Pleasing the Boss

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Chapter 69

“Okay, Thea, it looks like everything is going great. You’re at a healthy 14 weeks. You’re gaining a little weight, the baby is a nice size, nice heartbeat, good blood pressure. All I can say is keep up the good work. Give it a few more weeks and we’ll be able to tell the gender.”

Ethan and I smile at the doctor’s words. My baby is happy and healthy. That’s all I can ever wish for. This morning, I was nervous about coming because you just never know what can be wrong with a baby while in the womb. Too much late night googling has made me very paranoid. I’ve had dreams about my baby coming out with an extra leg or something of that nature. Granted, the dreams most like are from me eating too much ice cream before bed. However, it still makes me nervous.

When the doctor wipes the gel off my belly, I sit up and look down at my tummy. It now sticks out more than my boobs do. I asked the doctor is my tummy should be this big this early and she said it’s normal for women to be bigger or small at this time. I can’t help but wish I were one of the smaller ones. Now, I cant hide my belly anymore. It’s there. It’s not that I’m trying to hide it, it’s just so surreal that now when I look down, it’s like whoa. I’m pregnant.

The doctor leaves for a moment and Ethan grabs my hand.

“How are you feeling?”

“I feel great. I’m glad everything is going well. I read about a lot of things that could go wrong in pregnancies.”

“Well, you’re officially out of your first trimester. So you’re in the clear. If anything abnormal comes up, we’ll deal with it together.”

I smile, leaning over to kiss him just as the doctor comes back to give me my next appointment date and my ultrasound pictures

As we’re leaving, I look down at the new ultrasound picture. My baby is beautiful. I mean, you can’t really see anything other than a tiny face, but it’s a beautiful face. I never thought I could feel this way about someone I’ve never even met, but here I am, loving this tiny stranger growing inside of me. I made this little baby with the love of my life and I can’t wait for us to be completely head over heels for him or her when he or she gets here.

Speaking up the baby, with my mother now occupying the guest room, I realize that I don’t even have nursey space. We haven’t purchased anything for the baby room yet since we were waiting for me to get into my second trimester. Well, here we are and now we don’t even have a nursery in my apartment.

When we get in the car, I turn to Ethan.



“We need a place together. 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, open concept.”

He looks at me oddly for a moment.


“Because we have a baby on the way and we don’t live together and we also don’t have a baby room.”

He thinks about it for a moment before frowning.”

“Oh, you’re right.”

“Duh. I think we should look for a new place soon.”

“Okay, I’ll call my realtor. Any areas you’re fond of?”

“Eh, I like the neighborhood we’re in. We just need a place for our family.”

“True. I don’t know why that didn’t cross my mind sooner.”

“Because we’ve become so comfortable that we forgot that our baby has no room of their own. We’ve been distracted also. You with work. Me with my mother. Both of us with Anna. We’ve hardly given our baby any attention.” I laugh and Ethan shakes his head.

“That baby probably thinks we’re crazy already.” He says, pulling up to a red light.

While waiting, he pulls out his phone and dials a number.

“Hey, Larry.” He says. “Yeah, I’m good. Look, I’m looking to find a new place. Something bigger, open concept with 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms.”

I immediately feel giddy inside about all of this. Everything is just falling into place. I never thought my life would turn out like this, but I’m so grateful that it has. Despite being with Ethan and him having a lot of money, being with his has truly humbled me. I just look at life with so much gratitude. I actually have a family. ’=

My family.

When Ethan gets off the phone, he looks at me.

“Larry said he’ll look around at some places and get back to me in a few days.”

“Yay!” I clap my hands. “Thank you, babe.”

“Anything for you. So now that we’re starting this transition, have you thought about the wedding any?”

“Nope, not one bit.” I snort.

“We’re just all over the place, aren’t we?”

“Indeed, we are.”

“You and Anna should look around for wedding planners one of these days.”

“I will make note of that, sir.” I nod, taking out my phone and adding it to my calendar.

I’m glad we’re finally starting to organize some of the things we should be doing. In the beginning, we just went with the flow, but now we need some structure. I just hope we still carve out some time to have a little fun. I know with a belly, it’s going to be a little weird waltzing into the club, but I miss it a little. We haven’t been in weeks and I’m starting to crave it. If we did go, I would know what the hell to wear to make my belly look seductive and sexy. The thought makes me want to laugh, but I hold it in.

Instead of going home, Ethan takes us to the office. He says he needs to handle something and since I haven’t been to work in a while since my mother’s arrival, I figure I can get some work done. I’m sure Ethan has a ton of emails that need answering because he hates going through them himself. It’ll also be a good time to let everyone know I’m with child because the last time most of them say me was when my tummy was not protruding out of my body.

When we get to Ethan’s floor and start walking in, a few eyes that I don’t know fall on me from people I haven’t had the pleasure of working with. A few women give me a funny eye as if I’ve trapped this rich man before they got the chance to.

We finally get to the section of familiar faces and at first, they are happy to see me, but when my belly catches their eye, their eyes widen. A few other girls that Anna and I have had lunch with lose their shit as they rush over to me. They congratulate me several times and I get a bunch of hugs. A few of Ethan’s colleagues shake his hand or slap his back and he chuckles proudly. We stick around and chit chat before Ethan needs to go to his office. All the commotion finally dies down and when I get to my office there are stacks of mail, notes, copies, and memos waiting for me. Slumping down in my seat, I sigh.

And to think, I actually began to miss work.

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