Pleasing the Boss

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Chapter 70

“Fuck, Ethan, right there!” I moan out as I squeeze the sheets, letting my body rock back and forth while being fucked from behind.

With my hair wrapped around his fist, my man grunts and moans, fucking me for the third time today. I could say that my sex drive is taking a toll on him, but he never complains. He’s apparently up for the challenge. Just feeling him inside of me, reminds me of the beginning. Hot, rough sex, but only now, it isn’t so rough. It’s perfect either way though.

I press my face into the pillow, yelling out as I come for the 5th time and Ethan curses at the ceiling as he explodes, his manhood pulsing inside of me. When he’s exerted all of his energy, he falls onto the bed, beads of sweat glistening on his forehead.

“Holy fuck.” He whispers.

“What?” I huff, rolling onto my side, holding my belly. I’m only 17 weeks now, but God my belly feels huge even though it’s not. I just constantly get the urge to hold it nowadays.

“You’re going to wear me out, girl.”

I can’t help but laugh.

“Oh, you love it.”

“You’re damn right, I do. Come on, let’s shower. Your mother wants us to take her to dinner.”

Groaning, I roll out of Ethan’s bed and head for the bathroom. Since my mother has still been staying with me, it’s hard to have sex in my place whenever I want. So when I want some hanky panky, we come to Ethan’s place. He doesn’t spend much time here now that he sleeps with me every night, but he still owns it so we make sure it gets some use.

These past few weeks with my mom have been great though. She’s bee a huge help with getting ready for motherhood. Whenever I’m having a problem, she’s there to reassure me that it’s normal and if it’s not normal, she makes sure I ask the doctor about it. However, so far my pregnancy has been smooth sailing other than the little bit of heartburn I get after eating pizza, Chinese food, Mexican food, and any food that has even the slightest bit of spice or acid.

Also, just being around her as a sober woman has been great. The personality I always knew was inside of her is shining through. Sometimes I just find myself in awe of how great she is. I just wish I’d had more of that when I was younger, but I’m not going to hold that against her. Everyone has their tough times.

One Ethan and I have dressed again, we go to my place and as we’re about to open the door, she’s coming out. Raising my eyebrows, I take in how dolled up and is.

“Um, all this for dinner?” I ask and I see her cheeks redden.

“Oh, no, I sent you a text about an hour ago, telling you that I have some last minute plans. I have a date.”

My eyes widen because I haven’t seen my mother go on a date in forever.

“Wow, with who?”

“A guy I met at the store. We’ve run into each other a few times, I gave him my number, and he called to ask me out.”

I honestly don’t know what to say about it. I mean, men in New York are nothing like men back home. I want to give her this huge speech about safety and protection, but I have to remember that she’s a grown woman. Her judgment surely isn’t like the way it used to be and I should trust that she can handle herself on her own since she’s been doing it all this time without me. Deep down, I just want her to be happy.

Smiling, softly, I nod.

“Have fun, mama. Text me if you need anything, okay?”

“I will sweetie. You two go have fun. It’s Friday night.”

When she walks off, Ethan puts his hand on my back.

“Friday night, what should we do?”

As if reading his mind, I pull out my phone and dial a number.

“Hey girl, what’s up?”

“Put something sexy on, we’re going to the club.”

“YES!!” Anna squeals through the phone.

An hour later, I’m dressed in a silk black nightie and a matching black robe with Suede black wedged heels. My hair is in loose curls and I grab one of my more simple black masks. Ethan is in a simple black on black ensemble with his hair slicked back. I wrap my coat around me and as we’re heading out, Ethan gets a call that the car is outside with Anna already in it.

“Ready to have some run tonight?”

“Hell yes.” I giggle, looking down at my concealed belly.

You’d think a club like the one we attend would have some sort of rule against pregnant women being in there, but they don’t due to the fact that some women enjoy role-playing while pregnant or have men marvel over their bump. However, they do suggest that pregnant women don’t engage in rough play. I don’t intend on doing anything other than watching people have sex and maybe making out with my fiance and best friend.

I just want to be able to get out and have a little fun before I get closer to my due date. It’ll be awhile before we come here again after the baby arrives.

Down at the car, I slide in next to Anna, kissing her on the corner of her mouth. Ethan slides in, immediately resting his hand on my thigh.

“Already getting frisky in here. This is going to be a fun night.” He mumbles and I feel Anna giggling next to me.

The ride to the club is shorter than usual or maybe it’s because the three of us have been talking the whole time. Once we arrive, I have a bit of a buzz that has nothing to do with alcohol. I just feel sexy tonight and I have a gorgeous girl and my handsome man by my side.

We go inside and neither Anna nor Ethan gets a drink no matter how much I tell them that they can. Ethan says that he wants us all on the same mental level while having fun so we skip the whole first floor and head up to the second early. On the second floor, things are already in full swing. People are giving lap dances and fucking in the corner while others are being pulled around on the floor by a leash. God, I’ve missed this place.

The three of us venture over to a booth in the corner so we can see the whole room. As we’re sitting, I feel turned, however after a few moments, I begin to feel a little nauseous. I don’t know why so I just brush it off a bit, blaming on the fact that I hadn’t eaten a big dinner since I was more preoccupied with jumping Ethan’s bones. However, as the night progresses, I feel a little pain on the side of my belly. I’m about to get us to go get a sip of water, when a sharp pain in my belly, causing me to sit back down.

“Baby, what’s wrong?”

“I don’t know. It hurts.” I try taking deep breaths as the sharp pain hits me again. “I think something is wrong.”

“Okay, we’re leaving now.” Ethan and Anna stand, but when I try to, it just hurts.

Looking more concerned than ever, Ethan scoops me up in his arms and yells for Anna to take his phone and call my doctor. As we’re rushing out of the club, fear engulfs me and I pray that my baby is okay. I pray that I didn’t do anything wrong.

Please, don’t let anything be wrong with my baby.

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