Pleasing the Boss

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Chapter 41

“Why would he do that? I just don’t understand.” I shake my head as I lay in Ethan’s arms.

As soon as we got home, I jumped into the shower to wash the events of the night off of me. This night was supposed to my fun and it turned into a disaster because of Travis. I just don’t understand why he’d act like that. I’ve never done anything to provoke him to attack me the way he did. We only had one date and he seemed like a nice guy, but then again it was just one date. I didn’t really know him at all, but still, why’d he do what he did?

“I don’t know, babe, but he won’t lay a finger on you ever again. I’ll make sure of him.” Even though I’m not looking at Ethan, I can tell how angry he must look right now. The way he was beating Travis, you would’ve thought he was trying to kill him. Knowing him, he probably was.

I had such high hopes for this night. It was my first night with just me and Ethan and it was going perfectly. I don’t even know how Travis knew how I was there. How’d he even know that it was me behind my mask? God, there are so many questions I need answers to. It’s driving me crazy.

Groaning, Ethan runs his fingers through my hair before resting his chin on top of my head.

“Stop worrying about it. It’s over. We can ask more questions Monday.”

“Yeah, you’re right and I still have that sleep over with Anna.”

“Yes, so focus on that. Go out, buy some ice cream, junk food, and movies. You need to have some good light hearted fun.”

I nod.

“Yes, light hearted fun. I need that. I haven’t spent time with Anna like I should. She’s been nothing, but nice to me and I owe it to her to try and be a better friend. I’m excited about this. I have been to a sleep over since I was younger and it sucked.” I roll my eyes trying not to think of the horrible events that transpired at my first sleepover.

With that, I actually relax a bit. I don’t want to be all stressed about this while I’m having fun with Anna. In my head, I make a list of everything I need to pick up before it’s time. I need to text Anna and ask her what movies and snacks she wants. I sort of wish that I had other friends to invite to this thing. I could invite Kate, but that would be weird. She doesn’t seem like a sleepover type of person unless the sleepover comes with sex.

After lounging around on the sofa for a while, Ethan drags me to bed around 2am. Surprisingly, I fall asleep rather quickly when my head hits the pillow. I’m glad though, I didn’t need to be up all night overthinking the events of the evening.

The next morning, I wake to find Ethan still sound asleep. Usually, he’s up by now raiding my fridge for breakfast, but I guess since we’re in his bed, he’s sleeping more soundly. I roll out of bed slowly and head to the kitchen. While I’m looking for things to cook for breakfast, I turn on some fun music to wake me up. I’m not usually up before 8am, but I guess this is how Ethan feels when sleeping over at my place.

As I’m cooking, the events of the night still managed to linger on my mind. I mean it was quite traumatic so of course, I’m still a bit shaken up by it. A part of me wishes that I can ask Travis a whole slew of questions, but I can’t. If anything, I should be pressing charges against him, however, the thought hasn’t crossed my mind until just now. I guess, it just didn’t cross my mind at the moment because everything was happening so fast. Too fast to think about anything other than having Ethan come save me.

I’m slowly scrambling some eggs in a bowl, my mind lost in whatever wonderland it’s run off to and I’m so far gone that I almost don’t feel the two large arms of Ethan wrap around me. Flinching hard, I force a laugh and turn around.

“You scared me” I shake my head as Ethan kisses the back of my neck, softly.

“I’m sorry, baby. I shouldn’t have snuck up on you like that.”

“It’s okay. I was just thinking too hard.”

“Thinking about what?”

“Just last night. Do you think I should press charges?”

Ethan doesn’t say anything for a moment and when he clears his throat, I know something is wrong with my suggestion.

“Um, I don’t mean to sound insensitive, Thea, but pressing charges would mean outting the club and the people in it.”

His words hit me like a punch to the gut.

“You mean, outting you.”

“Yes and yourself.”

I want to be angrier about this, but for some reason, I’m not. I understand that the club is a secretive place and the privacy of the guests are important, but should I let Travis get away with assaulting me for the sake of privacy?

“What if he tries to do it again? Do I just keep letting it happen, because if that’s the case then I don’t want to go anymore? If your privacy is more important than my safety then...I don’t know.”

Ethan turns me around and looks me in my eyes.

“Thea, your safety is my first priority. I’m so sorry. I’m sorry I even made you think for a second that it’s not.” He shakes his head as if he’s completely ashamed of himself.

“So what are we going to do?”

Ethan takes a moment to think.

“I have a high power lawyer friend from the club. I’ll give him a call and have him get a restraining order out on Travis. I’ll have the club ban him for assault. He shouldn’t be welcomed in there anymore.”

Sighing, I nod. Those seem like good ideas. If he can’t come anywhere near me then I will feel a little better.

“Okay. Thank you.”

He kisses my forehead and smiles.

“I just want you to be okay, baby. Club or not, you’re my main focus. If you’d like to talk to someone, professionally, I can work it out.”

I scrunch up my nose. “Like a shrink?”

“Yeah. Sometimes it’s easier to talk to a complete stranger.”

“Hmm, no thanks. I think I’m good. I think this sleepover tonight will do me some good.”

Ethan nods and moves me over so that he can take over breakfast and I’m perfectly okay with that. I fix us some morning mimosas and while he cooks, I look on Pinterest for some good wholesome sleepover ideas for tonight. I’m actually very much excited about this and shouldn’t let the thought of Travis divert my mind from the good time I’ll have hanging with Anna. She deserves my undivided attention.

After breakfast. I steal one of Ethan’s shirts and a pair of sweatpants to head back to my apartment. I kiss Ethan goodbye as he gets ready for a morning workout. When I get back to my place, I take a quick shower and dress casually for all the errands I have to run today. In the spirit of a sleepover, I plan on buying candy, chick flicks, pizza, wine, and actual sleeping bags...with air mattresses of course. My back can’t take sleeping on the floor.

This sleepover is going to be fun and excited. At this point in my life, I need good innocent fun to balance out the dark fun I’ve been having lately. I just need to come back down to earth a little.

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