Pleasing the Boss

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Chapter 64

After finding out that Anna is sleeping with Travis, I can’t seem to find the right time to tell her about everything that happened. I also don’t have much time to really think about it either seeing as my mother is here and I’m spending time with her for the first time in forever. I don’t want to seem like I’m being distant to her, but this is weighing on my mind so heavily that it’s making me nauseous. Maybe, that’s just the baby. Either way, it doesn’t make me feel good. I want to tell Ethan, but I know if I left it to him, he’d harshly tell Anna to never see Travis again and it’s not his place to do that to her. Travis was never a really bad person. He just did a bad thing and made up for it by dropping the tip about Kate. He seemed genuinely sorry about the whole thing and I’ve since forgiven him. I just want Anna to know about everything so things don’t get awkward when she brings him around and Ethan punches him in the face or something.

Before I can tell her though, I have to get my mother settled in. By the vast amount of clothing she brought, she makes it very clear that she’s not leaving anytime soon. I think it’s wonderful though. I’m going to enjoy having her here and easing me through this whole process. It’ll be nice to have her go to doctor appointments with me, shopping with me, reading baby books, and so on. Overall, it’s just nice to have her here to help me fit into this maternal role. Before she got here, I didn’t know what I was going to do and now I have a little hope that I won’t completely screw up.

When we get to my apartment, my mom marvels over the whole place, complimenting me on my “Martha Stewart" type decorating. I show her to her room and she also marvels over that also. I’m glad she feels comfortable here seeing as she’s going to be here long-term. I leave her to settle into her room while Ethan and I go to the kitchen to fix something to snack on.

While Ethan is spreading peanut butter on a banana for me, I slide up next to him.

“So, I have something to tell you.”

“Okay.” He says, giving me a strange look.

“I got a sexually suggestive photo from Anna with a guy.”


“It’s Travis. The guy in the picture is Travis.”

Ethan looks at me, handing me the banana.

“Why the hell is she with him?”

“Well, we never told her to not be with him. We never even told her about Travis. We kept all that a secret, remember? We didn’t want her to have a bad first night at the club.”

“Well, you have to tell her. She needs to know the person she’s sleeping with is a backstabbing son of a bitch. She shouldn’t talk to him.”

“I know, but is he really that bad? He made a mistake. He had Kate in his head telling him God knows what. He apologized and even helped us. So, can’t we just let it go. We can tell Anna about him, but I’m not going to tell her to stop doing whatever they are doing. I don’t even know if it’s serious. He made have been just a one night stand for Anna.”

“Anna is not a one night stand kind of girl.”

I raise an eyebrow. “She had a one night stand with us.”

“We know Anna. She knows us. She trusted us. She just met Travis. There’s a big difference.”

He has a point.

“Okay, after my mom settles in, I’ll go over to Anna’s and talk to her about it, but essentially, it’s her choice to keep seeing him. We are all adults and Anna can make her own choices. I know you’re protective of her, but you have to let her make her own decisions. Okay?” I bite down on the banana, waiting for Ethan to answer.

A few seconds pass and he finally rolls his eyes.

“Fine, but make sure you keep an eye on them.”

“I will. Maybe we can all double date.” I give him an overly huge smile and he rolls his eyes, dabbing my nose with the peanut butter on his finger.

As I gasping and wiping it off, I see my mom out of the corner of my eye.

“Oh, mom, I almost didn’t see you there. I was just about to beat up Ethan.”

She starts laughing and comes over, rubbing my shoulder.

“Dear, if you can’t be silly in your relationship then is it really a relationship.”

I’ve never heard my mom say anything like that before. When I was younger, she would tell me that all men are the spawns of Satan who only preyed on women to make babies. In the past, she said love was just something they told little girls to blind them from how men really are. It wasn’t to be hateful. That’s just how she was taught and she tried to pass that on to me, but there was no way I could ever think about Ethan in the beginning. From the moment chemistry between us was established, I knew he wasn’t like the men my mama talked about and I’m glad she’s changed her views.

“Very true.” Ethan says even though he’s mostly uptight. When he’s playful, it’s always fun.

“So what do you kids have planned tonight?”

“Eh, nothing much. I’m probably going to my friend, Anna’s place to hang out.” I shrug.

“I have a conference call later.” Ethan says as he checks his watch.

“Good because I’m beat. I’m going to shower and read my romances before going to sleep. Baby, you used to write a lot. Do you still do that?”

“Not really. I don’t really need to. All my romance fantasies are a reality now.” I wink at Ethan, hearing my mother “aww”

“That’s sweet, but yes, I’m going to just relax for the night.”

“Okay, I’ll show you where everything is.”

Ethan leaves so I can finish getting my mom settled in. Before leaving, I leave a few kitchen notes on the fridge so she knows where everything is while I’m gone just in case she gets hungry. When I’m confident that this will feel just like home for her, I head to Anna’s. On the way there, I try to think of the right way to tell her about Travis. However, no way is going to be perfect because I don’t know how she’ll react. To lessen the news, I grab a bottle of wine on the way there. I may not be able to drink it, but she can. If she gets tipsy then her reaction will be more subtle.

When I arrive, she’s already standing at her door seeing as I texted her on the way up.

“Hey, baby mama!” She beams and I roll my eyes.

“I brought you a drink. We need some girl talk.”

“Ooo, I love girl talk. Come on in.”

I don’t know how much she’s going to like this girl talk, but it’s now or never. When I walk in, I’m about to sit down when a figure out the corner of my eye nearly causes me to trip over the air. My eyes widen in surprise.

“Travis.” I huff out and his expression mirrors mine.


“You two know each other?” Anna says and we both just look at him.

Well, this just got really uncomfortable. Damn, I wish I could have a drink.

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