Pleasing the Boss

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Chapter 29

The following days, things surprisingly go back to normal for Ethan and I. We talk again and joke on the way to work. The only difference is now we’re sort of together. He kisses me a lot more and holds my hand on the way to the office. Yeah, people stare, but neither of us care. Some of the women in the office toot their nose up at me when I walk by and it makes me feel a little weird, but I don’t tell Ethan about it. I don’t want to get them in trouble just for being a little jealous. If I were in their shoes, I’d feel a down about Ethan being off the market.

I’ve also gotten quite a bit of attention for the small bit of modeling I did for the magazine. People have been calling Ethan asking for me to model for them or if I’m with a company. It’s funny when they find out the girl “Modeling” in the magazine is just a simple assistant. Ethan doesn’t tell them that though. He actual entertains the idea of me modeling even though I’m totally against it. He actually takes their numbers and consults with me about what companies are good and which are bad news.

I just don’t understand what they see in me. I know the pictures look amazing, but I was simply following the directions of the photographer.

As the week goes by, more people start catching wind about Ethan’s assistant and of course the rumor mill starts turning. I’ve heard that I’m sleeping my way to the top or I’m secretly a prostitute like Pretty Woman. Anna usually hears most of the rumors through the lunch lines or in the copy rooms. She has made a habit of texting me the best ones so we can laugh about them later. She loves the idea of Ethan I being together. She says Ethan’s been lonely way too long.

Another person who is loving my new relationship status is Kate. I thought she’d be upset about Ethan having me to himself, but no. She’s also quite happy about the coupling. Even more happy that we will continue going to the club with her. I can sense that she still has quite the crush on me and I don’t know how Ethan feels about it knowing what he knows now. He doesn’t seem possessive about me. He hasn’t said anything about staying away from Kate so we’ll just have to see how things go.

It just seems like this is the first time things are exactly how I want them to be. My job is going well, I have friends and Ethan. I’m on my feet with my own place...even though I don’t pay for it, but still, it’s mine. For a long time, I didn’t have any of the things I have now. I thought my life was going nowhere. I owe a lot to Ethan for taking a chance on a broken down girl who came into his office hungry and with awful box dyed red hair. Clearly, he saw something in me. I just hope he keeps seeing it.

Friday comes fast than I thought and for the first time, neither Ethan nor I have to lie about our plans for the night. As the day get closer to an end, the sexual tension between Ethan and I grows. When I bring his copies, I will brush against him or drop something by “accident”. I know it has him worked up by the way he shifts in his seat or groans as I’m walking away.

6:00 can’t come fast enough.

By the time I finally get to clock out, I beat Ethan to the car. As I’m sitting there playing in my phone, I get a text from Kate letting me know I’ll be receiving a box at 7:45. By now Kate surely knows I can dress for the club since it’s no longer my first time being there. However, she still insists on sending me a new dress and mask every weekend. I don’t know if she’s just being nice or if she’s doing it to still have some sort of ties to me. Either way, I find it quite flattering. I can’t wait to see what she’s picked out for me. I can’t wait to wear it.

A few moments later, Ethan slides into the car and kisses me.

“Sorry to keep you waiting.”

“It’s fine. Kate texted me earlier. You know she’s sending me my dress and mask for the night. I can dress, but she insists on doing it for me. Is that weird?”

Ethan shrugs and smiles.

“She has a thing for you, babe.”

I like when he calls me babe.

“You don’t mind? Does it bother you that she still likes me and stuff?”

“I’ve known Kate for almost 5 years now. She doesn’t latch on to girls that often. She usually plays with them for a while then lets them go. For some reason, she’s taken a keen liking to play with you a lot. Maybe it’s because you’re young and impressionable. She likes the sweet and innocent.”

I roll my eyes. “I’m not sweet and innocent though.”

Ethan looks at me and smirks. “But you are baby.”

A pout forms on my face and Ethan raises an eyebrow confirming his statement.

“Whatever. I just thought that since we’re together now, you’d want her to back off a bit.”

“Do you like playing with Kate?” He asks in a serious tone like we’re in a meeting or something.

“Uh, yes. I’ve never done things with a girl before her so it’s interesting.” I nip at me lip a little embarrassed. Kate and Ethan have a ton of experience under their belts and I don’t.

“Then I don’t have a problem with it. We all know you’re mine.” Ethan smiles and runs his hand over my thigh, sending little chill bumps across my skin.

I’m really glad Ethan and me are on good terms again. I hated when we were mad at each other. He’s the only person I really have and if we ruin that relationship then it would just be really hard. I don’t want that. I’m enjoying this new aspect of what we have. It’s feels like people at work know one thing, but then we know the truth. This club is going to strengthen what we have…I hope.

When I get to my apartment, I start a light dinner as I kick off my heel and turn on the Pandora to sort of set the mood for the evening. I’m so excited about going to the club with Ethan and Kate that I can barely contain myself.

As I’m pouring myself a glass of wine, a knock on the door causes me to flinch. When I remember Kate’s delivery, I run to the door and open it to see a delivery boy with a gold box. I quickly sign and take the box from him, trying not to snatch it.

Bouncing to the coffee table, I move some things aside and set the box down. When I open it up, my eyes widen at the sparkles shining back at me. Tonight’s mask is black glitter with a diamond outline. It’s truly magical and knowing Kate, the Diamonds are real.

I pick it up and I’m honestly scared to even put it on later. I feel like it should be put on a pedestal and displayed for the world to see. I set it down carefully and remove some paper from the box. The black dress greets me and I smile.

I slowly lift it up and it’s a short black halter dress. Simple and flirty. Kate always managed to get dressed that show my age as if the whole club needs to know I’m young, but I like it. It fits my style, unlike the tight sophisticated dresses Kate wears.

I lay the dress over the couch and finish preparing dinner before sitting down and catching up on a few shows. I try not to clock watch, but I feel so anxious to get ready that I barely pay attention to the tv.

When it finally gets late enough, I clean up and hurry to my room to start the pampering process. I lay out my cutest lingerie and decide against a bubble bath and opt for a shower so I can wash my hair. After 30 minutes of washing and shaving and washing again, I finally get out. I take my time with my hair, blow drying curling it before pinning half of it back so that it doesn’t take away from the gorgeous mask I’ll be wearing tonight.

At 11 on the dot, Ethan comes over and when he sees me, he just smiles.

“Well, hello there, pretty lady. I’m glad I can finally see you. Like really see you.”

“Me too.” I smile as I stand on my tip toes to kiss him before slipping my feet into my heels.

When he looks down at me with those eyes of his, I can’t help but blush. If I didn’t have any restraint, I’d forget all about the club and drag him to my bedroom. God knows I want to, but I know Kate would have a hissy about us being late.

When we get down to the car, Kate is inside waiting for us with her mask already perfectly placed on her face. As I slide in, she leans in and kisses me softly.

“Hey, Dollface.”

“Hi.” I smile “Thank you for the dress and mask. You really didn’t have to.”

“No worries. I like dressing you to my liking and I’m sure Ethan isn’t complaining.”

Ethan slides into the car and closes the door.

“I most certainly am not complaining. You have good taste, Katherine.”

“I know. Can’t have my Dollface looking regular while with me. I want all eyes on her.”

It constantly makes me blush from how Kate talks about me like I’m her personal play toy. It turns me on a lot though and even more from Ethan being so secure in what we have that he doesn’t get jealous. If anything he’s probably turned on too.

I instantly feel my panties dampen.

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