Pleasing the Boss

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Chapter 52

Still, on top of Anna, I watch her moan and gasp as Ethan’s slides in and out of her. I press my lips against her gently and her tongue sweeps over mine.

“Your boss is fucking you. How do you want him to fuck you?” I whisper in her ear and she whimpers.

“Harder.” She whispers.

“Tell Mr. Sawyer just dow you want it.”

She lets out a small giggle before it morphs into a moan.

“Fuck me harder, Mr. Sawyer.”

Ethan groans and suddenly, Anna’s body jerks hard and she scratches down my back, making his hiss is pain that somehow manages to turn me on. Ethan’s hand presses against my ass and without warning, he presses his thumb into a much tighter entrance. My head falls onto Anna’s shoulder as Ethan plows into her, thrust after thrust.

“Fuck!” Ethan yells out as his finger leaves me and slams down on my ass. The loud clap echoes through the room. I’m not even the one being fucked, but I feel so close to coming again. Deciding that I want to get off again. I grind against Anna. When Ethan sees what I’m doing, he approves.

“Yes, baby. Use her.”

I grind faster to match Ethan’s pace. Looking down, Anna’s mouth is open and she’s pink in the face and neck as she gets closer to getting off. I place my hand over her breath, pinching her nipple between my fingers, remembering how sensitive they are. Anna’s back arches and she yells.

“Fuck, Thea, I’m about to come!”

“Come for me, Anna. Come for me and Ethan. You’re ours.”

And just like that, Anna’s body begins jerking wildly and behind me, I hear Ethan grunting as he comes along with her. Still rubbing myself against Anna, I feel the build and I run for it. Closing my eyes, I move fasters under the Orgasm rushes over me. I yell out with my mouth pressed at Anna’s neck, her pulse thumping hard.

The room is mixed with heavy breathing and the aroma of sex as we all collapse onto the bed. Ethan falls onto his back, pulling the condom off and tossing it into the trash bin next to my bed. Having gotten off twice, I feel more drained than Ethan and Anna. My energy is gone and I’d just love a slice of pizza right about now. When I look over at Anna, she looks half asleep already. I look over at Ethan and his eyes are closed. I sit up and look at Anna.

“Shower with me right quick?”

She nods and I help her off the bed. We shuffle to the shower and I made the water as hot as I can without burning ourselves. When we climb in, the water cascades down on me like magic. Immediately I feel relaxed and rejuvenated. However, I know once I get out, I’m probably going to fall into a coma. As we’re washing our hair, I notice how blissful Anna looks.

“How do you feel?” I ask, just wanting to make sure she’s going.

“Sore. Ethan did a number on me down there.”

“Yeah, I can relate, but how do you really feel about everything?”

She thinks about it for a moment.

“It’s a little weird. A little overwhelming, but I don’t feel any kind of way. No regret or worry. I’ve known Ethan for a long time and he’s never let his personal life interfere with his profession. I trust him a lot. I trust you too. You both made me feel very welcome and comfortable.”

“’I’m glad.” I smile.

It’s a relief that Anna’s taking all of this well. It could have easily gone a different direction if she’d felt uncomfortable at any moment during the night.

“If this is just a one-time thing then I can say that it was the bed threesome I’ve ever had. Hell, the only threesome.” She smirks as if she’s a little embarrassed about it.

“It’s okay. I had my first threesome not too long ago. This one was better though. I like you a lot more than the last girl.”

Anna smiles and leans in, kissing me softly on the mouth.

“Thank you for letting me experience all of this.”

“No problem. It’s just nice to have a friend to have fun with. I love being with Ethan, but he’s so serious at the club and I like to play.”

“I see.” She smirks.

We finish getting clean and when we go back to the room, Ethan is already under my covers sleeping. Instead of joining him, Anna and I go to the kitchen a pull out a frozen pizza for a late night snack. We spend the rest of the night eating pizza and watching scary movies while cuddled up on the sofa. Around 4am, we both finally knock out.

The next morning, I wake to the sound of Ethan shuffling into the living room, groaning. When I look over, he’s walking by in a pair of sweatpants he left here. Stretching his arms over his head, he sees that I’m away and leans over to kiss me.

“Morning, baby.”

“Morning.” I whisper. “Sleep well?”

“Hell yeah. Yall two wore me the fuck out.”

I shake my head and look over at Anna who is still sleeping heavily, snuggled up against my side. Slowly, I move from under her and when I’m free, I place the blanket over her. I join Ethan in the kitchen as he pours himself a glass of water. After he takes a few sips and I take the glass from him, drinking some. When the water hits my tongue, it’s like heaven. I guess I was thirsty from all the drinking last night.

“Want breakfast?” Ethan asks and I nod.

“God yes.” I mumble, lifting myself to sit on the counter. “So, about last night.”

“Yeah.” He says while taking eggs from the fridge.

“How do you feel about it?”

“I feel fine. I trust Anna. She’s never giving me any reason not to. We all had a good time and if we should continue this then Anna can handle it.”

“So you’re thinking about it? Continuing?”

“Yes, and I know you are too.” He gives me a quick look.

“I mean, yeah, but what about our relationship. Wouldn’t it be weird or something?”

“Only if we let it. We don’t have to have Anna at our beck and call. She doesn’t have to be around like Kate was. It’s whenever we choose to include her that she’ll be included. We learned with Kate that we enjoy having fun with just each other just as much as we do with others. As long as Anna understands that then everything should run smoothly.”

I nod, agreeing with him. It’s all about balance in these sort of arrangements. I like Anna and Ethan does too, but we love each other and it’s important not to forget to just enjoy one another without anyone else around. I’m glad Ethan and I are on the same page as far as all of this. What happened with Kate was just her becoming too obsessive. What we have with Anna is a lot more light and fun. Hopefully, She’ll meet someone who she can attend the club with. Maybe we can double date and by date, I mean strictly date. I’m not trying to become a swinger. All this just makes me happy that Ethan and I are secure enough to occasionally bring someone we both like into our bed. Unlike before, we’re on the exact same page.

As Ethan cooks breakfast, I playback the events of the night and it almost turns me on all over again. So much that I almost want Ethan to fuck me on this countertop. I’m about to make my move when out of the corner of my eye, I see Anna’s head slowly rise. I hear her groan softly.

“Good morning, Anna.”

She groans again.

God, I feel like I’ve been fucked....oh, that’s right, I have.” She smiles from the living room and Ethan and I both begin laughing uncontrollably.

I think I’m going to like this little arrangement a lot.

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