Pleasing the Boss

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Chapter 40

After giving everyone a little show while in the lobby, I let Ethan get me intoxicated enough to ensure that my sexual alter ego stays for the rest of the night. After a few Tequila shots and a potent long island iced tea for me and Whiskey and Bourbon for him, we finally head upstairs.

Ethan holds my hand as we make our way up the stairs and down the red lit hallway. As we get closer, I can hear the deep thud of bass from the music playing mixed with my heels clicking against the marble floors. When Ethan reaches for the door, I feel the gust of sexual air hit me.

I walk past Ethan while he holds the door open, his eyes scanning over me light a tiger hiding in the bushes watching his unsuspecting prey. The only difference is, I know what I’m doing to him. I’ve never been good at the art of seducing, but it seems as though I’m pretty good at it.

On the second floor, there are bodies everywhere. Some are at the bar, some in the corner, and some against the wall. All are sexual beings ready to let out their deepest darkest sexual fantasies. Behind me, Ethan sets his hand against my lower back, leading me across the room to an empty section in a dark corner. As we’re walking eyes fall on me and it’s like I’m being caressed by a hundred hands. My eyes scan the room and when they flicker over a dark corner, I have to take a double take. I swear I saw someone standing there, but the corner is dark and empty. I blame the lighting and brush it off.

We sit down and I cross one leg over the other, letting the silk robe fall open to show off my thighs. Immediately, Ethan’s hand lands on my upper thigh. He’s establishing his ownership. I suppose he doesn’t want to give anyone the idea that they could possibly have a chance with me.

The deep sultry music playing in the room makes me want to straddle Ethan and grind on him until he explodes, but I maintain my composure. I don’t need anyone else knowing that I’m as turned on as they are. I want them to think I’m unaffected by their lustful stares. The truth however is, my panties are damn near drenched. I can imagine Ethan eating me out with my juices spilling down his chin as he fights to lap of every drop. I imagine everyone around watching him, wanting to have a taste of me.

Holy shit, I’m horny.

Clenching my thighs together, it draws Ethan’s attention and he leans into me.

“You okay?”

I nod and smirk.

Taking his hand, I slip it between my legs slightly so he can feel the dampness. When he does, his stare darkens. His hand is about to slip deeper between my legs when a figure appears in front of us. When I look up, it’s a short woman with long curls, a charcoal glitter mask, and wearing a sheer black dress that shows off her naked body underneath.

She smiles coyly at me and a tall name appears behind her.

“It seems like my little pet has taken quite an interest in you. She was telling me how badly she’d love to kiss you.” He chuckles and I see the girl blush. Usually, if a stranger asked to kiss me, I’d politely decline, but this girl is the sexiest little mink I’ve laid eyes on.

I look over at Ethan and he nods, giving me permission to do whatever I chose.

Smiling, I reach out and take her hand, pulling her to me. Slowly, she sits down on my lap. I see Ethan scoot over a bit so he can look at the scene unfolding in front of me.

“Hi,” I whisper to the girl and she smiles.

“Hi. I’m sorry for interrupting you and your friend’s conversation.”

“It’s perfectly fine.” I giggle. “I’ve never had anyone come up and ask to kiss me before.”

“Really? I find that hard to believe. You’re gorgeous.”

“I was thinking the same about you. You have a beautiful body. I’d definitely do more than just kiss you. “

I watch her blush even harder and it makes me feel all giddy.

“You can kiss me whenever you’re ready.”

And with that, her hand rests on the side of my face and she leans in, kissing me gently. I lay my hand on her thigh and I feel her legs parts slightly. Is she giving me permission to do more? Ignoring that blurry gesture, I focus on the kiss. Her lips are softly and taste like some fruity drink from the bar.

When I breathe her in, she smells of roses. It’s an intoxicating aroma. That mixed with her sitting on my lap turns me on even more and I kiss her harder. She takes my lead and her tongue slips into my mouth. Hmm, not that shy, I see.

As we’re kissing, I feel her legs open even more and I decide to use that as a sure sign that she wants my fingers on her pussy. My hand slides up her dress and when my fingers slip into her folds, they are drenched. Slippery and warm, she feels like magic as I let my fingers caress her clit, slowly teasing her.

I hear her whimper against my mouth and her legs spread even more like an awakening flower bud. As turned on as she is, I don’t have to wonder if she’s open and ready. When I slip two of my fingers inside of her, they fit with ease. She gasps softly, biting my lip, rolling her hips against my hand. Her juices soak my hand as I fuck her faster. She pulls away slightly, moaning loudly, her forehead resting against mine.

“Kiss me.” I breathe out and her lips are back on mine faster than ever.

My fingers pump into her faster and I feel her contracting around them. Her moans get louder and I know she’s about to explode. I curve my fingers and hit her G-spot and suddenly, her body is jerking against mine. She pulls away from my mouth and yells out against my neck.

She continues to shake as I gently pull my fingers out of her. My whole hand is wet as well as my thigh. When she comes to, she sits up and her whole face is flushed. She gives me a weak smile.

“Looks like you got more than a kiss.”

She giggles softly and the guy that came over with her lifts her up.

“Looks like this little one needs some water and a snack.” He smiles as she rests in her arms, her head falling on his shoulder.

As they are walking away, she gives me a little wave and I can’t help but smile at her cuteness. When I turn to look at Ethan, he has this satisfied expression.


“That was so fucking hot. I loved how you took control of her like that.”


“Oh, yes. You could’ve easily stolen her away from that guy. You had her in the palm of your hand, though I’m not surprised.”

Shaking my head, I stand.

“I’m going to go freshen up.”

He nods and I head towards the halls to the bathroom. In the bathroom, I wash my hands and clean the girl’s juices off my thigh. I also freshen up my own area, ridding myself of some of the juices overflowing my aroused pussy. If I wasn’t horny before I most definitely am now.

When I’m all cleaned up, I check my hair and outfit before heading back out. When I open the door to the bathroom, a hand reaches out and snatches me down the opposite direction of where I’m trying to go. I want to believe it’s Ethan, but the hand is far too rough.

When I look up, the masked figure looks familiar, but I can’t pinpoint it.

“Let me go!” I yell, but the music drowns out my volume.

I push against the guy, but he pulls me hard. When I swing to hit him in the face, I knock his mask off. In the dim-lit hall, I gasp as Travis looks back at me.

“What are you doing?! Let me go!”

He ignores me, pulling down some blackened side hall. I put my hand against the wall, pushing away from him, but his grip is far too strong. I scream for help, but no one hears me.

With my foot, I kick up, hit Travis in the nuts and his hand leaves me, causing me to fall back against the wall, hitting my head.

“Fucking bitch!” Travis yells as he tries to come at me again. “I’m going to make you wish you hadn’t done that.”

When he reaches for me, I’m prepared to fight, but I don’t have to because Ethan comes out of nowhere, decking Travis in the face and he doesn’t stop. I watch as Ethan punches Travis over and over until some overly buff dude comes rushing in to pull him off. I want to ask where the hell he was 2 minutes ago when I needed help.

When he gets Ethan off, people are starting to gather to see the scene. On the floor, Travis is half conscious, bleeding from the nose and mouth. Ethan yanks away from the security guy and kneels down to me.

“Are you okay? Did he hurt you?”

“No, I’m fine. I just hit my head a little, but I’m okay. I’m fine.” I breathe hard, a little shaken by the incident.

I don’t understand why Travis attacked me like that. I don’t get it. He never seemed mean or overly rude to the point where I thought he’d be dangerous, but then again, I only had one date with him so I guess I don’t know him well enough.

When I look up at Ethan, he cups my face. I place my hand over his and sigh.

“I want to go home.”

He nods. “Come on, baby.”

He scoops me up in his arms and carries me away as I tuck my face into his neck to avoid stares. A night that was supposed to be fun is now ruined and I’ll never understand why.

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