Pleasing the Boss

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Chapter 60

The next few days at work, I feel pretty okay. I haven’t thrown up in two days and my appetite slowly coming back. I don’t get my hope up on it though. I still feel nauseous all the time and I sleep more than the normal person should. This baby is sucking my energy like a little vampire. I don’t even stay up late anymore. By 6:30, I’m knocked out, sometimes without dinner. Ethan says I just need to eat more healthy foods so I can get an energy boost so he has me eating all types of fruits and veggies for breakfast and lunch. Most of them are great tasting but, some are just flat out gross. However, it has helped a little. Instead of slumping over at my desk at noon, it usually can wait till around 2pm. It’s a working progress.

Anna has also been contributing advice, telling me that sex can help too. I don’t see how burning energy can give me energy, but she swears by it. I make a mental note to try it tonight with Ethan. Who knows, it might do the trick. Until then though, I’m a smoothie sipping, veggie eating, vitamin taking momma to be.

Speaking of, I also need to talk to Anna and Ethan about going to the club this weekend. I want to go. Sitting in the house over the weekend was boring as hell. All I did was wonder what was going on there. I want to try to go as much as I can before this baby comes because I know the club visits will be cut short after that. I don’t mind though, I just want to have as much fun as I can until that moment. It’ll be awhile until Ethan and I get into the groove of having personal time after I give birth.

Before Getting off of work, I text the both of them asking if they want to have dinner. They both agree and I nod to myself. The rest of the day, I work harder than usual to stay awake. I walk to the copy room, break room, conference room, back to the copy room and then the break room. I just feel the need to walk around so I’m not dozing off behind my desk. Although Ethan is the father of this baby, he’s still my boss and he still gives me a talking to when I’m not doing something right. I understand though. It’s still work and it’s still his business so I try my best to comply. Plus, I know after work, he’s going to baby me so it’s totally worth it.

When it’s almost time to clock out, I call and order take out to pick up for dinner. By the time, I hang up the phone, Anna is in my office with her things. She’s texting on her phone and I’m shutting down my computer when Ethan comes out of his office, shutting off the light.


“I’m starving.” I groan and Anna nods.

“Me too. Let’s go.”

We all leave and while Anna is in the car behind us, I stop and grab dinner. At my apartment, we all kick off our shoes and flop down on the sofa.

“Okay, why did you call this meeting?” Ethan asks as he eats a piece of shrimp.

“I called this meeting to discuss going to the club this weekend. I want to go.”

“Are you sure you’re up for it?” Anna asks and I see Ethan nod, agreeing with her question.

“I think I can pull myself together and look sexy for a few hours. I just want to get out. I’m tired of being cooped up in this place, throwing up and sleeping all the dang time. I need some outside adult time.”

“Well, if you feel up to it, then I don’t see why we can’t go. Anna are you up for it?” Ethan looks over at Anna who is drinking her soda.

“Oh, yeah. I can. I don’t have any plans. I’ll find something to wear.”

“Cool. Well, that settles it.”

“Yay! Thank you, babe.” My smile beams at him and he shakes his head.

“So what happens to the club after you have the baby?” Anna asks and I shrug.

“We’ll go when we can once we fall into a good routine with the baby. It won’t be anytime soon after he or she is born though.”

“True.” Ethan concurs.

We sit around for a few hours just talking and it’s nice to have the two of them around to just hang out. I mean I know Ethan is my fiance, but he’s also my friend. Anna is my best friend which is a lot different than how things were with Kate. I could never just talk to her. She was always preoccupied when owning me, buying me, having her way with me. With Anna, it’s just a friendship and occasionally we do naughty things. It’s not the foundation of our friendship though. That’s what I like the most about it all. We’re all friends. The club is just a part of the equation.

Once Anna is gone, I remember wanting to have sex with Ethan. While he cleans, I go to the bathroom and run a warm bubble bath. Quickly, I strip down and sink into the rose smelling water. I only stay in long enough to relax and become lucid to my hormones. Once that’s done, I bathe and get out. I don’t want to waste too much time relaxing since I’m prone to falling asleep. I want sex and I want it now.

With a towel wrapped around me, I walk into the room to find Ethan lying on the bed with only his pants on. His shirt and tie are on the floor. From where I’m standing, I can see that he’s checking his emails. I need to change that.

I climb up on the bed and immediately straddle him. His eyes dart away from the screen and he smirks.

“What are you doing, baby?”

“I’m seducing you.” With one pull, the towel falls off my body.

Ethan’s eyes darken and he puts the phone down before placing his hands on my hips.

“You look incredibly sexy, baby. Pregnancy suits you.”

I can’t help but snort.

“Yeah, nausea and tiredness really work with me.” I roll my eyes as Ethan shakes his head.

“That’s not what I mean. I mean just knowing that you’re carrying our baby inside of you makes you ten times sexier. And plus, you’re breasts are a little bigger too.” He cups my breasts and my nipples harden under his hold. Moaning softly, I raise an eyebrow.

“Oh, really? Well, I’ll stay pregnant forever.”

Ethan chuckles, running his thumbs over my hardened nipples. My giggle gets cut short when I moan softly, feeling my core tighten. I let my head fall to the side and Ethan turns me on by just playing with the aching buds. My moan grows louder and my hips grind against the growing bulge in his pants. I haven’t been this turned on in a long time and it’s amazing. The fire in my tummy ignites and I move my hips face, wanting the friction. Hell, I need the friction. Ethan catches on to what’s happening and begins pinching and twisting my nipples. The sensation sends me closer to the edge.

“Ethan, please. Please, make me come.”

“Just let go, baby. Let it happen. Come for me.” He moans back, pinching my nipples harder.

When Ethan senses my upcoming demise, he lets go of one of my nipples and replaces his touch with his hot mouth. Over one nipple, he sucks and licks while twisting the other. The two sensations along with dry humping him, cause the orgasm to build. When Ethan is ready for me to explode, he gently bites down on my nipple while pinching the other one firmly. That’s all it takes to send my hips bucking. I yell out and throw my head back, letting my back ride the wave. I hear Ethan say something, but it just sounds like a muffled sound in my ears.

“Holy shit.” I huff.

“Damn baby.” I finally hear him as the waves calm and I regain my sanity.

Leaning over Ethan, he cups my face and kisses me. When I pull away, I can’t help but giggle.

“I’ve never gotten off that way before.”

“Your whole body is sensitive. I’m pretty sure on a good day, a stiff wind can get you off.” Ethan laughs as he squeezes my ass.

“I think I like some of these new feelings. I know a part of you is a little sensitive right now.” I smile, wiggling my hips over his large bulge.

“Hell, yeah. Why don’t you do something to fix it.” He winks and I slide down until I’m staring at his zipper.

“Anything for you, babe.” I moan as I undo his pants.

Whether this helps with my energy or not, I’m going to have to thank Anna for the idea.

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