Pleasing the Boss

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Chapter 67

Halfway through Anna’s tour of the city, I’m ready for a hotdog and a nap. My mother, however, is beyond thrilled for every place she takes us. It isn’t until Anna passes her favorite dessert shop that she wants to stop and eat. Thank God, I could totally use ice cream. As we’re sitting around. As I’m licking my ice cream cone, my mom and Anna talk about all the stores we’ve been to. They barely even notice I’m here which is fine because my head and attention are on my phone.

I’m texting Ethan while he’s at work, wondering what he’s doing. He texts back telling me that he’s in a boring ass meeting and he wishes his sexy ass assistant were there, swishing around making his copies. I try not to giggle at the text, but a smile does grow on my lips. No one notices though.

I also ask Ethan if he knows any respectable rich men that Anna would be interested in. He tells me to mind my business. The smile I had on my face is gone due to his lack of cooperation. He drives me nuts.

It’s not that I’m desperate to just pair someone up with Anna, I genuinely want her to be happy. Ethan and I had a lot of fun with her at the club and in our bed. She deserves someone who she can do those things exclusively. I know she wishes she had someone she can have that kind of fun with. With this baby coming, Ethan and I won’t be attending for a while and I know she’ll want to go. I’d hate for her to not be able to go because she’s depending on us to take her. Hell, even I will miss it.

“What’s going on with you?” I hear someone say and when I look up, I see both Anna and my mother looking at me.

“Oh, nothing, just thinking about some stuff.” My eyes shoot to Anna and the corner of her mouth twitches for some reason.

“About that little bundle?” My mother asks, reaching over to run her hand over my baby bump.

“You’re going to wake up one morning soon and won’t be able to see your vagina.” Anna shakes her head.

I laugh softly, licking my ice cream. “Shut up! That’s that body mirrors are for.”

“Who’s going to shave your vajayjay?” She asks causing my mother snorts.

“Anna! Jesus, my mother is right here.” My eyes widen and my mom starts laughing.

“Honey, I had you. A stork didn’t deliver you.”

I roll my eyes and she laughs even harder.

“Oh God, I remember that look so well.”

“Yeah, yeah. My fiance will shave my lady bits for me.” I toot my nose up and they just laugh. Shaking my head, I eat my ice cream, thinking about the day I look down and there’s a globe under my shirt. I can’t wait.

After eating our ice cream and visiting a few more places, my mom thankfully requests going back to the apartment to nap. Anna blames me for yawning so much. This baby just drains my energy nowadays. I need at least two mini naps a day. We get back to the apartment and my mom heads to her room while Anna and I go to mine. We flop down on the bed and I sigh.

“Thank God.” I sigh and Anna nudges my leg.

“Big baby.”

I look over at her, shaking my head as I reach over and pinch her side. She squeals softly, slapping my hand. I decide that this is a good time to talk to her about a possible suitor. I need to know the kind of guys she really likes so I can know what to look for.

“Anna, can I ask you something?”


“What kind of guys do you like?”

She turns her head and looks at me.


“No reason. Just curious.” I shrug, but Anna’s expression lets me know that she isn’t buying it.

“What are you up to, Thea?”

I could lie. I could just tell her that I’m curious, but she already sees through that.

“I feel guilty about the Travis ordeal and I want to find a nice, wholesome, dominating, freak in the sheets, guy for you.”

“I told you that I was fine.”

“I know, but still, when I have the baby, we won’t go to the club as much in the beginning. I want you to have someone to go with.”

Anna thinks about it for a moment, hopefully seeing my point and taking it into consideration.

“You’re right.”



“Yeah. I do need to date and find someone I like. I mean I like you and Ethan, but you belong to each other. I need someone of my whole to do dirty things to.” She looks over at me and smiles. “Even though I do enjoy kissing you.”

“Hmm, maybe you should find a girlfriend.” I wiggle my eyebrows.

“But I like penis.”

“Find a boyfriend and a girlfriend.”

“Can I just be you and Ethan’s girlfriend?” She holds her hands together as if she’s prayer.

I roll over on my side, getting face to face with her before leaning in.

“Now, that would be fun.” I go to roll on my back again when Anna pulls me back, pressing her lips to mine.

Everything that happens from that point is unexpected. One minute I’m kissing her and the next, I’m on top of her, letting her pull my shirt off. I can assume that from afar, this looks so odd considering that I’m making out with Anna with a baby bump poking out in front of me. However, Anna isn’t bothered with it at all. Her hands and mouth move all over the top half of my body and my lower body reacts quickly.

Leaning over, I press my lips against her, running my fingers through her hair as she moans softly. After having sex with her, I know what she likes. When I grip a good hand full of her hair, I yank her head back and lick her neck causing her to moan louder. Her hands grip my ass and she lifts her hips to grind against me.

Apart of me feels like this should stop, but my hormones are all over the place, affecting my judgment completely. If I weren’t wildly pregnant, I’d know that this isn’t quite right considering that Ethan isn’t here. I don’t know if he’d agree with me doing this, but the possible consequence of it doesn’t stop me. Lifting my leg, I slip it between her and she grinds against my thigh as I grind against her. The friction alone is putting me over the edge and by the sound of her moans, it’s doing the same for her.

I’m getting closer to reaching my climax when all of a sudden, the door swings open and my mother’s voice brings the moment to a screeching halt.

“Honey, I can’t get air vent in my room to-”

My head swings around and my mom is standing at the door with her hand over her mouth.

“Mom.” I gasp and she just stands there gawking.


“Oh, honey, I knew my hippie alcoholic ways would rub off on you somehow.” She shakes her head and turns to leave, closing the door.

When I look down at Anna, her hand is over her mouth and she is fighting the laugh that’s bursting to come out.

“Your mom just saw us making out.” She giggles and I roll off of her, throwing the pillow over my face.

“God, kill me now!” I groan.

Anna, laying next to me, sighs. “Damn, I was so close to getting off too.”

“Yeah, you’re not the only one.”

“Not the only one what?” I sit up like a rocket and see Ethan standing at the door. It takes him no more than a few seconds to process what’s going on with us laying here with our shirts off, but when he doesn’t, he raises an eyebrow. “What’s going on?”

I sigh. “I’m a pregnant whore.”

Ethan snorts. “Ah, okay.”

“Wait, you aren’t mad?”

Ethan, taking off his tie, shakes his head. “Surprisingly, no. I feel like I should be after the whole kidnap, stalker, fiasco with Kate, but I’m not mad. I know and trust you and Anna to know boundaries and such. I’m comfortable.”

“Great, we can finish later.” Anna smiles.

I look at the both of them, wondering what Twilight Zone alternate universe I’m in where my fiance is fine with me fooling around with my best friend. I’m starting to think that Anna doesn’t need a boyfriend or girlfriend because Ethan and I are basically just that.

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