Pleasing the Boss

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Chapter 65

“Uh...” I gawk at Travis trying to figure out what to say. I wasn’t planning on him being here when I came to tell Anna about him.

Anna looks at the both of us and Travis seems to be just as speechless as I am. With our lack of words right now, Anna frowns.

“Wait a minute. Have you two....have you two slept together?!”

My eyes widen and I shake my head.

“Hell no! I have never slept with him, Anna.”

“Then how do you two know each other?” She puts her hands on her hips, burning flaming stares into the both of us.

“We went on one date once. That’s it.”

I watch as Anna studies me, most likely wondering if I’m telling the truth or not.

“She’s right. We went on one date and that’s it.” Travis chimes in.

Finally, Anna’s face calms and she sighs.

“Small fucking world.” She mumbles.

With the tension in the room, I sit down on the sofa, placing the bottle of wine on the coffee table. Anna paces around, not speaking and out of the corner of my eye, Travis moves towards her. What do I say now? I don’t even know if I should tell her the rest. How will she react when she finds out that Travis had a part in the craziness of Kate. She doesn’t even know a lot about Kate other than she was obsessed with me and became deranged.

I hear both of them mumble a few words before Anna comes to sit down on the sofa with me. She pats my thigh and I look up. The first thing I see is her mouth in a fine line. Obviously, she doesn’t know what to make of this situation either.

“Well, this is weird.” She says.


“At least I don’t have to introduce you to him now. You two already know each other.” She rolls her eyes. God, she’s annoyed. Is she mad at me?

I nod, pressing my lips together. I try not to seem awkward, but Anna notices it before I can change my expression.

“What aren’t you telling me?”

I raise my eyebrows. “Hm?”

“Spit it out, now.” She orders, but before I can say something, Travis comes into eyesight.

“I’m going to head out and let you two catch up. I’ll talk to you later, Anna.” He says before leaning over to kiss her. Watching it makes me cringe a little.

I don’t know why, but deep down inside, Travis just gives me creep vibes now after everything. I’ve forgiven him and all, but it’s definitely changed my impression of him. I don’t know if I’m going to be okay with him being around Anna all the time now. God, what if their relationship is long term? What if they get engaged or something? Eww. I just don’t feel right letting this happen, but again, it’s not up to me. Essentially, this is all Anna’s choice. However, if she chooses to be with Travis after everything I tell her then is couple throw a wrench into our friendship. Would she even care enough to consider that?

All the thoughts running through my head, start to stress me out and I want nothing more than to chug the bottle of wine. It’s almost like I can taste it on my tongue, but it’s just a memory. Kinda like phantom pain. The moment I push this baby out, I’m pouring a glass in the hospital room.

When Travis is gone, Anna relaxes a little more and picks up the wine bottle.

“That was just so awkward, but I’m glad it was only one date.” She snorts.

“Anna, I have to tell you something about Travis. I’m not trying to mess things up for you, but I feel like you need to know.”

Anna grabs the bottle opener and not taking her eyes off me, she twists the cork off with ease.

“Start talking, sister.”

And so I start. I tell her everything all the way up to this point. The further into the story I get, the more strained Anna’s expression looks. The more I talk the sadder I get about having to tell her this. I hope she understands that I’m doing this with her best interest in mind. Hopefully, she understands that. If not, then our friendship has gone down the drain over a guy. By the time I’m done talking, Anna is pouring herself another glass of wine. This would be her third.

She doesn’t say anything at first, but once she’s halfway through the glass, she sighs.

“I really know how to pick 'em.”

“Anna, it’s not that bad. I mean he apologized to me personally and I forgave him.”

“That doesn’t matter to me, Thea. You’re my friend and I’m not going to date anyone who tried to attack you. I don’t give a shit if he apologized or not.”

I don’t really know what to say not. I didn’t expect her to take my side this fast. I assumed it would take some convincing. I really have to stop jumping to conclusions.

Apart of me feels bad that Anna has had to make this choice because I want her to be happy with someone, but she’s made this choice on her own. I didn’t influence her. I just shared the facts about Travis.

“I’m sorry, Anna. You sounded like you really liked him.”

“I did. He was charming, but honestly, I’m glad you told me. Now his charm just seems creepy. How do I tell him though?” I can see in her face that she’s disappointed about all of this. I know she must’ve thought this would really work for once. It sucks that I have to be the one to shatter that dream. I care about her too much though. If I’m concerned about something, I’m going to tell her.

“I’m sure he already knows by now. He’d be dumb to think that I wouldn’t tell you.”

“True. I hope he understands then.”

“Maybe.” I nod, hoping he does take it well. I don’t need him lashing out at my friend. That’s just asking to get his ass kicked by Ethan.

Anna finishes half the bottle of wine before getting tired. Instead of leaving though, I decide to just stay with her a little while. I’d hate to be left alone while feeling like she must feel. I make sure she gets to bed and when she’s sleep, I take my time putting the wine and her glass away. When I’ve wiped her counters off and put her leftovers in the fridge, I head out, locking up for her.

When I get home, it’s a little past 10 and my apartment is quiet. I peek in on my mom and she’s knocked out, snoring just like I remember her doing when I was a kid. It still seems surreal that she’s actually here. I was so sure that I’d never speak to her again and yet she’s here and we’re actually happy. Life has a funny way of fixing itself, I guess.

When I get to my room, I’m very much surprised to find Ethan in my bed sleeping. He’s flat on his bad with his mouth parted open, snoring softly. I stand there for a moment just to marvel at how handsome he looks even when he’s basically in a coma. Quietly, I go into the bathroom and take a quick shower before pulling on a shirt and crawling into bed with him. I lay on his chest and his arm comes around me, pulling me closer.

“How’d the talk go?”

“It went.” I say, dryly.

“Talk about it in the morning?”


Ethan kisses my forehead and in that moment, I realize how grateful I am for Ethan and how much I wish for Anna to find someone like him. She deserves every little bit of happiness out of this life. As I’m laying there, I make it my mission to scope out some possible candidates for Anna. I’m not trying to be a matchmaker or anything, but if I can help her then I’d feel better about the Travis situation.

Operation “Find Anna a man.” is in full effect.

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