleep when I hear Ethan speak.

“I’m sorry.” Ethan whispers as his strokes over my hairline. Tilting my head up, I frown.

“For what?”

“For not doing this earlier. This should have been first. Not what happened at the club. I’m sorry for that. For everything. Lying and hiding that side of me for so long. It wasn’t fair to you.”

Looking in his eyes, I see vulnerability. It’s a side of him that I’ve never seen in the short time I’ve known him. Seeing that makes me feel like I should give him more. Not more in a sense of emotion or sex, but compromise. I should compromise. In that moment, it clicks for me.

“Can I ask you something?”

“Sure, anything.”

Shifting more so I’m facing him, I sigh. “Are you going to miss the club? Honestly.”

Ethan, runs his fingers through the hair at the nape of my neck, pressing his lips together before speaking. “Honestly? A little. I’m not going to miss women or anything, but the atmosphere is what I’ll miss. I know you felt it when you were there. It’s intense.”

“So, how would you feel if we went…together?”

Ethan leans away from me for a second, analyzing my expression to see if I’m serious or not.

“You want to go, but what about what you said earlier?”

“I know what I said. And I meant everything. I can’t be with you if you choose the club over me and you chose me. I needed to make sure that it wasn’t a priority in your life. I see that now, but honestly, I had a lot of fun there with you even when I didn’t know it was you. Kate was so nice to get me in and I really should squander it away. I want to go with you and experience everything. No one else.”

Suddenly, Ethan smiles and kisses me. “You always manage to surprise me.”

“I just don’t want to change you.” I shrug.

Ethan stares at me for a while, leaning in, rubbing his nose over mine.

“But, you’ve already changed me.”

“You’ve changed me too, Ethan.”

Later that night, I lie awake in Ethan’s arms wondering if I made the right decision about wanting to go back to the club. I never want Ethan to resent me for trying to take away something he enjoys. Now he can enjoy it with me. I feel quite secure in my decision to do this because honestly, I miss the club myself.

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