Pleasing the Boss

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Chapter 46

The next day, there are only two things at the front of my mind, what Anna is going to wear and what Kate has up her sleeve. One can be solved with a simple shopping trip and the other may end with charges being pressed against someone. I don’t know.

I try not to think about it too often though. I mean, she may not do anything. It may just be an empty threat for all I know, but then again, it’s Kate. Nothing she plans goes undone. I want to worry endlessly about it, but I don’t want Ethan to worry more than he has. He’s already talked to the people at the club and asked them to beef up security a bit which is comforting. He says they won’t be obvious. They will look just like the guests for the most part except maybe with more clothes. He also suggests that Neither I nor Anna goes anywhere without him with us. That includes the restroom. We are the only use the unisex restroom so that he can come in with us. That’s also fine with me.

However, the thing that made me raise an eyebrow is that he says we have to limit our drinking. That’s where I draw the line. Drinking is the only way I can really let loose at the club. A little liquid courage never did any harm, but Ethan says it clouds our judgment and we start to disregard our surroundings. He may be right, but I argued him down about it. I’m nowhere near being an alcoholic, but boy do I love a good long island iced tea. It never lets me down and it gets my blood pumping. He says I’m only allowed one shot and one tea.

What. The. Fuck. Talk about being a party pooper. Why can’t he just stay sober so he can watch over us? Yes, I threw that into the argument, but he says that he’s there to have a good time to and would like to have a nice buzz. Blah. Blah. Blah.

At the end of the argument, I had to agree to the terms or I’d be spending my club night in pajamas with a pint of ice cream and a bottle of wine wishing I’d agreed to the terms.

It’s whatever though. Either way, I’m going to have fun just from having Anna there with me. She’s so excited and it hasn’t died down one bit all week. I wish I’d been that excited when I first went. However, I’d been lying and scheming so instead of excited, I was just anxious as hell. I went through all of that trouble and ended up loving every minute of it…well almost every minute. The part where I got caught was pretty shitty.

After work, Anna immediately ambushes me so that we can go shopping for her outfit. I offered to pay since she’s my guest. Little does she know, I already had her mask made for her. I just have to sway her into getting something red. I, however, have opted for something a little more on the innocent side. This weekend I’m going with pink instead of seductive blue like last week. I want Anna to stand out more than me and when people her fire red mask and that red hair of her, they will fall to their knees.

When we get to the ever so expensive lingerie shop, I recognize one of the girls from the first time Anna brought me in here. Surprisingly enough, I also remember her name. Lola.

When she sees us, she smiles.

“Hello, ladies.” She beams, handing us their signature cute bags to put our things in.

“Hi, Lola.” I smile.

“What can I help you ladies with today?”

“Well, Anna here needs something new. I personally think she’d look good in red.”

Lola looks over at Anna who raises her eyebrow, allowing herself to be examined.

“I agree. Red would look devilishly sexy on you.” Lola nods and hooks her arm through Anna’s, dragging her away.

When they are out of sight, I start pacing around to piece together my outfit for tomorrow evening. I manage to find the cutest soft pink bra and panty set. Sticking with my sweet and innocent look, I grab some white thigh-high tights. For my robe, I find one in the same color. It’s not as long as my blue one seeing as it stops mid-thigh. It’ll definitely make my legs look longer though.

I make my way tom the shoe section trying to find something to match. I don’t particularly want to wear heels because like I said, I want to look innocent and plus after I need to take a break from heels before they kill my ankles and arches. As I’m looking, Lola suddenly appears out of nowhere.

“Need some help, pretty lady.”

“Yes, I’m looking for shoes that say “I’m innocent.”

Lola nods, slightly confused.

“Well, I think you should look more into our costume stuff. We may have something back there. Come.” She orders me and I follow.

She leads me back to the costume section. She searches around for a bit before apparently finding what she’s looking for.

“Here, these should do the trick.”

She holds up a pair of all white school girl looking shoes.

“This will match.”

I take the shoes and toss them into my bag.

“Thank you so much. You also seem to know just what I need.”

“Ah, yes, I remember the first time you were in here. How’s the vibrator working out for you?”

“Eh, haven’t been using it that often. I’ve been sleeping with my boss.”

Her eyes widen a bit and her cheeks turn rosy.

“That’s so hot.” She giggles.

I shrug.

“It has its perks. So where is my red-headed companion?”

“Oh, she’s in the dressing room. Everything looks amazing on her. What’s the occasion?”

I could and almost easily blurted out that we’re going to a sex club, but I bit my tongue.

“Passion party.”

“Oh, those are so fun. I’ve been to dozens for work and play.”

“I’m pretty excited about it. It’s Anna’s first.”

“She’ll have a blast.” Lola rolls her eyes and waves her hand.

“I hope so.”

When I get to the checkout, I see Anna making her way to me with a smile on her face. I can tell her excitement is really kicking in now that she has something to wear. The night is starting to come together. I’m happy that she’s excited. I want this to be an amazing night for her.

I pay for our things and we decide to go get our hair done just to pass time. There’s only one hairdresser I go to and I know she’ll be happy to see how much my hair has grown since I got some inches chopped off during my Ethan “break up” crisis.

When my every so loyal hairdresser Trisha sees me, she damn near hops out of her chair.

“My sweet baby is here. Oh and look at that hair. That cut did you a world of good.”

“Yes, I know. It’s grown back so fast.”

I watch as Anna takes a seat in an empty chair across from me and starts immediately talking to the hairdresser about what she wants. Trish without any other words takes me to the chair to get washed. I don’t even have to question what she’s doing. I know I’m in good that insurance commercial, but for hair.

I spend the next few hours getting a good wash, deep condition, hot oil treatment, and a blowout. The best relaxation is having a professional take care of your hair. It’s amazing and therapeutic.

When she’s all done, my hair feels so light and fluffy. When I run my fingers through it, it slides through my fingers like air.

“Oh, Trisha, once again you’ve amazed me with how good you are.”

“I know. I know. You make it so easy though. You’ve learned from your mistakes and haven’t done anything stupid.”

“Yes, ma’am. Never again will I even look at a $2 box of fake red hair dye. I don’t even remember what that girl looks like.”

I expect Trisha to laugh, but instead, she just smiles softly and rubs my shoulder.

“I don’t remember what she looks like either. You’ve seemed to have grown so much in the past few months. Every time I see you, you’re doing better and better. It makes me proud that I can help.”

“Thank you, Trisha. You’re the best.”

“I know. Now go on and pay the girl. I’ll see you soon.”

I say my goodbyes and when I finally see Anna’s hair, her red tresses are in big voluminous curls, flowing down her back. I’m in complete awe. If I had a hair crush, hers would be it.

We call a car to take us home and when I arrive at my apartment, I see someone that I would have never expected to see. I get out the car with my phone in my had, already about to dial the cops.

“What the fuck are you doing here?” I ask, looking at Travis pace back and forth along the sidewalk.

When finally notices me standing there, he rushes over me and me back away.

“Please, Thea, you have to believe me when I say that I didn’t mean to attack you. I swear.”

“Oh, then why the hell did you do it? I already know that Kate had something to do with it.”

“That’s what I’m here to talk about. I was contemplating coming up, but I was afraid you’d have me arrested.”

“Don’t speak too soon. What do you want?”

“Kate has something planned. I don’t know what it is, but it’s bad. She knows some pretty fucked up people. She told me that it’s some personal thing and that you hurt her or something. She isn’t in her right mind.”

While I’m listening, my eyes scan over Travis. He’s sweating and anxious and no matter how much I want to kick him in the nuts, I sort of believe it.

“Why are you telling me this? Why do you expect me to believe you after what you did?”

“I’m so sorry I hurt you. I was on some heavy shit that Kate gave me. I’d been drinking and she just had me in the palm of her hand. I swear, I’d never intentionally do anything to hurt you.”

The look of hurt and sadness in his makes me trust every word he’s saying, but I need to know all the facts.

“What all happened that night?”

“After I’d done the drugs she gave me, she started bitching about how you threw her away and how she made you. She told me that she needed to teach you a lesson. She hid out in the club and when you got there, she pointed you out and told me to catch you when you were alone and bring you to her on the third floor. I don’t know what she was planning to do though.”

The third floor is the floor for hardcore shit like whips and chains. I can only imagine what would have happened if he’d gotten me up there.

“Thank you for telling me. I appreciate it. I’ll let Ethan know. I’ll tell him you’re good, okay.”

Travis nods. “Thank you.”

After he runs off, I anxiously get to Ethan’s floor and bang on the door. When he opens it and see the irritation and fear on my face, his smile fades.

“What’s wrong?”

“We have a problem.” I shake my head and walk right past him.

I can already tell this weekend is going to be interesting and not in a good way.

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