Pleasing the Boss

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Chapter 51

We get back to my place a little before 2am and I’m still a little drunk and a lot of horny. We asked Anna if she wanted us to drop her off at home, but she insisted on staying the night at my place. For some reason, I just know this sleepover is going to be a lot different than the first one was. The whole ride, she seemed blissfully turned on. Her hand never left my thigh and her lips stayed on mine while Ethan simply watches with interest. I know he’s a little hesitant about having Anna in our sex life, but I know a part of him is very curious about how this will unfold between all of us.

In the living room, I begin peeling off articles of clothing. These outfits are fun to wear, but after so many drinks, the accessories get a little bothersome. I definitely plan on keeping it simple next time.

When I look over Anna is doing the same as she stumbles around a little bit while kicking off her shoes, dropping her robe on the floor at the same time. On the outside, things would appear to be very normal, but on the inside, there’s a thick cloud of sexual tension looming over the three of us. Each one of us most likely waiting for the other to make the first move. I, however, couldn’t wait any longer. I have to have her. Going to the kitchen, I grab a bottle of unfinished wine and shake the bottle.

“I think we should take this to the bedroom.”

Anna smirks and comes over to me. She takes the bottle and slowly puts it to her lips before taking a large swallow. Some of the wine drips down her jaw so I take it upon myself to lick it off. Wrapping one arm around her, I drag my tongue up her jaw, tasting her skin mixed with the sweet concoction. With the other hand, I drag it over her breast, feeling her nipple harden under my fingers. My fingers grip over the edge of her bra, pulling it down to reveal the swollen nub. Anna moans loudly as the cool air hits her causing her nipple to strain, hardening even more. My tongue drags down her neck and chest before I take her breast in my mouth, sucking gently on the dark pink engorged flesh that is her nipple. I pull down the other side of her bra, doing the same to the other breast and it sends Anna into a moaning fit. I’d never heard a moan so intoxicating.

When I pull away, Anna’s eyes are as dark as I’ve ever seen them. She takes my hand and begins leading me to my bedroom. When we pass Ethan, I take his hand and pull him with us. As I’m doing so, he begins loosening his tie. I personally just want to loosen his pants.

In my room, Anna pushes me down on the bed and I can’t help but giggle.

“Mmm, I like it rough.”

She climbs over me and smiles with the bottle still in her hand.

“So do I. Open up.“She orders as her free hand grips my jaw firmly to hold it still.

I open my mouth and she carefully pours wine in my mouth. I gulp it down and when it’s gone, her lips come down on mine. She kisses me hard, sucking the wine off my bottom lip. I moan softly, sliding my hands over her sides, feeling her hot skin. With her hand still holding my jaw, it slides down and her fingers wrap around my neck. When she squeezes, I moan and my panties become flooded with arousal. Anna continues kissing me and this time she bites my lip.

“Fuck.” I moan and I feel her smile against my mouth.

I honestly would’ve never thought Anna was like this, but I’m damn sure happy she is.

I’m so caught up in what Anna’s doing to me that I almost forget Ethan. I lift my head up and see that in the dark room, he’s sitting in the corner in a chair. He’s laid back with one ankle over his knee. His tie and first few shirt buttons are undone and he’s just watching intently. If I didn’t know Ethan I’d think he was angry, but I know him very well. He’s simply observing the scene taking place in front of his as if he’s having his own private show starring two of his employees. I can tell by his eyes that he’s aroused.

I lie there and stare into his eyes as Anna pulls my bra down, freeing my strained breasts. When her hot mouth covers one of my nipples, I break Ethan’s stare, arching my back and moaning. Her tongue swirls over the swollen flesh and her hand slides down between my legs. She firmly palms my pussy through my panties and I wish nothing more to have the thin fabric gone. With her hand as I diversion, I am not prepared for the sensation of her gently biting down on my nipple until an electric shock runs through me. I yelp out, squirming against her hand and she giggles.

“I told you I like it rough.”

Smirking, I grab her wrists and in one swift movement, I’m suddenly on top of her, pinning her hands to the bed. When I look down at her, her teeth are latched onto her bottom lip.

“I guess I should return the favor.”

I let go of one wrist and grip her bra and with one hard tug, the material rips in the middle. Anna gasps loudly and I swear I hear Ethan moan from behind. I watch as Anna’s chest rises and falls hard as my hand slides down between her breasts, feeling her rapid pulse. Her silky skin caresses my hand as I drag it down her body. Over her stomach, I dig my nails into her skin and her hips buck under me. When the seem of her panties come to reach, it suffers the same fate at the dainty bra. I pull hard and the lacy underwear rips in my grasp. Anna lifts her hips as I pull the material from under her before discarding it on the floor.

I don’t completely understand it, but as Anna and I feeding off of each other’s energy, I feel more animalistic than ever. It’s like a natural high that I don’t ever want to come down from. It’s the same high I get when Ethan is plowing it me, growling in my ear, and squeezing my hips as I ride his cock. I never had this kind of feeling with Kate. All I ever felt with her was the feeling as if I was being own or controlled to the point where I didn’t really enjoy it as much as I could’ve if I’d been allowed to be a little dominate myself. However, Anna lets me top into my own dominant side and I feel my sexuality heighten. I don’t know what it is, but being dominated by either brings one feeling and me dominating a woman brings another. Both make me feel alive.

With Anna now naked, I spread her legs wide open so that Ethan can see her glistening pussy. Lowering myself between her legs, I lick and suck her inner thighs as she squirms and moans. I kiss around the destination, building her anticipation, but also driving her crazy at the same time.

“Please, Thea, please.” She begs and her sweet voice pulls at me.

RIdding her of her misery, I flick her clit with the tip of my tongue and her whole body jerks. I do it over and over both fast and slow as her whimpers grow louder by the second. Her hand comes down and tangles into my hair, gripping hard, trying to push my face into her wetness. Not wanting to fight it any longer, my tongue dives between her pussy lips and Anna’s thighs tremble.

“Fuck, Thea.” Her back arches and her words echo in my ear.

I can’t help but moan while I swirl my tongue around while lapping up her sweet juices. She tastes divine. Between licking and sucking, the taste of her drives me to ecstasy and my own arousal between to become too much. Thankfully, someone else in the room can sense that.

Behind me, Ethan’s hand appears on my ass and I feel him pull down my panties. When they are gone, he roughly tugs on my hips, raising them up in the air so he as a view of my soaked sex. I spread my legs for him and his tongue surprises me. His slides his fingers over my aching core, drenching his fingers with my juices. Suddenly, he slides two fingers inside of me and I nearly fall apart right then. I moan against Anna’s swollen lips as Ethan’s fingers fuck me, getting me ready for his hardness. He moves fast and digs deeper to the point where I’m so close to exploding all over his hand. I pull away from Anna’s slit, but a hand comes colliding with my backside.

“Don’t stop.” He orders and I slide my tongue back between her inner lips. With the way Anna’s body is reacting, she’s so close to coming, but I don’t want her too yet so I slow down. I take my time with my tongue. I suck slowly and her moans soften.

“Fuck, Thea, please.”

“Don’t come, Anna.” Ethan demands as his fingers also slow inside of me.

When they disappear, I’m both angry and relieved. I want to come slow badly, but I want to come on his dick.

“Thea, how does Anna taste?”

“So fucking good.”

“Kiss her and let her taste herself.”

Climbing up Anna’s body, I slam my lips into her and her tongue immediately darts into my mouth. She whimpers against my mouth, sucking my bottom lip as her own personal taste is mouthwatering. As I’m kissing her, I hear something tear behind me and I assume it’s a condom. I go to move back down when his hand stops me.

“Stay. Straddle Anna and lay with your chest on hers.”

I do as he says, not completely knowing what's about to happen. I sit on top of Anna and flatten my chest on her, feeling her heartbeat against my breast. The bed dips and I feel Ethan’s rod, touching my backside. His hand presses against my tailbone and with the other he guides himself into me. I let out a groan against Anna’s neck and her hands begin caressing my sides.

When I feel Ethan at my opening, my core clenches in excitement. My breath hitches and I almost want to beg for him to just shove it in. Luckily, I don’t have to beg because, in one swift thrust, Ethan enters me roughly. I bite down on Anna’s shoulder as he stretches me out, his rod filling me whole. It’s a mix between pain and pleasure and both sensations make me feel like the room is spinning.

He doesn’t bother wasting any time before he begins pounding into me sending both Anna’s and my body rocking together. Along with Ethan fucking me, my clit also rubs against Anna causing a bigger rush. Ethan reaches up and grips my hair as he slams into me harder and harder.

“Fuck, baby, take my dick.” He groans.

“Ethan!” I whimper loudly.

“Tell Anna how bad you want to come.”

Against her neck, I’m breathing hard.

“I want...fuck...I want to come so bad!”

She runs her nails down my back and moans.

“Come for him, Thea. Come for Ethan. Come all over his cock.” Her words cause my walls to clench around Ethan.

The friction on my clit becomes stronger and before I know it, I’m exploding so hard that my vision blacks out a bit. Ethan doesn’t stop until another orgasm rushes over me and my body starts trembling against Anna’s as she holds me.

When I begin to come down, Ethan pulls out of me and I wonder why he hasn’t gotten off yet. I’m about to ask when suddenly, Anna gasps loudly. I look down and her eyes are closed. Her nails are digging into my side and I feel her rocking slowly under me. It isn’t until she moans again that I realize what’s going on.

Ethan’s fucking Anna.

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