Pleasing the Boss

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Chapter 3

After eating lunch with Ethan in the cafeteria and receiving more odd looks than I’m comfortable with, he takes me to the human resource floor to handle all my information which takes quite a few hours to finish. It all becomes quite official when he hands me my ID badge before sending me home with my temporary money card for dinner. I didn’t want to take it and he knew it, but I knew not to fight it. I’m going to have to start accepting his kindness whether I like it or not.

As I’m leaving the building, I flip the card over and there is a number to check the card balance. I unlock my phone and dial it as I pace towards the bus stop. When I punch in the card’s number and security code, I literally trip over air when I hear the balance. $1000 for dinner?!

What the hell? What does he think I’m going to eat for dinner, fresh seafood served on a gold platter at a table with Jesus and his disciples? I hang up from the number and turn back towards the building ready to give him back the card, but what’s the use? All he will do is turn me away.

Sighing, I turn back and continue towards the bus stop. I need to get home and prepare for tomorrow’s home visit and shopping trip. The thought of it makes me feel like I’m being adopted and the family wants me to look like I belong to them.

The thought of Ethan seeing my apartment makes me want to vomit. His reaction should be more than interesting and I won’t be surprised if he drags me out of there and puts me in an apartment or something outrageous like that.

Hopefully the roaches take the day off and the landlord doesn’t visit for his weekly “evaluation” which only includes him trying to get in my bed couch table. The perverseness he exhibits calls for a class action lawsuit, but I assume everyone else in this building also needed their apartment just as bad as I needed mine.

Desperation makes you settle for some pretty horrible things. If the landlord copped a feel on my ass I would probably let it go for the sake of my apartment, but I’d never let him know that. I’ve convinced the man that I will cut his wrinkled abandoned balls off if he ever lays a finger on me. Doesn’t stop him from taking my clothes off with his eyes.

When I get off the bus in my less than missed neighborhood, I stop at a pizza joint and splurge on a large extra pepperoni extra cheese pizza with a liter of Coke. I also stop at a Chinese place for Shrimp fried rice as well as a convenient store for cereal and milk for breakfast. The man said he didn’t want me missing any meals.

As I get to my apartment building, I remember that there isn’t crap to do in my apartment. No tv. No laptop. No form of entertainment. Sighing, I walk right past my building and down the street to the only person I know who will let me in to take advantage of their television. Knocking on the door of the much nicer apartment, it opens within seconds.


“Hi, Greg.” Greg eyes the pile of food in my hands and raises an eyebrow.


“Actually, yes. I got a new job and he gave me a little money card for dinner. And well I thought I could share this yummy food in exchange for some tv time. Please?” I put on a small pout and after a few seconds, Greg sighs, stepping aside.

“Come on.” He mumbles, grabbing the Chinese box off the top.

Greg and I used to date when I first got here. We met on the street when I slammed into him trying to get to the bus stop on time. After that, I managed to see him again every morning for a week before we actually had a conversation.

We were together for about 3 months before we broke up due to the fact that he sucked at commitment. However, every blue moon, we hook up when I get a little lonely or when he doesn’t have another girl to attend to.

Sitting on the couch, I place the pizza on the table before flipping the top open. The aroma fills my nose and I smile hard. “God, thank you for this pizza”

“And the Chinese food” Greg mumbles, mouth already full of shrimp and rice. He sits the box now and there are two spoons in it. Greg grabs the remote and flips through the channels before stopping on HBO to let me watch True Blood. Smiling, I turn to him.

“You know me so well”

“That’s because I can’t get rid of you”

“And you don’t want to” I shoot back without a beat. Greg gives me a side eye look before smirking.


It’s blatantly obvious that the chemistry is still there and strong, but getting back together is never in the stars for us. We sit quietly, watching tv and it helps take my mind off tomorrow. Well that is until Greg asks about the job and my boss.

In between the Sookie and Bill saga, I talk about Ethan and how he is the owner along with the home visit tomorrow. Greg knows about my situation and at first he tried to help out, slipping money under my door or in my bag while I wasn’t looking, but I always knew it was him. Cheating or not, he is a good guy who takes care of me when I let him. Which isn’t too often.

After eating and nursing a mean tummy ache, it’s nearly midnight. I help Greg clean up and thank him for letting me use his apartment for a few hours.

“It’s no problem. I enjoy the company.” He shrugs as he folds the pizza box in half, shoving it in the trash can.

“Well I should get home. I have an early start in the morning.”

“I’ll walk you.” Greg says and when I’m about to object, he holds his hand up “Not letting you walk down the street at this time. I’d never forgive myself if you got hurt”

“Fine. Old softy. If only you had shown this much compassion in our relationship” I roll my eyes as we walk out of his place.

Pacing down the sidewalk, Greg updates me on how crappy his job still is at the local newspaper. He is a sports journalist but only gets to cover mediocre events.

Greg walks me up to my floor and at the door, I unlock it and turn to him “Well thanks again for letting me sit at your apartment. It gets a little boring around here sometimes.”

“And lonely” He adds. I nod and look down before clearing my throat.

“You were the one who said that if I ever get lonely that I should call you”

“I did, but you don’t have to call right now. I’m right here” He steps a bit closer, closing in space between us. His hand lands on my waist and he presses me back against my door.

“Aren’t you going to invite me in?”

Our eyes dance with lust as the soft light in the hall illuminates our bodies.

“And what if I don’t extend an invite?” Smirking, I feel his hand flex on my hip, gripping my shirt. With his other hand, he slides it around to my backside, squeezing it hard, trying to get a reaction out of me. It’s working.

My lips part as I press my hips against his, feeling the rising tent in his work slacks against my stomach. Greg begins pulling my skirt up.

“Then I’ll have to fuck you in this hallway”

“Hm, I’m not that kind of girl”

“Never know until you try” Greg bites his lip as my skirt continues to rise, revealing my bottom. Grabbing the doorknob, I twist it and open the door.

“Would you like to come in?”

“Hmm, I’d love to come” Suddenly, Greg lifts me up and pushes the door open.

Legs around his waist, he carries me in and closes the door with his foot. Making our way over to my bed...couch table, he lays me down and begins stripping away his clothes before removing mine.

Knowing my place so well, Greg reaches over into a small wooden box and retrieves a condom that he left here the last time. Legs spread, I run my fingers over my wet bud, as Greg strokes his already hard member while ripping the condom open. Through the open window, a cool breeze blows in, sending my nipples aching and erect.

As he rolls the latex over his length, Greg watches my slick fingers slip in and out of my core with anticipation, the thick vein in his girth throbs as blood rushes through the organ. Greg then takes my hand, removing it from my core. He kneels down over me and we both watch as he slides into me slowly. A sharp hiss escapes his teeth.

“Damn, you’re so tight”

“Four months since the last time we had sex” I whisper as a shiver runs through me with each inch he inserts.

He fills me generously until his girth is completely buried inside of my walls. As far as male organ size, Greg was average as was his performance. He knew just what to do to get himself off and it was out to me to get myself to the finish line.

As his thrusts quicken, I slip my fingers back between my folds and think of the sex I should be having. Don’t get me wrong, the sex between us felt good, but who wants just good all their life where you don’t even think about it the next morning. However, when you’re lonely and single, sometimes you have to settle for just good.

Closing my eyes, the scene of slowly passionate sex plays in my head where my lover attends to my every need before their own. Sometimes my lover is a woman and sometimes a man. My bi-curious thoughts always stayed tucked away in my head with no intentions of ever getting out.

My lover’s tongue dives into my depths and sends me shaking with feverish orgasms, one after another. Moaning at my own thoughts, Greg takes that as a sign of pleasure and thrusts harder into me, causing my body to slide back. A loose spring in the bed scratches on my back and I hiss.


“Oh yeah, baby” Greg replies and I almost want to laugh.

Letting the sting in my back go, I feel myself getting closer to my own downfall. I know that if I don’t let go soon, Greg will triumphantly finish without me and award himself an undeserved gold trophy when bronze would more likely suit him. I work my fingers faster as his grunt grow more frequent. When I feel my core squeezing around his length, I let the wave take me under.

When I open my eyes, Greg has flopped down next to me with his arm around my waist. In his eyes, he looked more than satisfied with his performance and I will give him some credit for giving me my own release.

He wasn’t bad at sex, it just wasn’t enough for me. Maybe his other girls worship his manhood on both knees. Maybe they don’t have to go the extra mile for an orgasm. And that’s good for them. But I just needed something more. I didn’t know what though.

Greg stays until the early morning and I watch him get dressed to leave as the sun is peeking in my window. He kisses me gently, thanking me for the night before heading out. Lying there wrapped up in my sheets, I roll onto my side and drift back off.

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