Pleasing the Boss

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Chapter 49

In the main room, I watch as Anna’s whole body comes alive with sexual energy. Much like the first time I came, I’m sure she feels a strong energy pulling her to do things she never imagined doing. Holding her hand, we all head to the bar for stronger drinks. I settle for a Long Island Iced Tea and Anna get s a Sex on the Beach. Regular serious Ethan gets a whiskey on ice. He says drinking dark liquor is like a slow release tablet, it works over time.

Around us, people are doing their usual thing. Hot bodies are moving together as one, feeding off each other’s energy. As I’m sipping my drink, I notice a couple in the far corner. The girl is straddling the guy, slowly riding his cock as his head falls back. At first glance, you’d assume she was just grinding against him, but if you look closer you can see his manhood through her sheer skirt. I tap Anna’s shoulder and point her to the couple. When she sees what’s going on, her eyes widen and she looks at me.

Are they-” I nod and a smile grows on her lips.

“That’s so hot.” She giggles.

“Just wait till you see the other room. It gets better.” I give her a wink and she bounces on her heels.

Behind both is us, Ethan puts his hands on our hips to get our attention.

“Shall we take a seat?”

We both nod and find a small both overlooking the room. Sitting between Ethan and Anna, I feel like I’m a sandwich to two sexual beings. I want both of them equally, but more so I want Anna. I want her to experience the awakening that I have thanks to this place. I slide one hand under the table and brush my fingers across her knee. I feel Anna look at me as my eyes scan over the people dancing to the dark alluring music. When she doesn’t object to my gesture, I slide my hand further up until my pinky brushes against her laced underwear. Deciding to do more, I also lay my hand on Ethan’s thigh. He reacts normally, but when I brush my hand over his bulge, I feel inhale deeply.

I could easily say that my sexual demeanor was much like Kate’s but this is so much different. I don’t feel like I’m owned. I don’t feel like I own anyone. I feel like I’m with two people I’m seriously attracted to. I’m not saying that I believe in polygamy, but if I did, I’d choose these Anna and Ethan. Though nothing has really happened with Anna and I, I feel a strong connection with her. In a short time, we’ve become so close. I want to know how comfortable Ethan is with this since he had his objections about Kate as well as Anna coming here tonight.

Leaning over, I brush my shoulder against Ethan’s.

“Can I ask you something?”

He nods.


“I just want to know if you’re okay with Anna being here. I don’t want you to think this is a Kate repeat.”

Ethan glances over at Anna who is sipping her drink and looking at everyone in the room as if she’s waiting for her turn to be picked to dance.

Unlike with Kate, Ethan doesn’t look conflicted or irritated by Anna’s presence. I guess that’s a good start.

“Baby, I just want to make you happy. You’ve made so many sacrifices for me when it comes to this club. Not too long ago didn’t see eye to eye with me about this club and it seems like all that has changed since Anna has come into the picture.”

I nod and think back to a time when I couldn’t understand Ethan’s infatuation with this place, but now, after learning everything about him, my thoughts have changed. Now I know that Ethan was simply filling a void within himself after losing someone special to him. After meeting me Ethan found what he was looking for and wanted to share this place with me. I understand how I’ve evolved by coming here and how much happier Ethan is now that he isn’t alone.

“It has changed. Being here makes me feel so much closer to you. Being here with her is something else. It’s nice to have a friend here who doesn’t just want to use me or own me. Kate wasn’t right, but Anna is. She’s my best friend.”

Ethan reaches up and nudges my chin with his finger, smiling softly.

“I enjoy you and Anna together. You become so playfully lively with her. I’m not going to lie, the both of you are tempting to me.”

I raise an eyebrow in the realization that Ethan is attracted to Anna. I don’t think he always has been, but recently his affections have come to the surface especially with her in the club with us right now.

“So you’re okay if something happens?”

Leaning in, he kisses me hard, his hand slipping between my legs. Skillfully, he pulls my panties to the side and slides two of his fingers inside of me. Not meaning to, I grip Anna’s thigh and she turns her attention to us. I lean back and glance at her. Her eyes flicker down and when she sees Ethan’s hand under my skirt, her eyes widen a bit in shock, but also arousal.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see a few people watching and it only turns me on more. Ethan’s fingers move faster inside of me and I dig my fingers into Anna’s skin. Her hand falls over mine and slowly, she moves in between her legs. My fingers feel her panties becoming damp from the up close visual she’s having. Leaning closer to me, Ethan whispers in my ear.

“Come for us, baby. Show Anna, how we do things here.”

Pressing his fingers up, he hits my g-spot and my legs begin to tremble wildly as I fall apart. With my hand still between Anna’s legs, I feel a small gush of wetness and I hear her gasp softly, pressing my fingers against her clit with her own hand. Feeling how turned on she is manages to turn me on even more. Ethan getting me off is simply a scratch to the surface. When I come down from my high, I hear Anna giggle softly. My hand brushes over Ethan’s bulge which is significantly bigger than before. I want more of him and Anna.

However, my thoughts are interrupted when a man appears in front of us.

“Excuse me, but I need to talk to you.” He addresses Ethan.

Quickly, he composes himself and stands.

“I’ll be right back. Watch each other.”

Anna and I both nod and when he walks off, I let out a breath.

“Wow.” I sigh.

I pick up my drink and take a large sip and Anna does the same.

“I never thought I’d see my boss and best friend like that.” Anna shakes her head and I think she feels conflicted about it. I’m about to apologize, but before I can, she laughs.

“That was so fucking hot.”

I can’t help but laugh as she bites down on her lip, running her eyes over my body. Right then I realized that Anna is not only my best friend but the one who I wouldn’t mind going down on night after night while Ethan fucks me...then her.

As I’m thinking about my naughty fantasy, Ethan returns with an unsatisfied look on his face.

“Kate was here.” He mumbles when he sits down and picks up his whiskey that is surely watered down by the melted ice.

“What happened?” I ask.

“They escorted her out. Everything is fine.”

I nod “Good.”

“Yes, let’s not let it spoil our evening. Why don’t we go show Anna what this place has to offer.”

Ethan stands, taking my hand. I grab Anna’s and we all make out way through the small crowd of half-naked and fully naked people. For the first time in a long time, I feel like this is the first time I’ve been here. The excitement and giddiness of it all spread over me. I have a strong feeling that tonight I’m going to experience feelings that I’ve never felt before.

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