Pleasing the Boss

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Chapter 31

The air in the room turns thick and hot as Kate smiles at me mischievously. As her eyes are locked on mine, I feel Ethan behind me. His warm breath hits my shoulder as he unties my halter dress and begins pulling it down. My heart begins to thud in my chest and my breath shallows. Behind that tented window, I know people are watching. Watching Kate and Ethan have their way with me, their sex toy, play thing, little slave.

Nerves scattering into the atmosphere of the room, I feel chill bumps spread over my shoulder and back. Ethan’s touch sender little electric sparks through me. I love having his hands on me, but this time it feels so different. So much more sensual. He’s moving so slow and tedious, it’s driving me crazy, but I know that’s what he want. By the end of the night he wants me to beg him to fuck me. He wants to give the people a show. I feel like I’m meeting this other side of Ethan for the first time in my life.

In front of me, Kate steps to my face and runs her index finger over the outside of my diamond mask. Her fingertip scales down my cheeks and I can feel my face flush, though in the dim lit room, no one may notice.

My eyes flicker to the window and I try to imagine people standing around with drinks in hand. I imagine Darius standing there watching, intrigued by us, wishing he could join. I felt flattered to have his attention earlier. The way his hot gaze drank me in and the way his hand firmly held mine.

Before my mind can go any further, I gasp as Ethan’s warm lips kiss my neck. I let my head fall back as Kate begins pulling my dress further down, exposing my naked breasts and perked nipples. I try to process it all, but when her tongue flicks over my aching nipple, my head spins and everything around me turns into a soft blur. My thighs clench and I no longer trust my legs to hold me up.

Kate runs her tongue down my stomach, dragging the dress down with her. When it falls to my feet, I slowly step out of it, kicking it to the side. Down to nothing but a black lacey G string, my body feels more exposed than ever. I can feel eyes and hands and mouths on me. It’s almost like sensory overload, but I know it’s only the beginning. There’s so much more to come.

Behind me, against my back, I feel Ethan’s manhood swelling in his pants. I reach back and run my hand over it. The deep moan rumbles from his throat causing me to feel the vibration against my shoulder.

“Tell me you want it. Tell me you want me,” He whispers in my ear with more authority than he’s ever had talking to me in the office.

“I want you. I want you so badly.”

“Turn around.”

I do as he says and he lays his hands on my shoulders before pushing me down onto my knees. I expect the floor to be cold, but to my surprise, it’s heated. I suspect that the club thought ahead to the idea that people may not make it to the bed.

When I’m on my knees, I look up into Ethan’s dark eyes while his hands undo his pants. He moves smoothly and slowly, taunting and teasing me with what I want the most. I want him in my mouth. I want to taste him and feel his fullness in my mouth.

Behind me Kate sweeps my hair back, gripping it in her hand as if she’s about to pull it into a ponytail.

“Let me lead you, little one. Let me control you. Do you trust me?”

I nod quickly, wondering just how she plans on “leading” me.

Ethan’s hard girth springs free from his pants and I naturally lean forward to take it in my mouth when all of a sudden, Kate’s hand tightens around my hair and pulls firmly, holding me in place. I’m confused as to what is going on.

“I said let me lead.”

Finally, it dawns on me. She wants to control how I suck Ethan’s dick. I’m suddenly more attentive than ever. I stay still and stare at the head of Ethan’s girth in front of my face.

“Are you ready?” Kate says.


“Good. Now stick your tongue out and gently lick over the tip. Gently and slowly.”

Her grip loosens a bit on my hair and she lets me move forward. When I slide my tongue ever so softly over Ethan’s member, he sucks in his breath and his hands ball up.


I hear Kate giggle and it’s like a light bulb goes off in my head. Kate is using me to tease Ethan. She knows I’d suck him off in a heartbeat, but under her guidance, she’s making me go slow. It’s going to drive Ethan crazy and Kate is going to love every minute of watching him strain not to slam into the back of my throat. All of this is a game to her, a game that I may end up loving.

Looking up into Ethan’s eyes, they darken and lust takes over.

“Suck the head, gently. Swirl your tongue around as you pull back.”

I follow her detailed instructions and silently wonder just how much experience Kate has to pleasing men…or maybe please Ethan. I mean I just figured they were friends, but now I really wonder have they every participated together like this before. I never really asked.

Not getting too into it, I suck on the tip of Ethan’s girth, tasting a drop of precum on the tip of my tongue. A soft moan escapes my lips and when I pull back, I swirl my whole tongue around the tip. Ethan sucks in a lung full of air and I feel his hips jerk a bit. I’m beginning to get curious as to how far this can go on before he explodes from tension alone.

“This time I want you to open your mouth and stick your tongue out. You’re going to take him in your mouth. Let me guide you. Do you trust me?”

“Yes.” I say softly and even though I’m not facing her, I know that Kate is smiling with satisfaction.

I used to wonder why Kate was so nice to me. She took me under her wing from the start, never questioning why I wanted in the club or my intentions with Ethan. She spoiled me and kept me close. I don’t need to wonder anymore. This whole time Kate has been earning my trust. She’s also been molding me for this. If I didn’t trust her then I wouldn’t be letting her control me like this. She knew what she was doing from the start. All along this was her ulterior motive. It worked so well that I trust her a little more than I do Ethan.

I open my mouth and let my tongue fall out. Kate grips my hair and eases me forward. Ethan’s thick member slides into my mouth. I think Kate is going to stop, but she doesn’t. She keeps easing me forward and I close my eyes as the tip of his cock tickles the back of my throat. I relax my throat and let him slide further back. Ethan hisses and curse words fill the room as well as softly moans from Kate watching her little protégé deep throat a dick.

“Fuck her mouth, Asher.” Kate commands and just like that, Ethan begins moving in my mouth. He slides into my mouth so easily and soon saliva begins dripping down my chin and off of his member. It’s nice to say that my mouth isn’t the only thing dripping. My pussy is so wet, Ethan could slip right into me right now. I fight back the urge to let my fingers slide between my legs because Kate hasn’t instructed me to. Hopefully, she doesn’t plan on driving me crazy like she’s doing Ethan.

As he continues gently thrusting into my mouth, my gag reflex catches up with me and I choke a bit. Ethan pulls out of my mouth and I catch my breath as Kate smooths my hair down like a pet.

“Good girl.”

With saliva now dripping from my chin and down between my breasts, I feel oddly happy that Kate is proud. I look up at Ethan and his he’s taking deep breaths as he stares down at me.

“So fucking beautiful, baby.”

“Thank you.” I smile.

“Now, turn to me, little one.”

On my knees, I turn around and see Kate smiling down at me.

“I want you to taste me, sweet girl. You’ve made me so wet and proud of you. Now I want you to taste just how you make me feel.”

My blood turns hot and begins rushing through my veins as I watch Kate pull up her short dress to reveal that she’s wearing crotchless panties. Holy fuck.

I gaze at her smooth pussy lips and my mouth water as the thought of slipping my tongue between her lips. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Ethan undress and sit on the bed as a spectator. His dick is hard and still glistening from all the spit I got on it. He wraps his fingers around himself and starts slowly stroking his length.

Kate runs her fingers through my hair bringing my attention back to her.

“You may begin, little one.”

Without hesitation, I lean forward and my tongue exits my mouth, sweeping between her wet lips. I feel her already swollen clit brush across the tip of my tongue. Kate gasps softly and her fingers lock into my hair, pushing my mouth against her.

I begin lapping up her juices, sucking and slurping her up bit by bit. Her legs almost buckle a few times, but she manages to hold herself up. It doesn’t take long to feel her pussy pulsing against my tongue and she moans uncontrollably, letting herself fall apart unlike the Ethan, who is still holding out.

I continue licking and sucking, wanting to get a little payback in Ethan’s honor. I grab her hips, holding her against my mouth and she begins yelling out.

“Fuck! Fuck! No more!” She begs, but I keep going.

When I dart my tongue inside of her, her hips buck against my mouth and she pulls my hair tightly, almost painfully as she comes again.

This time when she pulls my hair, I let her, releasing her hips.

Out of breath and with a tight jaw, I look up at Kate and she stares down at me.

Suddenly, her hand comes up and slaps me across my cheek. It doesn’t hurt at it. If anything it just tingles a bit, but none the less it shocks the hell out of me. Leaning down, she grips my chin and tilts my face up to look at her.

“You dirty fucking slut.”

She smiles softly and her lips press into mine, kissing me hard and hungrily. She helps me to my feet and guides me over to the bed, where Ethan looks like his head is about to pop off from what he just saw.

“On the bed, little one. It’s time for Ethan and me to play with our pet.”

I do as she says and when I’m flat on my back, Ethan takes over, gripping my ankles and pulling my legs apart. Far, far apart until my feet are pointing to a corner of the bed. Kate reaches down and reveals Velcro retrains. She wraps one around each of my ankles and Ethan does the same to my wrists. Something like this would usually make me very nervous, but right now I’m just so damn turned on and ready for whatever they have planned for me.

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