Pleasing the Boss

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Chapter 5

“Okay, I think we’re done here” Anna chimed as she snapped for the woman working in the boutique. Rushing over, the woman smiled “Will that be all?”

All meaning the multiple stacks of shirts, skirts, dresses, jackets, jeans, and shoes either casual or professional that Anna picked out without even needing me to try anything on. When we walked in, Anna took my measurements herself to ensure that they were correct which slightly offended the woman working here, but of course they didn’t complain. They knew commission was going to be made today. The whole time I sat on a large black couch as Anna zoomed past me with clothes in hand, placing them in neat organized stacks. Every few minutes she would ask me to stand so that she can hold an item up to my body to assess, only to scrunch her nose and walk off again. I literally did nothing.

I’m more than sure that Anna is in the wrong profession. Stylist to the rich and famous is what she should be doing.

As the woman totals up everything, I can’t help but wonder what Ethan is doing. I know he is working on my apartment and I wish I knew how it was going. I’m trying desperately not to over think all of this or I’d end up in fetal position crying for his generosity. It’s beyond what anyone should do for an employee. Hell, even Anna said he never spent company money on anyone else in the company. No matter how pristine she is, she felt jealous in that moment. Of me? Nope, of the attention I was getting? Correct. Which is why I can’t quite figure out why she’s being so nice to me.

“$8,358.56 is your total” The woman chimes and I nearly projectile vomit in shock.

“Are you serious?!” I hiss and Anna looks at me.

“You needed a whole new wardrobe, Thea. What did you expect?”

Anna smirks as she pulls out a shiny black card, causing all the eyes of the store workers to widen and gleam. I pretty sure one of them just came in their panties judging by the moan I hear from behind the counter. Before leaving, Anna writes down my new address and requests all my new clothes be delivered within the hour. Rich people perks.

After spending almost 4 hours buying clothes, Anna takes me to yet another boutique, but this one was very different.

“Oh my God, Anna, no” I stop at the door as she opens it for me.

“Get your ass in here” She snaps her fingers at me and I bite my lip. “Anna-”

“Now, little missy.”

Sighing, I walk in and my eyes widen at how big this place is. From one wall to the other, is lingerie of every size, color, and fabric type. The sight of everything makes my cheeks warm and my eyes flicker from one thing to the other. It’s like the holy land of panties and bras. Jesus designed this place himself. His fingers designed each crotch-less thong and push up bra to perfection. In front of me Anna’s heels click over the floors as she grabs three store bags, handing two to me.

“Go for it. Grab whatever catches your eye. And if you need help, just come find me. Mama needs to update her own lingerie drawer.” I can’t help but giggle as Anna walks off with determination.

I however stand there like a lost cause. Taking a few deep breaths of determination, I push myself forward. I grab a ton of matching panty and bra sets in every color and style that catches my eye. It is time to put my sexy girl panties on and accept the fact that I’m an adult and I should feel sexy. Hell, I’m sexually active. None of this should even phase me. Although, the crotch-less panties do make me blush. They are clearly made for convenience. Quickie sex? Getting felt up under a table? Office sex maybe? The last thought crossed my mind before I can tame it. Office sex with Ethan? Shaking my head, I push the thought far far away. Never would I ever do such a thing. He has done all of this and I don’t need anyone thinking that I handed out blow jobs and desk sex for it.

When my bags begin to over flow with panties, a woman approaches me.

“Looks like you’re all full there.”

“Yeah. I feel like I’m missing something though. I’ve never bought expensive lingerie or anything” I shrug and the woman whose name tag says Lola smiles and holds up another bag

“Why don’t I help you? You have an amazing body and there are a lot of things you may like.”

Walking next to her, she grabs two silk robes in pink and black, placing them in the bag for me after I nod in approval. When we stop at a night wear section, my eyes lit up a bit at all the choices.

“Even when you’re sleeping, you should feel sexy” She smiles and I return the gesture.

“I suppose you’re right”

Lola helps me pick out nighties and teddies in a few different styles as well as some bath products they have. When we get to the back of the store, I notice a red curtain in a door way.

“What’s back there?”

Lola smirks “More of our raunchy items. Costumes, toys, things like that. Want to see?”

I nod before she can even get the whole question out. Lola leads me behind the curtain and the area is lighted more dimly than the rest of the store. The atmosphere is different too. You can almost feel sex, crawling over her skin. Sitting on tables are furry handcuffs and whips as well as blind folds. My eyes scan over the different types of paddles and spanking devices

“Jesus, Christian Grey could pop out of his pants in here”

Behind me, I hear Lola snort “Yeah, it’s a bit intense. Are you into it?”

“What? Kinky fuckery?” Lola giggles again at my endless 50 Shades references.

“A spank here and there is fine. Being cuffed is fun, but the intense stuff like being beaten just makes me cringe. I’ve never really seen it firsthand though.”

“I agree. I’ve tried it a few times with my boyfriend and it’s draining, but a little exciting as long as it doesn’t get too extreme.”

Lola and I pace through the private section and when I look down in the bag she is carrying, I notice she has placed some hand cuffs and a small paddle in the bag. When I look at her, she smiles, shrugging.

“I thought you might have been too shy to pick them up so I did for you.”

When we get further in, I begin to see a table of vibrators and dildos. Eh, what’s the harm in having one? It’s about time that I do, because I’m not having a lot of sex and living in this new apartment puts me a further from Greg. Reaching out, I run my fingers over a pick box. Picking it up, I eye it for a moment.

“Your opinion?” I look to Lola.

“The bullet? Not a great choice. The batteries die too quickly and it tends to get hot after a while. I suggest this little baby here as a starter.” She picks up another box with a picture of a pink realistic penis vibrator. Clearly my throat, I look at it for a moment.

“It’s so...cute?”

Lola laughs as she places the box in the bag. “You’ll love it. Not as good as the real thing, but still gets the job done”

After walking around a bit more, we leave the provocative section of the store and head to the check out. As I’m walking behind Lola, Anna catches me.

“Hey, I’ve been looking for you” I look down at the three bags of lingerie on her arm and smirk

“Apparently, you weren’t looking that hard. I was in the back with Lola. She was showing me some things”

Anna looks back at the red curtains and smiles “Mhm. I’ve definitely been back there. Get anything?”

“A few things.” I shrug as Anna looks at the bag Lola is holding.

“Oh, a few things, I see” Anna nods in approval as Lola walks behind the register to ring me up.

20 minutes and $3000 later, I walk out with two extremely large and noticeable black bags with the store name on the side. Anna has her own bags that she paid for herself even though she could have just had everything totaled up together. When I offered, she said she didn’t want to take advantage of Ethan. After putting everything in the trunk of the car, Anna tells me that we are finally heading to a salon to get my hair done. I don’t know why, but I instantly get nervous about it. I’ve never been in a high end salon and the thought of one makes me feel weird. What if the women that work there judge me for how horrible I look? I’d die.

“Anna, after my hair gets repaired, can we go to a more normal store. Like GAP or Old Navy. I need casual clothes and pajamas. I can’t go around looking like Barbie all the time.”

“Sure. I need a new pair of jeans anyways. You seem like an Old Navy kind of girl. Simple, plain, no offense.”

“None taken. So how long have you been working for Ethan?” I shift to look at her as she drives.

Her red hair flowing down her back and shoulder in loose curls. Her natural red hair out my box red to shame. Now that it’s later in the day, her makeup as faded a bit and I can see the freckles on her nose peeking through. She is the poster child for Gingers.

“I’ve been working for him for 4 years after I graduated college with the business degree I never wanted, I was promised a trust fund under the condition that I find a job. My dad got me the interview and Ethan hired me. We are sort of friends now. I can get away with more than his other employees. I started off as his receptionist then he interviewed and moved me up to a small business position which I actually like, but it doesn’t stop him from treating me like I’m his assistant hence him appointing me to take you shopping. I don’t mind though. Gives me a break from all those stuffy old men I have to meet with. It’ll be nice to have you in the office though. You’ll be his on call girl now”

“Nice. I bet there are a few people jealous of you”

“Oh, of course but I don’t care. They can talk about me all they want, but they don’t pay my bills”

“Very true” I smile and nod.

Anna’s confidence is commendable. I only wish that after time I can possess half of her positive traits. Growing up, I always kept to myself. Never had a lot of friends, always had a lot of bullies. My freshmen year in high school, my anxieties about friends kicked in after a group of girls invited me to a slumber party only to have me sit in the middle of their circle while they picked me apart bit by bit for an hour before I left sobbing.

After that they would stare at me in school and whisper about me. I ended up eating lunch in empty locker rooms instead of risking panic attacks. I even stormed out of my first class of sophomore year when the teacher tried to make me stand up and introduce myself. It was horrible. Now I’m basically and introvert with a side of reclusiveness, though they are one in the same.

“We’re here” Anna chimes as she parallel parks on the curb in front of the salon.

Getting out, I cross my arms and convince myself that this is a good thing. My horrible hair is going to have a pair of angelic hands repair the damage I’ve done to it. Afterwards I will look like a new person.

When we walk in, Anna gives over my name and the woman walks us to the actual salon section where there is an empty chair waiting for me. A blonde is standing there smiling.

“Hi, Thea, I’m Trisha. I’ll be doing your hair today. You can have a seat” Her proper tone sounds nice and genuine as I take a seat in the chair. Anna walks off and takes a seat in a salon chair and starts spewing orders about a simple wash and condition with a blowout.

“Well, let’s get your hair out of this bun and see what we are working with” She undoes my hair and I swear I hear her gasp.

“Oh dear I should pop you with this comb. What have you done to your hair, sweetie?”

“I tried to dye it read with a $2 box of dye. Trust me, I’m ashamed enough for the both of us”

“Thank God I’m certified. This is going to take some work. Let’s start with this color.” Suddenly, she hikes the chair up and throws a salon cape thing around me.

I sit in silence as she goes to work on my locks. Layer by layer, Trisha works her magic to restore my natural brunette hair. It actually becomes comforting to have someone have their hands in my hair. I’ve never had any of this done. My aunt offered to do my hair for prom, but that was before I told her that I wasn’t going. A room full of people seeing me in a dress for the first time? Never.

Trisha washes my hair and when I’m back in her chair, I start to feel like a new woman. I catch Anna staring at me and I frown. Please, let my hair look okay. When her eyes flicker to mine, she smiles.

“You are starting to look like you.”

“Good. I thought something was wrong” I breathe a sigh of relief

“Heck no. It looks great. Trisha she needs two inches off.”

“I was going to cut some anyways. That dye gave you some horrible split ends. Two inches will be perfect. You have long hair so I doubt you’ll miss it.” I sit still as her scissors go to work.

Taking deep breaths, I can only wonder what my hair will look like when she is done. I hope Ethan approves of it and slacks on the pony tails.

After an hour, Trisha cuts the blow dryer off and sighs “I am a miracle worker.”

“Um, can I be the judge of that?” I mumble as she runs her fingers through my hair. When she turns the chair around the face the mirror, I hold my breath only to let it out when I see my reflection.

“, you’re amazing!”

“I know I know.”

My hair looks like my hair again. My brunette strands flow down over my shoulders, no remembrance of that tacky red anywhere. I run my fingers through it and the softness flows through my fingertips. Anna walks up behind me with her own amazing blowout.

“You look amazing, Thea.”

“Thanks. I’m so happy.”

“You should be. Good things are happening to you. Soak it up, bask in it. Enjoy it as we leave if you want to go to Old Navy before they close.” Anna laughs and I hop out of the chair, hugging Trisha.

“Thank you so much.”

“No problem. Come back anytime and no more box dyes” She wiggles her comb at me as Anna yet again swipes the black card to pay and puts her total on her account. Definitely, no more box dyes.

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