Pleasing the Boss

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Chapter 50

Making our way down the hall, Anna holds my hand in anticipation of what she’s going to see when we get to our destination. I’m excited for her to get to the room where all the fun happens. I know my first time seeing people just openly have sex was breathtaking. I can only imagine what she’s going to think when she sees it. So far she hasn’t had any distasteful moments and I’m happy about that. It’s so easy to have an uncomfortable experience when you’re somewhere new, but Anna has embraced the club with open arms. If I’d known she was this openminded, I would’ve brought her much sooner.

With Ethan by my side, I almost want to push him against the wall and make him fuck me like he did the night he found out it was me behind the mask. Despite how horrid the night ended, that pounding went down in history. I may have to make him angry just to get sex like that again.

We notice the dim light at the end of the hall accompanied by light chatter from guests of all kinds. In the hall, I see people dressed in both revealing and tasteful apparel. There are women and men with chains and leather, but there are also those with simple shirts and tank tops on. This isn’t a place that will pressure you to be naked every time you come. It’s a place to expand your horizons. I can tell you now, mine have been expanded a lot since I’ve been here.

At the end of the hall, I let Anna walk in front of us and when she enters the large room, I think I hear her gasp. When I enter behind her, I can see why she most likely did. On the immediate bed in front of her, there is a threesome going on between two men and a woman. They are both penetrating her and she’s moaning loudly. I watch as they harmoniously slide into her and the same speed. Ethan comes up behind me and wraps his arm around my waist.

“Anytime you’re ready for that just let me know, baby.”

“Ha! Yeah right. You’d probably beat the guys face in before he can even slide into me. You are too possessive to let another man fuck me.”

“You’re right. I guess I’ll just continue letting women into our bed.”

His comment stuns me for a bit. He’s perfectly fine letting women into our bed and doesn’t assume that I’ll be jealous. I mean I wasn’t jealous of Kate, but she didn’t want Ethan. She wanted me all to herself and that made Ethan mad. What about Anna though. What if she ends up wanting Ethan to herself? Would I have to kick her out and ruin our friendship? Would Ethan have to fire her for having a huge crush on him? There is a lot at stake for having someone like Anna come into this. She isn’t used to sharing and not getting emotionally attached. I like her a lot and I just don’t want things to go sour over miscommunication.

“What if Anna wants to be in our bed?” I raise an eyebrow and Ethan gives me a questionable look.

“If Anna wants in our bed then Anna will have to say that.”

“You wouldn’t mind? She works for you.”

Ethan looks over at Anna who is still entranced by the sex scene happening right in front of her. His eyebrows furry a little as he thinks of all the things that could possibly go wrong in this type of situation. After a few seconds, he looks down at me.

“I trust Anna. I’ve trusted her for years now and she trusts us enough to be here.”

I assume that’s his answer to my question. I can tell Ethan thinks he should say no to this, but something tells me deep down he’s curious about the possibilities that could unfold between the three of us. He didn’t seem like this with Kate, but then again, he knew she was a user from the start which is why he wasn’t keen on her being around anymore. Anna is nothing like that. She just seems to fit into what we have going on.

When Anna notices us not marveling over the sex going on across every inch of the room, she comes over and takes our hands, pulling us over the bed where the threesome is going on.

“How can they just do that in front of people? I’d be so nervous.” She mumbles.

“When you’re caught in the moment, you forget everything around you. It’s easier than you think.” Mesmerized by it all, I feel her lean up back against me. I place my hand on her hip and he rests against me without realizing it.

I look up at Ethan and his eyes are scanning over Anna. He takes in her submissive nature before his eyes find mine. Inhaling deeply, he looks forward at the scene. With the essence of sex all around us, it’s hard for me to control my hormones. I want to throw someone on the bed and fuck them. I want to be ravished and controlled. The feeling is just overwhelming. I don’t know if it’s the alcohol or just my body craving another body, but my head his hazing as if I’m in a cloud.

Anna makes her way around the room, taking in everything. A few people look at us and just stare. I don’t understand why until I realize that Ethan is standing between us with his arm around both Anna and me. Together we look like a small power couple. Having people stare at me heightens everything I already feel.

Leaning over to Ethan, I stand on the tips of my toes to get to his ear.

“I need to leave.”

He turns with a concerned look.

“What’s wrong?”

“I’m so fucking turned on. I can’t even think straight.”

Ethan chuckles softly and checks his watch for the time before nodding. He leans down into Anna’s ear and I don’t hear what he says, but she nods.

When I look at his watch, I see that it’s well past 1am. Yeah, it’s time to go.

Ethan escorts us out down the hall he fucked me in that night. No is down the hall and the little bit of privacy drive me to do something wild. Stepping around Ethan, I grab Anna’s hand before pushing her against the wall. My lips slam into hers and she moans loudly. I expect her to be in shock, but her body language is almost like she’s relieved. With one hand, she presses it against my hip and the other slides down my breast causing my nipple to harden. I pull her little robe open and when my hands slide across her warm skin, I feel chill bumps on her. Behind me, I feel Ethan there, his hardness pressing against my ass. His hand moves my skirt up before pulling my panties down. I don’t know what he’s about to do until I hear his belt becoming undone. Seconds later as Anna is kissing down my neck, I feel Ethan’s cock against the opening of my soaking lips. In one thrust, he moves inside of me and my head falls back.

When Anna realizes what’s doing on, her hand slides between my legs and her fingers circle over my clit as Ethan fucks me from behind. My knees weaken at the two sensations and I plant my hand against the wall behind Anna to keep myself up. Opening my eyes for a split second, I see a few people standing at the end of the hall watching. I lean into Anna’s ear and whisper.

“We have an audience.”

Anna looks over and smiles.

Between the attention and being fucked, it doesn’t take long for me to explode on Ethan’s dick and Anna’s hand. Ethan follows, busting inside of me seeing as he didn’t use a condom. I could worry about that right now, but I’ll deal with it in the morning. It takes me a little while to get myself together and by the time I do, Ethan is already composed.

The people at the end of the hall chatter about what they just saw and Anna loves it. As we’re leaving, Ethan stops by the office and check in on the Kate situation and from outside I hear that she’s been banned from the club. I don’t hear the whole thing, but I hear something about personal information being compromised. I don’t know what that means, but I make a note to ask about it. I’m not going to fret about Kate. I trust that Ethan has it under control.

When he comes out, he has a frustration expression on his face but shakes it off when he takes my hand. Outside our car is waiting for us and we climb in. I’m a little tired from being thoroughly fucked. I look over at Anna and she is just looking out the window as if she’s replaying the whole night in her head.

“Did you have fun?” I ask and she nods very fast.

“It was amazing. I never knew places like that exist.”

“I’m glad you had a good time.”

“Thank you for bringing me.” Her eyes flicker from hers to mine and she opens her mouth to say something, but nothing comes out.

“What?” I ask.

She doesn’t come out and say it immediately and I wonder if it’s something bad. After a few seconds, she turns towards Ethan and me.

“I don’t want to cross any lines or anything, but I want you..... both of you.” The corner of her mouth turns up, coyly and my heart explodes.

She wants in our bed.

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