Pleasing the Boss

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Chapter 47

On Friday morning, I wake up a little less excited than I’d been the whole week. Tonight is going to be more nerve wrecking than fun. After I got to Ethan’s apartment last night and told him everything Travis had said, he was both worried and angry. Angrier at the fact that I didn’t kick Travis in the balls for even approaching me. Then he was worried.

While I was there, he made a few phone calls to the people at the club and told them what was going on. They talked to me on and I confirmed so they said that they will be handling the matter aggressively, but discreetly. Their reassurance eased my mind a little, but not much. I just don’t understand why Kate feels the need to go this far. If I’d known she was going to be a little obsessive then I would’ve never reached out to her in the beginning.

She’s had her eyes on me from the start, but I didn’t know it. I was too blinded by this damn club. However, I can’t completely knock crazy Kate. She did open me up to a whole new side of my own sexuality. I’ve realized so many new things about myself because of her. So the experience wasn’t a complete letdown.

By the time I get up for work, I’m calmed down a little more. I know she’s not going to attack me at work so this is my safe place with files, meetings, copies, and bad coffee. Around an hour into answering emails and scheduling meeting’s, Anna comes bouncing in with a blissful grin on her face.

“Hey, girl.” She leans up against the side of my desk, holding a coffee mug with a kitten on it.

“Someone looks excited about something,” I say as if I don’t know that on the inside, Anna is jumping for joy about tonight.

Last night she texted me a picture of her outfit hanging up in the closet. I still haven’t given her the mask I had made for her. I know she’ll freak when she sees it. She’s my guest and I’ll treat her the same way Kate treated me minus the crazy.

“I am excited about something. The cafeteria is having pasta salad for lunch. Ooooo, aaahhh.”

I can’t help but laugh.

“Yeah right. You don’t even like pasta salad. I always see you picking out the salad parts and only eating the pasta.”

“Blah. Blah. Whatever.” She rolls her eyes.

“You ready for tonight.”

She can’t help but bounce a little. Leaning in, she beams.

“So excited! I was thinking about it all night. I barely got any sleep.”

Suddenly, Ethan comes in and when he sees us, he shakes his head.

“Back to work, ladies. I’m not paying you to sit around and chat.”

“Yes sir,” Anna nods, before giving me a wink.

When she’s gone, Ethan looks at me.

“How are you feeling?”

I shrug softly.

“I’m okay. Just a little anxious about tonight.”

“Nothing to worry about. You’re going to be fine. The club is on top of it.”

“I know.”

“Anytime you’re uncomfortable tonight, we’ll leave, okay?”

I nod and he nods.

For the rest of the day, I throw myself into work. I get up on files that weren’t even due until next week. In both scheduled meetings, I take more notes than I should and memorize the whole power point presentation as well as the chip on the front tooth of the guy speaking. I count the amount of polka dots on his tie and smile every time I catch him staring at me from across the table. Anything to distract myself.

Since I’m so ahead on work, Ethan lets me go home early so I can relax a little bit. On the way home, I ask the driver to stop so I can pick up a new bottle of wine along with a small pizza. I would’ve gotten ice cream, but I don’t want to slip into a food coma.

Once I’m home, I’m already two slices into the pizza. I put the wine in the freezer so I can chill a little faster as I start pulling off clothes on the way to my room. I think a hot bubble bath would do me some good.

As I’m bath is running, I light a few candles and dim some lights. With my semi chilled wine, I slide down into the very hot water and it’s almost like all my worries melt away. After about an hour, I hear my front door open and close. I already know it’s Ethan.

Moments later, he appears with a glass of wine.

“Hey, babe.”


He looks at me for a second before his eyes scan over the bubbles covering my body. Setting the glass down, he rolls up his sleeves before dipping his hand into the water. As I’m drinking my wine, I feel his fingers glide over my knee and up my thigh. Even in hot water, I get little chill bumps. His hand moves to my inner thought and I slowly part my legs for him. When his fingers slide across my pussy, I bite down on my lip. Every time he touches me, it’s the same reaction, instant horny.

Locking eyes on Ethan, his fingers brush over my clit a few times and my body trembles in the water. I want more than ever to fuck him right now.

“You like that?” He asks and I nod slowly.


His fingers circle over and over, causing my head to fall back in pleasure. The water sloshes around as my hips shift to grind against his fingers. He applies more pressure and I moan a little louder.

“Ethan, please.”

“Please what?”

“Make me come, please.”

“I will, baby.”

Just when I’m about to get off, his hand disappears from the water altogether. Frowning, I look at him and he smirks.

“Why’d you stop?!”

“Because I want you to be horny. I want you to be so turned on that every second is torture all night. Then when you can’t take it anymore, I’ll fuck the shit out you.”

I want to pout and whine, but instead, it just turns me on even more.

“I hate you.”

“I know, baby. Finish your bath, I’m going to get a slice of pizza.

He walks out and I sigh.

“Asshole.” I groan as I sink down into the water.

After bathing, I wrap a towel around me and put my air into those giant heated rollers so I won’t have to curl it later. Thankfully, my body is already shaved from when I showered this morning so I don’t have to bother with that either. I can just chill for a while.

Walking in the living room, Ethan is sitting on the sofa with my pizza, watching tv. As I walk y him, I gently smack the back of his head.


“Yeah, yeah, suck it up, baby.”

“I would’ve sucked you had you let me.”

I assume my words surprise him because he starts coughing as if he’s choking on the pizza.

“Fuck.” He coughs out.

I smile to myself as he turns to look at me.


“Yeah, yeah, suck it up, baby.” I laugh.

For a few hours, Ethan and I just sit around and chill. I try to put the pulsating coming from my vagina to the back of my mind, but it gets stronger by the minute. With Ethan sitting here, it would be so easy to just climb on top of him, but if he wants to play this game then I’ll go along with it. However, I’m going to make it just as hard for him.

Around 7, Ethan leaves to go get ready and I lounge on the sofa a little longer to watch tv. A part of me wants to play with myself to ease some of the tension, but I fight against it. If something happens tonight at the club then I hope Anna is ready to catch an eye full.

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