Pleasing the Boss

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Chapter 39

Friday night, Ethan and I hit up a snazzy Italian place before going to the club. He says it’s his idea of date night since we’ve never really had one and we’ll be at the club as a couple. I agree though. Why not add a little romantic flare to our kinks?

We eat, we drink wine and we just talk about whatever comes to mind. For the first time since ever, I feel like an actual person in a relationship. With the wine pouring, I start feeling a little buzz going on and it makes me want to jump Ethan from across the table. I think he senses it too, because he keeps asking if I’m feeling okay and all I can do is smirk at him.

He can feel the sexual tension oozing off of me.

Once our dinner is done, I’m about ready to skip the club all together and just take this back home, but I actually want to go to the club tonight. I want to be by his side as HIS play toy. Not Kate’s. She had me enough and I’m not even with her.

In my apartment, I quickly strip and just in the shower to freshen up. I don’t bother washing my hair because I plan on putting it up in a neat bun for the evening. As I’m washing the soap off my body and running my slippery fingers between my thighs, excited seeps into my veins. I can’t wait to see what tonight has in store for Ethan and I. I remember him fucking me wild in that hall when he found out I was there. Despite it being on bad terms, I’d love to have that feeling again. A feeling of forbidden lust and the naughty feeling that I’ll get caught by someone at any moment.

Just the thought of it all makes me want to get myself off, but I’ll leave that up to Ethan.

All clean and completely turned on, wrapping my dripping body with a towel. I wipe the steam from the mirror just enough so that I can see my own face. Removing the clip from my hair, I run the brush through it before pulling it up onto the top of my head. With thick hair like mine, my buns are usually big which is what I love. I don’t need to use one of those sock buns or bun shapers you get from the dollar store. Applying a handful of bobby pins, I pull a few strings out to frame my fair and after a few seconds of hairspray, I’m done.

I decided that I don’t want to bother with much makeup tonight. I want to look fresh faces being the mask Ethan says he’s going to bring me. I apply a little pew of clear gloss to my lips and a bit of eyeliner and light gold eyeshadow before being done with that.

By the time i’m ready to get dressed, most of my body is pretty much dry so I let the towel fall to the floor before heading back into the room to find something to where. However, once I exit the bathroom, a black box on my bed catches my eye. I immediately think of Kate and it sends an uneasy feeling over me the same way her perfume gift made me feel which is why it remains untouched on my bathroom counter. The feeling fades quickly when I see the note on the box has Ethan’s name on it.

Ethan bought me something to wear tonight?

Giddy with excitement, I open the body and pull out the outfit. Instantly, I’m floored. Instead of all the black Kate used to provide for me, Ethan’s outfit is the completely opposite. I pull out a silver lacey corset a matching thong and sheer lace fingerless gloves. I lay that out and under it is a silk navy blue, quarter sleeve wrap around dress. I expect the box to now be empty, however, perfectly. Maybe it’s because Ethan actually knows me so well.

Quickly, I put everything on and it’s when I’m fully dressed, I realize I don’t have a mask. Turning back to the box in panic, I turn it over, emptying out all the paper and that when I see a small silk bag fall out. I open it and see that it’s a silver lace mask. Phew.

A little before it’s time to go, Ethan comes over and he’s wearing one of his regular black suits.

“You aren’t going to match me?” I ask as I slip my feet into the heels.

“No, dear. I want you to be the center of attention. I grew ever so tired of Kate dressing you like everyone else when you are anything but. I had this order a few days ago and expedited here in time for tonight. Do you like it?”

“I love it. It’s sexy and cute and everything that I am. I felt all the black was getting a little old too. Everyone is going to be staring at me.”

“Exactly. They can look, but they can’t touch. Baby.”

Stepping to him, I rest my hands on his shoulders and smirk.

“So who can touch me?”

Without missing a beat, his hand slides under the silky material of the dress and runs his fingers over the lacy covering my pussy. A shiver runs down my spine and I moan. The air in the room thickens with lust and wanting.

“I’m the only one who can touch. Only me.”

“Only you.” I repeat.

“Good girl.”

A part of me lives it when he says that and can’t wait for him to say it more.

“Come baby, the car is waiting.”

I nod and grab my keys and clutch before heading out. I would’ve crabbed my phone, but there’s no point. It’s not like I can use it in the club. Rules and all.

Downstairs, I see the Ethan has traded in the usual SUV with a limo for the night. The driver opens the door and a woman walking down the street stares at me. I give her a small smile and she blushes. Do I have that effect on people right now? I’ve never made anyone blush in my life. I’m starting to think this club is really creating an alter ego for me. A woman who’s sexy and confident. I can be someone who at the snap of my fingers can have men and women falling at my feet willing to do whatever I want. I like that.

In the limo, Ethan pours us some wine as the driver heads towards the club. For some reason with this new found sexiness I’m feeling, I can barely keep my hands off Ethan. I brush my fingers over his tight as we talk and when he makes me laugh, my hand slides closer to his already throbbing cock. I could straddle in right now in this limo, but all the fun shall have to wait.

Ethan too seems to be feeling the sexual tension in the air seeing has his hand won’t stop slipping under my dress. His warn hand caresses my thigh and every few moments he kisses my neck while whisper how sexy I look. I mention that maybe we should roll up the partition so the driver can’t see us, but Ethan says he wants the driver to see how sexy I am.

Deep down Ethan just wanted people to be jealous that he has me.

When we’re getting closer to the club, my panties become wetter with anticipation and the sight of Ethan’s hardness straining through his pants. If he whipped it out and told me to suck it right here, right now, I would.

“So what should I expect tonight?” I asks as I down the last but of wine in my class.

“Like you said, light and fun. Nothing serious. No rooms or anything. We’re just going to mingle and have fun. If we just so happen to give people a little shoe then it’ll come naturally and not planned. I want this to be something fun for the both of us. It shouldn’t be a requirement or a planned thing. You made me realize that I was treating this too seriously for all the wrong reasons.”

I can’t help but smile and kiss him. Fun is all I’ve ever wanted out of this club experience. I didn’t like feeling as if the club was like a scheduled function or a meeting. It shouldn’t be something that I dread. This club is deliciously sinful and I want part of it.

“Light and fun sounds very good.” As the car comes to a stop, I rub my hand over Ethan’s bulge and he groans as he grabs my wrist, gently.

“I’d fuck you in this car in a heartbeat.”

“Mmm, let’s not rule out the option. We still have to ride home.”

“Fuck, I don’t know what’s gotten into you, but I like it.”

I don’t get to respond because the driver opens the door and helps me out.

I wait for Ethan and when he locked his fingers in mine, we head to the side door. Ethan gives the door man the code word and the heavy door opens for us. After checking our things, we head to the lobby as we do every weekend. I don’t expect anything much from the first floor other than people who pay big bucks just to sip expensive alcohol and mingle for business purposes.

Entering the room however, a lot of eyes immediately find me. Men start ignoring their women companions to stares. Women start scrunching their noses in jealous distaste. I love it. I used to dread this sort of attention, but this Thea is completely drinking it up.

“Everyone in this room either wants to be you or fuck you.”

“Well, they better eat their hearts out.” With that being said, I reach at my side and pull the tie on my wrap around dress. When it loosens, it falls open like a silk robe, giving the whole room a few of my lacy corset and matching panties.

Eyes bulge and waves of gasps fill the room. It turns me on to say the least.

Turning to look at Ethan, his eyes scan over me and he groans.

“Care for something to drink?”

“Sure,” I smile. “Make it strong.”

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