Pleasing the Boss

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Chapter 68

“So, is this a polyamorous relationship?” I confusingly ask Ethan while he’s sitting on the edge of the bathtub, watching me soak inside.

With this whole Anna situation, Ethan and I have somehow lost sight of the blurred line since he caught me and Anna making out yesterday. Now we’re even more confused than ever.

“I would say so, baby, but how does that fit into this?” He points at my stomach, raising an eyebrow.

“I haven’t quite figured that out yet. This is just all happening at a weird time. Why would Anna even want to be with us with this mini blimp protruding out of my midsection?

Ethan laughs, rolling his eyes. “You’re overexaggerating. And anyone would be lucky to find themselves between the two of us, pregnant or not.”

I nod, blowing bubbles off my hand. I never thought I’d be in a situation where I’m pregnant and considering living part-time as a threesome. Like who does that? After the Kate fiasco, I thought nothing could get any weirder, but here we are. Since the beginning, all I’ve wanted was some sort of normal stable life and I’ve gotten that somewhat, but things like this keep throwing me for a loop that I’m not entirely prepared for. I don’t know how Ethan truly feel about it, but he seems supportive. If he didn’t want this, I know for a fact that he would speak up. He’s never bitten his tongue about anything else pertaining to us. Hell, the moment I met him, he began insulting me so I know he doesn’t hold back his true feelings.

“So you’re okay with this? I mean like really okay. I don’t want you to agree with anything just because you think it’s what I want. We’re in this together.”

“I know, baby and I do want this. Do I want it forever? No. Do I think we should all sit down and discuss the time frame of whatever is going on? Yes. Once this baby comes, it’s just going to be you and me. The club and any extra relations will be put on pause while we adjust to life with a baby. If it helps, I will make sure to introduce Anna to any guys at the club I think would make a fine suitor. Until then, all this is just fun to be had.”

I nod. “Works for me papa bear.”

“Alright, mama bear. Now, are you ready to get out? Your mother is making pasta and I’m starving.”

Just mentioning my mother makes me cringe cause she knows what’s going on with Anna and me too. She hasn’t really said a peep, but I know the gears in her brain are turning. She has always claimed that I was a love child, but now she probably thinks I’m some bisexual sex friend that she claims to had been in the older days. Am I? Not to the extent that she probably thinks. I love sex and if I get sexual vibes with someone then I act on them with Ethan’s support. Thankfully, we are both attracted to the same people.

After our talk in the bathroom, I get out and throw on a pair of shorts with a sports bra. I’m sort of obsessed with walking around with my stomach out these days since my bump is becoming increasingly visible. I haven’t noticed any stretch marks and I try to stay oiled and moisturized to prevent them. As I’m rubbing cocoa butter on my body, Ethan goes to take a quick shower and I head into the kitchen to chit chat with my mom. I need to know what she’s thinking about all of this.

When I get there, she’s stirring some homemade alfredo sauce with a glass of wine in one hand and the spoon in the other.

“What’s up, chef mom?”

“Nothing honey. How was the bath?”


“Good.” She smiles.

I sit on a bar stool and eat some toasted bread she has sitting aside. I don’t know when I should bring up Anna, but I guess it’s now or never.

“So, mom...about yesterday.”

“What about it?”

“Well, you saw me in the middle of something not so conventional and I just want to know your thoughts on it.”

“You mean you and Anna?”

“Mhm.” I nod, munching down on the bread.

“Honey, I truly believe most people have bisexual tendencies. I had them, your father had them and I’m not surprised that you do too.”

“My dad was bisexual?”

“Eh, he was on some pretty potent shrooms once and ended up doing the deed with some guy name Moon.”

“Moon? Interesting and who was dad, Stars?”

“No, Your father and I were trip and daisy.” She smiles as if remembering the good old days.

“Interesting.” I laugh.

“Yeah, so you and Anna are nothing new to me, dear. Yall remind me of my good old days. I used to enjoy the company of a girl named Casey. She had long blond hair and golden skin. She was from California, heading to Florida. We met at a festival and she provided some solid weed. Well, I let her crash in my apartment for the night and that night turned into a month of us just enjoying each other. It was amazing.”

“Sounds groovy”

“Oh, it was. However, it was the haze of drugs that made it so euphoric. In reality, we were just a bunch of kids who avoided responsibility while getting high on the daily. As time went on, reality began hitting us one by one, starting with you, baby girl. I was nowhere near ready for a baby, but I vowed to be the best mom I could. I tried to be at least.”

“You did as good as anyone in your position could. My childhood could’ve been worse.” I shrug.

“True.” She says with a touch of sadness.

“I forgive you, mom. I turned out completely fine and we’re both here, healthy and happy. No need to dwell on the past.”

A smile tickles at her lips. “I always knew you were going to be something. You’ve always been so smart and open to things. I wish I could be like that again.”

“You can. You can find you a good city man to show you a thing or two.” I wink twice and she starts giggling. I wish she were a little more confident. It’s obvious that she’s still a total fox with her long auburn hair and tanned skin. Her figure is similar to mine pre-pregnancy. We look alike, she just looks more mature.

“Now, we both know it would be me teaching him a few things.”

“Oh God. I’m serious though. you’re here indefinitely so why do I get Ethan to set you up on a nice date. He has a ton of older handsome colleagues.”

“Really?” She asks and I nod, reaching for more bread.

“Yeah, I’ll ask him.”

“Ask me what?” Ethan says, coming up behind me.

“Oh, perfect timing. My mom needs a date. Hook her up with one of your business friends.”

Ethan chuckles “I guess I can do that for you, Maggie. Any preferences?”

“Yes, tall, handsome, not too stuffy, and no facial hair.”

Ethan cracks up a little and I shake my head.

“I can make that happen. Just give me a few days and you’ll have a date by Friday.”

“Awesome. I can’t wait. Mama hasn’t gotten any in a long time.”

“Okay, I quit.” I hop off the stool, pretending to walk away with my bread.

There’s no denying that she’s my mother. We’re sex fiends.

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