Pleasing the Boss

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Chapter 30

When we arrive at the club, I am calmer than I’ve ever been any other weekend. I’m not lying to anyone or hiding who I am to Ethan. He’s by my side experiencing this sexual awaking with me. I don’t have to doubt if he wants me or if he want the mysterious girl he thought I was. He has me and is with me and that’s the biggest turn on.

On the first floor, we grab wine and mingle among high class prudes who may never venture upstairs. The familiar nude models work the floor in feathered masks. Their bodies covered in gold glitter almost like they are works of art. I stare at their bodies as they float past us and I find myself mildly attracted to them.

As I’m marveling over them, I feel a hand slide across my back before pulling me closer. When I look up, it’s Ethan. I give him a small smile and his hand slowly slides over my backside before palming my ass. Inhaling gently, I look over and see Kate smiling at us, the excitement crystal clear in her eyes. Something is brewing in her mind and I wish I knew what it was.

Once we have a buzz going on, Kate decides that it’s time to head upstairs for drinks that are a little stronger than champagne. She takes my hand and Ethan takes the other. A few eyes fall on us as we head upstairs. I can only wonder what they are thinking about this mysterious threesome in front of them. Are they intrigued? Does the idea of us awaken a fantasy in them? Who knows, but the eyes us make me feel like we’re celebrities of some sort.

The closer we get to the second floor, the more excited I become. I don’t know what the night holds for me, but I know for a fact that it’s going to be nothing like the first two times.

Ethan opens for the door for us and the familiar sound of seductive dark music hits my ears and creates a different aura from the first floor. As expected, people are engaging in their fantasies in every corner. If I could watch all of the couples going at it at the same time then I would, but two people that do catch my eye are a guy and girl in the back corner. The guy is slowly and intricately fucking her from behind. He’s not rushing or in a hurry. He’s giving her every inch of him to feel as she appears to me moans and slightly shaking.

Watching them causes me to clench my thighs. I can only imagine the torture of pleasure that comes with being fucked that slowly.

“I can smell your arousal Dollface.” Kate whispers in my ear and I smile.

Feeling bold, I lean into her ear.

“If you know I’m aroused then do something about it. Get on your knees and taste just how aroused I am.”

I know for a fact that Kate didn’t see those words coming a mile away. I see her inhale deeply and notice her pupils dilate. Her cheeks flush and I know I’ve turned her on.

“I think for once you’ve caused Kate to be speechless.” Ethan chuckles and I giggle softly as his lips brush over my ear.

The warmth of his breath sends chill bumps over my skin. The atmosphere up here is not for the faint of heart. It’ll cause a person to go mad from the keen awareness of sex in the air. Even clothed you feel completely naked, stripped of your morals and everyday poise. Up here, you let everything go and just feel. Feel words and facial expressions. Feel how your body reacts to the smallest touch of someone brushing past you. Feel how someone’s eyes burning through you can make you wet and ready to be taken at any moment. That’s what this place does. It leaves you open and ready for anything.

Ethan, I, and a speechless Kate make our way over to the bar before ordering a few shots to really start the night. Each shot burns on the way down and I immediately begin to feel a little more lucid than before. After shots I get a Jack and Coke before making my way over to a curve sofa overlooking the lobby.

When I cross one leg over the other, the dress rides up and I don’t bother pulling it down. A part of me wants the inappropriate attention. I want eyes on me and eyes I get. A few club goers trace their eyes over me, drinking in my showing skin. I hold my head high as Ethan and Kate sit on either side of me. Ethan places a hand on my knee and Kate brushes my hair over my shoulder.

I’ve literally fallen into the role of their play toy and I love it.

We stay seated for quite a bit, scoping the room and enjoying the attentive stares. As the effects of the alcohol begin to take over, I begin to get a bit restless sitting there without doing anything. Ethan and Kate look quite content in their positions.

I’m about to express my drunken boredom to them when a masked gentleman steps to us. I silently commend him for having the balls to come up to us since the rest of the people have kept their distance for whatever reason.

Behind his mask, I see his eyes burning into me and I raise my eyebrow and let the corners of my mouth curve up into a seductive smile, like a child finally getting a seat on the swing.

“Hello, how are you all tonight?” His deep voice cut through the music just loud enough for us to hear.

“We’re fine and you?” Kate speaks.

“I’m great. I just arrived a few moments ago and noticed you all sitting here.”

“Oh, did you notice us or our sweet novice here?”

I see the man smirk at Kate before his eyes flicker to mine again.

“Alright, you caught me. I’m very much intrigued by the fact that you and your friend are guarding this beautiful soul. I’m Darius.”

I wonder if that’s his actual name or a cover up. I can’t see much if his facial features, but he seems handsome from what I can see. His physical build is strong. A little more built than Ethan. His hair is short and slicked back. On his hands, I spot glimpse of some tattoos. Hmm, he’s a bad boy.

Hi, I’m Kate and this is Asher.” He point to Ethan. “And our little one here is Dawn.”

Darius slowly reaches down and takes my hand, planting a firm kiss on the back. His dark eyes latch onto mine and he holds the stare for a few moments. As we are locked in a stare, I feel chill bumps move across my skin.

When he finally let’s go of my hand, I can feel Ethan next to me fuming a little bit. I can imagine he wasn’t expecting anyone to actually come up and show interest since no one has the who times I’ve been here.

It’s not like I’m going to have sex with the guy, but it’s nice to have people lusting after people despite my two body guards.

“If you or your friends would like to venture into the performance room then feel free to come find me.” He shoots me a wink and I smile.

“No, thank you. Our party is full.” Kate smiles before slipping her hand up my dress a bit. Ethan does the same on my other leg and it’s like lions staking claim on a prey. I feel like property and it’s making me wetter than ever.

I expect Darius to get angry or offended, but instead he licks his lips and nods before walking off.

“Well, looks like we need to keep this one on a leash.” Ethan mumbles and he downs his glass of Scotch.

Kate smirks. “Oh, she loved the attention. She was exuding sexual tension with him. She a natural seductress. Come, let’s go to the performance room. I think Darius needs a lesson on trying to steal what’s ours”

She and Ethan take my hand and we begin walking to the room where everyone like to have sex while others watch. I have deemed this room one of my favorites because you see people having sex in so many different ways and… wait, what.

I stop and let go of their hands.

“What do you mean he needs a lesson? What are you going to do?”

Ethan steps to me and leans down into my face. I breathe in the alcohol on his breath mixed with his cologne as his eyes find mine.

“Baby, we’re going to perform for your new friend Darius.”

“You mean…have sex in front of all those people?”



“No?” Ethan asks with a pinch of humor in his tone.

“I don’t think I can.”

“Once you get into it you don’t even notice anyone around you.”

I shake my head and I hear Kate sigh.

“God, Ethan you’re such a guy. Let me handle this.”

Kate takes my hand and pulls me along.

“Do you trust me, Thea?” She whispers

“Yes.” I actually trust her in this setting a lot more than I trust Ethan. I’ve been glued to her the moment I came in here the first time. I’m comfortable with her.

“We don’t have to go to the performance room to do this. There’s a set of more secluded rooms that we can go to. Only high paying members like Ethan and I can use them and observe. There will be a lot fewer people and you won’t even have to see them. They watch through tinted windows.”

Well, that sounds a little better than that huge bright performance room.

“Okay.” I nod.

“Are you sure? I know deep down you want this with us, but if you aren’t comfortable then we can wait.”

“No, I want to.”

Kate smiles and leans in, kissing me gently. When she pulls back, she looks up at Ethan.

“You have to be patient with her, bonehead.”

Ethan frowns then it falls when he turns to me.

“I’m sorry. I forgot that you’re still not used to just jumping in. I’ll do better next time.”

I give him a small smile, before giving him a small kiss. I take both of their hands and let them lead me to the rooms. We head down a dark hall that I never notice before due to a large curtain blocking it. I always thought it was just décor. I didn’t know it was blocking a whole hall. A red light brightens the area as at the end of the hall and all the end, I see a room door marked 15.

When we get to the room, there is a set of keys hanging on the wall marked with numbers.

Kate grabs the set marked with 12 and pulls me down another hall. When we get to the room, we walk in and my nerves begin to heighten a bit. The room is actually a nice size with a king size bed in the middle covered in black silk sheets. I notice the tinted window and the fact that I can’t see out of it, but I’m sure people will be seeing from the other size.

Kate sits the keys on a small dresser and when she reaches down and opens a drawer, I see a bunch of condoms and lubes. Wow, it’s nice that they provide this stuff. I would've never thought about a condom until right before the deed.

Kate pulls out a condom for Ethan and a bottom of oil along with some black silk robe.

What the hell is that for?

Before I can ask, Kate turns to me and smiles.

“Ready for some fun?”

What have I gotten myself into?

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