Pleasing the Boss

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Chapter 53

At work that Monday, Anna, Ethan and I act as if nothing happened between the three of us over the weekend. Actually, it’s not really an act. We pretty much just go on about our days. It’s not like we were going to come to work and shout that we had a threesome. Neither of us is going to gossip about it in the break room or cafeteria. We’re adults and we slept together. It’s actually not even that big of a deal.

As I’m putting up some files in Ethan’s office, I hear him come in behind me, closing the door.

“How’s your day going?” He asks me.

Now, any other time I’d it would be a straightforward answer except this time I know there is an undertone to the questions. He’s trying to see if I’m handling the threesome okay now that we’re back to reality.

“My day is going swell. Had a big lunch. Got a lot done.”

“Good. I’m glad. Seen Anna any?”

“Uh, yeah, we ate lunch together. Talked about going to a club this weekend....a normal club.” I add in that last part.

“Oh really?”

“Yeah, I’ve never been to a club here and she says that she knows about this cool underground club.”

“That sounds interesting. So are you skipping your regular weekend plans?”

“Yes, just this once. After this past weekend, I need a little breather. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Not at all. I can go have beers with the guys.” By guys, he means other rich handsome business owning men that are all friends.

“Cool. I’m glad.”

Suddenly, his phone rings and I walk over to pick it up for him.

“Mr. Sawyers office.”

“Mr. Sawyer has a visitor. Kate is here to see him.”

I frown and look at Ethan who in returns frowns back.

“Please hold, let me see if he’s available.”

I pull the phone away from my mouth, covering the bottom.

“Kate is here to see you.”

Ethan frowns even more.

“Send her up.”

I nod.

“You can send her up.”

I hang up and sigh.

“What the hell does she want?”

“I don’t know, but I’m about to find out. Hang out in your office. I’ll tell you everything when she leaves. ”

Nodding, I let myself out of his office and into mine. As I’m nonchalantly typing up a response email, I’m wondering what the hell Kate wants when she hasn’t spoken to either of us in weeks and threatened my life.

A few moments later, the office door opens and Kate comes strolling in as if nothing is wrong with her presence. She barely looks at me as she cuts her eyes in my direction. Just knowing what a hateful person she has turned out to make her ten times less attractive than she was when I first met her. She continues to walk past me and into Ethan’s office and I’m dying to turn around and be nosy, but I don’t.

With the door closed, I can’t hear much of anything, so under my desk I text Anna and tell her what’s going on. We text back and forth for a few minutes before my office door opens again. When I look up this time, I’m shocked to see tears running down Kate’s face. She looks a lot less cocky than she did coming in. Whatever happened in that office, I’m sure she deserved every bit of it.

I expect her to just flat out leave, but as she reaches for the doorknob, she stops and turns to me.

“I should’ve ruined you when I had the chance.”

I don’t know what she means by that, but raising an eyebrow, I smirk.

“Well, you didn’t.”

“Yet.” Is all she says before walking out and it leaves a weird feeling in the pit of my stomach.

I just don’t know what Kate is capable of at this point.

When I’m sure she’s long gone, I go into Ethan’s office, shutting the door.

“What happened? She didn’t look so happy when she left here.”

“Well, turns out that when the club said they would handle things with Kate, they really handled it. After she made such a scene at the club, they notified a very important client in her black book and that client makes some hefty donations to the club. When they found out what she was doing, they pulled back and took a few other important clients with them. When her company found out that she lost out on the deals with the clients so fast, they demoted her.”

My eyes widen and I shake my head.

“Wow. The club has that much power?”

“Absolutely. If you pose any risk to their discreteness, they will ruin you and you can’t do anything about it because everyone signs a non-disclosure when they become members, stating that if you even breathe a word about the club to anyone and word gets around, they can sue you.”

“But, I didn’t sign anything.”

“Oh, but you will cause I just sent in your member donation last week after I received a reminder email. They will fax over a contract and you will be an official member.”

“Exactly how much was the donation?” I look at him, knowing that it sure as hell wasn’t a $1, $5, or $10 kind of donation.


“Holy shit, Ethan. Why so much?”

“It pays for your legal protection and physical protection for the most part. The club has lawyers in their back pocket ready for anything. Oh, and you get free hotel stays anywhere in the country with the membership card you are assigned. You receive special invites to other clubs around the world also.”

“It’s basically like a membership packet. All kinds of goodies, huh?”

“Yup. And Kate has lost all of her goodies with the club.”

“Well, that sucks for her.” I shrug.

For the rest of the day, I think about everything Ethan told me about becoming a member of the club. It sounds like such serious business. It’s almost a little scary. I also think about Kate and how a little jealousy and obsessiveness has caused her to lose a lot in such a short time. I almost feel bad for her except she has tried to hurt me on several different occasions. Nope, I no longer feel bad at all.

In the beginning, I never expected to have the kind of problems I have now. I mean yes, the problems I had before were a lot worse, but still. Having money comes with its own set of problems. It’s mildly overwhelming, but not as hard to deal with as the problems I had before like almost being homeless and whatnot. I don’t know why I thought money could just eliminate every problem in the world.

When my workday is over, I see if Ethan is riding home with me. Over text, he tells me that he’s in a never-ending meeting so I’m on my own. Hungry and in need of a nap, I head out, saying bye to Anna, who sends me a wink emoji as I’m passing her, making me laugh. I love her silliness. I wish I’d taken the time to get to know her a long time ago.

Downstairs at the front entrance, I see that they are having construction at the front of the door, I decide to use the side door instead. I’ve never taken this door, but I know it leads out to the side street where this cute little pastry shop is. The thought of yummy sweets appeals to me right now as my stomach growls wildly.

As I’m exiting the door, everything suddenly goes black. I try to yell out, but a hand clamps over my mouth and I’m being pulled. Swinging my arms, I hit someone and they grunt, but that’s all I hear as they throw me into a vehicle. When the door is closed and the hand is gone, I immediately pull whatever is over my head off. Screaming, I realize I’m in a van. I bang on the door, hoping to God that this is just a bad dream.

I’m so preoccupied with getting out, I don’t see that someone is back here with me until something hits me in the back of the head. I collapse on the van floor and then I see them and I guess they were serious about ruining me because it just might happen today. I look into their eyes and see their crazed smile. Before everything goes black, I utter only one word.


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