Pleasing the Boss

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Chapter 44

The next morning after Anna leaves, I clean up which mostly involves throwing away pizza boxes and liquor bottles. You’d think I had a full blown party here. I had fun though, more fun than I thought I would. For once, I was doing normal activities with a normal friend. The only downside is that normal friend now wants to participate in my not very normal activities. I want to keep thinking that that place wouldn’t be right for her, but it’s not my place. Anna told me to ask Ethan about it and I will. I just know he won’t like it. He’s going to scowled me and I might like it.

Once my apartment resembles one of an adult, I hop in the shower. I expect today to be an easy peasy Sunday to reset for the week. Lord knows I need it. I take the time to turn on a little music and prance around naked for a while before putting on a dress. I pull my hair into a ponytail and as I look in the mirror, I smile at how much it’s grown in a short time. As I’m looking at myself, I hear someone knock on the door. I don’t bother going to answer because when I hear the lock turn, I know it’s Ethan.


“In here,” I say back as I’m cutting the light off. I walk to the living room and find Ethan sitting on my sofa with a mimosa in his hand.

“I fixed that for myself.”

“Finder’s keepers.” He smiles as he takes a sip.

Rolling my eyes, I straddle him while he’s drinking it. His eyes lock on mine and I smile, sweetly, wrapping my arms around his neck.

“How was the sleepover? Any fun and sexy things happen?” He winks and I slap his shoulder.

“Pervert. Nothing explicit happened. I did a body shot off of her, but that’s about it.”

“A body shot off of one of my employees. Why didn’t i get a video of this?”

“Because there were no boys allowed, but...I did sort of tell her about the club.”

The glass stops short of his mouth and he looks at me.


I scrunch of my nose.

“ she wants to come to the club.”

As suspected, Ethan goes from easy laid back guy to bossy up tight guy in a split second.

“No. Hell no.”

“I tried to tell her that you’d say no, but she insisted that I ask.” I shrug and Ethan shakes his head.

“I can’t mix work and play.”

“I know.”

I look away and I hear Ethan sigh.


I shake my head.


“Just say it.”

“Well, it would be nice to have Anna there. She’s a friend who’d be on the same level as me, unlike Kate. I mean, Kate was fun, but she was becoming too invested in me just being her play toy to show off. Anna would simply be a friend who I may or may not get to play with. She’s a little into me so it would be fun.”

Ethan looks skeptical and I don’t blame him. He would be risking an employee and a reputation by having Anina at the club. I mean what if she doesn’t like it or what if something happens like it did with me? You just never know. However, Anna has worked for him for a long time and if I stress to her about what to expect then maybe she’ll take this seriously. I just don’t want to ruin a good work relationship between the two of them. We’re all adults here though. All it takes is a good understanding between all of us.

Ethan sighs and before he can say anything, I move my hips a big and he groans. It takes me a second to realize what he’s groaning about, but I figure it out when his eyes darken. I raise an eyebrow and when I move my hips again, I feel a small bulge growing under me. I might be able to make this work to my advantage.

“You like that?”


“Hmm,” I smirk

I lift my skirt up a little higher, giving him a peak and my pink lace boy shorts. I look down and see his manhood growing beneath me. I look up and him and grind my pelvis over his hardened cock. Ethan places one hand on my bare thigh and I start slowing grinding against him. The sensation turns me on and I know it’s affecting him.

“I think you should say yes to Anna coming to the club. Wouldn’t you love to just sit back and watch Anna and me? Everything we’d do would be for you.”

I roll my hips again and a moan slips from my lips. I feel my panties dampen and it’s making me want more. Ethan is damn near squeezing the Mimosa glass to the point where it might crack if he gets anymore turned on. I know he’s thinking about it. I know in his head, he can see Anna and me kissing. He can visualize my face between her thighs. To have to women who work for him going at it must be every boss’s dream.

As I’m rolling my hips against him, his mouth falls open and he exhales slowly as if he’s trying to hold tight to whatever control he had before. I want to say that I have him in the palm of my hand, but it would be a total lie. I’m struggling, but I won’t let it show. If it’s one thing I learned from Kate it is to keep a poker face when you’re trying to win no matter how turned on you are, but jeez I want to fuck this man.

Decided that I can conquer Ethan later, I reach between my legs and undo his jeans. It doesn’t take much effort to free his manhood, because it comes springing out like a hot rocket, ready to launch into my depths and explode.

In an unladylike fashion, I spit into my hand and wrap it around the head of his member before circling around it. Ethan’s head falls back and he groans, thrusting his cock into my palm.

“Fuck, you dirty fucking slut.”

I should take offense to that, but instead, it makes me wetter. I haven’t heard Ethan talk dirty to me in a long time.

“Mmm, do you want this dirty slut? Do you want me to fuck you?”

“Yes, baby.”

Now, I can negotiate.

“Then give me what I want.” I twist my wet palm around him faster and his hips jerk.

“Fuck! Yes, she can come to the club. Shit, just fuck me.”

I damn near cum right then from his aggressive tone.

I raise my hips and gently lower myself down onto his girth. I hiss softly as he stretched me open. It makes me realize that we haven’t been having sex much if I’m having a hard time taking him. That has to change.

When I’m full of Ethan’s rod, I begin to ride him, slowly at first then faster. Sometime between a few moments ago and now, he managed to sit the Mimosa glass down and now his hands are under the dress, on my ass. He squeezes tightly, moving me faster and harder. His grunts mixed with my moans, make the apartment full of noise. Full of sex.

It becomes too much to stay upright so I lean over and rest my head against the back of the sofa as I begin bouncing on his hardness. I yell into his ear and my nails dig into the sofa fabric, hurting my fingers, slightly. The familiar build of the orgasm I’ve been missing builds and just as I’m exploding, Ethan does too. He pulls me down so hard onto him, that he hits my cervix and the pain mixed with the pleasure.

Sitting there, panting, I turn my face into Ethan’s neck and sigh.

“I win.”

He chuckles softly as he lifts me off of his now limp manhood.

“I think we both did, baby.”

After we both tidy ourselves up, Ethan and I decide to go out for a bit since it’s nice outside and we’re freshly sexed. With a fresh pair of his jeans from my laundry and a fresh pair of panties for me, we head out on foot. As we’re walking hand in hand, Ethan decides to talk about the club.

“You need to have a good long talk with Anna about what’s expected of her. Just because you told her doesn’t mean she can go telling anyone else. This club is exclusive. guests are hand-selected by the members. They don’t just get in by asking and shouldn’t know about the club unless specifically invited. The only reason i’m being leisure about you telling Anna is because, technically, you’re a member. You passed the 3 visit probation.”

“Really?” I hardly even remember Kate mentioning a probation period.

“Yes, I filled out your paperwork for you. You’re a permanent member.”

“Wow, that’s neat. I’m not even as rich as half the people in there.” I snort.

“Technically, you are quite comfortable in the money department.”

I frown and stop walking for a moment.

“What do you mean comfortable?”

Ethan shrugs childishly.

“You’ve had a few bonuses deposited to your account. You know it’s very irresponsible to not check your banking account.”

“I don’t check because I know my over the top boss has it monitored. So Just how comfortable am I?”

“Currently, there’s about 15, 000 in your account.”

My eyes widen and without seeing it coming, I smack the crap out of his arm. Ethan jumps back and grunts.

“Shit, that hurt!”

“Good. Why is that much money in my account?”

“Because you earned it. You have had a lot of overtime hours and I’m the boss so I can pay you however much I want. Your health insurance and state taxes come out so it’s not like I’m being reckless.”

I don’t know what to say to Ethan. He drives me nuts. I don’t know what the hell to do with $15,000. What do I even buy? I barely even shop on a good day unless I just really feel the need to.

I relax my expression a little bit and just shake my head at Ethan. I can’t be mad at him for doing it. He is my boss, but it’s a little excessive in my opinion. I’m $15,000 richer than I was when I first got the job. I should be lucky and not complain. So I’m not.

“I think I’m the highest paid assistant ever,” I mumble as I take Ethan’s hand in mine again.

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