Pleasing the Boss

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Chapter 42

I spend the whole day getting ready for this sleepover with Anna. I get sleeping bags, junk food, ice cream, and a ton of movies to watch. To add an adult kick to it, I get some wine and miniature bottles of whiskey. Deep down, I feel like I’m being a little excessive with this, but I really just need to take my mind off of everything that happened last night. Travis doesn’t need to be on my mind and neither does that club. All I need right now is some good fun.

When I’m up to my neck with bags, I get door man to help me get everything out of the car and into the elevator. Once everything is packed it, there isn’t much room for anyone else which makes an older woman mad that she has to wait for the next elevator to come down. I really don’t care, she saw me come in with these bags, she should’ve beat me to the elevator if she was in that much of a hurry.

The elevator gets to my floor and Ethan is there waiting to help with all the bags. His eyes widen a bit when he sees just how much I bought.

“Jesus, Thea.”

“I know. I needed to take my mind off things and shopping helped. I want this to be a good sleepover for me and Anna. She’s so excited. She texted me three times earlier asking my opinion on pajamas.”

“You seem quite excited about this too.” He smirks.

“I am.” I bought two pairs of pajamas because I couldn’t choose. It was between the cute onesie or the silk shorts and tank top set from Victoria Secret. I think Ethan would appreciate the onesie seeing as it has a butt flap that unbuttons. I may have to save that one for him.

Ethan helps put everything in my apartment and even helps move the furniture out of the way so I can set up the sleeping bags. He decides to linger around for a while, probably not wanting to leave me alone to my own thoughts. I’m pretty sure he thinks I’m going to have long-lasting effects from being assaulted by Troy. In all reality, I just need to get it out of my mind. Ethan said he’ll handle it so it’s out of my hands. The club is being put on the back burning for now so that I can do normal fun activities with my own friend. This club is not going to control my life and I’ve made that perfectly clear to Ethan. I just hope he hasn’t forgotten that.

The day passes by pretty fast while I make Jell-O shots and candy platters. While I’m working in the kitchen, Ethan inflates two twin size air mattresses to put our sleeping bags on so that we don’t get stiff from the floor. I don’t know why, but he starts to get into it a little bit. He kicks off his shoes and turns on some music while letting up the girly decorations I bought. Maybe he has a lot on his mind too because I’ve never seen him do anything like this.

It’s quite entertaining.

At a quarter till 8, Ethan and I are done with everything. The pizzas have been delivered and the snacks are all set up. After kissing me goodnight, Ethan leaves, saying that he’s going to round up some of his “normal” friends and have a poker night. I’m happy he wants to hang out with people who aren’t associated with the club. Sometimes we just need good wholesome normal fun to clear our minds.

Before Anna comes, I jump in the shower and clean up before putting on the silk short set. I already own a pair of thigh-high socks so I pull those on with some pink bunny slippers I got while out today. I haven’t been this excited about spending time with a friend in a long time. Anna has always been there for me though and I didn’t give her the time in the beginning because I was all caught up in the club life. Now the club isn’t so important and I really just need a friend. I thought that would’ve been Kate, but she had her own motives and just being my friend wasn’t one of them.

As I’m pulling my hair into a high ponytail and straightening my little mouse ear, yes, I bought mouse ears, I hear a knock on the door.

I damn near run to answer it and when I do, Anna and I both squeal.

“Your pajamas are so cute!” I yell as she twirls around in black silk pajama pants and a matching tank top similar to mine, but hers shows her midsection.

“So are yours!” She throws her arms around me and I close the door with my foot.

I rush over to the sofa and grab her pair of kitty ears. She immediately puts them on.

“I’m so excited about this. I haven’t had a sleepover in years.”

I smile as I walk over to the kitchen counter to grab two Jell-O shots.

“Me either.” I pass her one of the shots and we both squeeze them out of the little cups into our mouths.

Anna’s nose scrunches up. “Damn girl, how much vodka is in these.”

“A lot.” I clap my hands.

Getting the sleep over started, we do a little gossip as we eat pizza on our beds for the night. She tells me about a guy she’s been dating and I give her juice details about Ethan that don’t involve the club. I’m itching to tell her everything, but I’m nervous about how it’ll go.

We continue through the night, singing to music and even rapping, badly. With the alcoholic drinks and candy platter, we get buzzed with a side of sugar high. Like teenagers, we play a few games and make a few prank calls. I prank call Ethan and when he answers, I hear guys in the background.

“Hey, baby.”

“Excuse me, sir,” I say in a low manly voice. “I have your girlfriend and if you want her back, you have to yell, I have a little dick really loudly.”

Ethan chuckles into the phone.


“If you want your precious super-hot girlfriend back you’ll say it.” I fight back giggles as Anna and I listen on speaker phone.

Suddenly, I hear. “I HAVE A LITTLE DICK!”

Anna and I fall over laughing and we hear laughing from Ethan’s side of the phone.

“Can I have my girlfriend back now?”

“Yes, yes, you may,” I say in a normal voice.

“Are you having fun?”

“Yes, so much fun. Are you?”

“Yeah, I am. It’s been a long time since I hung out with my college buds.”

“Good. I’m glad. Now go back to your friends. I love you.”

“I love you too, baby.”

When I hang up, Anna starts laughing again.

“That was so funny!” I can tell it tickles her to hear me talk to Ethan like that seeing as he’s always so serious at work.

After a few more prank calls and a lot more Jell-O shots, Anna and I start playing tipsy truth or dare. It starts off innocent with yelling down the hall and talking about your first kiss, but then it gets a little R rated.

“Truth or dare?” Anna asks.

“Hmm, dare.” I wink.

“I dare you to….do a body shot off of me.”

My eyes widen. Well, that took a rather girl on girl turn, not that I’m complaining. Anna’s hot, but I didn’t think she’d be into anything like this. If she’s down then I’m done. I grab a little bottle of Tequila, salt, and a lime from the kitchen before returning to the living room where Anna is now lying on the floor her shirt is and her little body is smokin’.

Dropping to my knees, I pour a little Tequila on into her belly button and some salt on my hand. She takes the lime wedge and puts it in her mouth.

Quickly, I do the shot out of her navel and she giggles softly. When I’m taking the lime from her mouth, our lips touch and it sends a little jolt through me. Calm down, Thea.

Anna looks up at me and just giggles softly, but I can tell she’s feeling it too. So much for our wholesome sleepover. I’m starting to think I have a girl problem.

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