Pleasing the Boss

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Chapter 75

It essentially takes a full week just to move my things into Ethan’s place. It takes so long because I didn’t realize that behind closed doors, Ethan is secretly a hoarder who doesn’t know when to get rid of things. It takes a ton of bickering just to get him to make room for me, but after awhile, he caves and I get my things in there with ease. Honestly, it’s not like he had to get rid of much. My furniture is staying with my mother since Ethan has everything I need. I only bring over my clothes and things I need for everyday living.

When I finally get my things settled into his place, it’s like a weight off my shoulders. I never actually thought that I’d end up living with him. I always thought that having our own place was for needed distance, but obviously living together was on Ethan’s mind without me know. I would’ve never guessed it he hadn’t put it on the table. None the less, I’m happy that we’re finally in one space together and I’m also happy that my mother has her own space here in the city. I guess she decided to make a permanent home here in the city with us. Also, she began working as a secretary for Ethan’s company. From what I heard from Human Resource, she nailed her interview, not that she had to take one. Ethan could have just face tracked her in, but she insisted on getting the job the correct way.

Now, every time I sneak now for lunch to see her, she’s smiling and it fills me with joy seeing her so happy.

Speaking of happiness, Anna was ecstatic about her promotion and raise. When Ethan presented her with the opportunity, it surprised me to actually see her cry. According to Ethan, she’s always been fine with her job position and considered them to be friends so she never asked for anything making her even more deserving. Since she is a secretary and there isn’t much of a title for promotions, Ethan himself decided to create one off the top of his head, making Anna Head clerical Manager. She is basically the boss of the receptionists and secretaries. She will even be involved in the hiring process with Human Resources.

It just makes me happy that everyone is happy. After everything that’s been going on, it’s nice to see smiles and tears of joy instead of sadness.

With all the happiness going around, I decide to cook dinner and invite Anna over. It’s been a while since we’ve all sat down and just spent time with each other without the club and tragedy. I also want Anna over because now with just me and Ethan in our own space, it makes it easier to heat things up with the possibility of my mother coming out of her room. I’m pretty sure my mom feels the same at this point, though I never want to imagine her heating anything up unless it’s food or water.

Once Anna gets here, we all sit at the table and just fall into normal conversation about everything under the moon. Anna begins talking about her new dating profile, saying that she keeps getting messaged by old men and creeps. It cracks me up and I blurt out that she shouldn’t worry about online dating when she already has a boyfriend and girlfriend. I feel a little weird about saying it, but instead of making it weird, Ethan laughs and tells Anna that we’re her play toys.

“I’ve never had play toys.” She snorts.

“It’s been a while since you opened your toy box, Anna.”

“Tell me about it. I may have to get in some playtime with my lovely toys later.” She gives me a wink and sticks her tongue out at Ethan.

“Hmm, no playing until you finish your dinner.” Ethan smirks and for some reason, my insides warm in anticipation.

As we continue eating, I can tell that the same thing is on everyone’s mind. We’re ready to finish eating so we can rip each other’s clothes off. It’s definitely been a while since we indulged in anything outside of the club since both of them have been taking care of me so much. I really owe them some sexy time for being here for me when I needed them most. I know deep down that Anna isn’t mine to keep, but having her take care of me every day only made my feelings for her grow stronger. I may not love her like I do Ethan, but she’s grown to be such an important friend and lover.

When we’re finally done with dinner, we clear the table and Ethan begins loading the dishwasher. I drag Anna to the living room, dimming the lights and turning on some music. Sultry sounds begin playing over the surround sound as we sway together, letting our hands travel over each other’s body. The atmosphere in the room changes from casual to sexual instantly. I’m so into Anna that I almost don’t notice, Ethan now sitting on the sofa watching us perform for him.

Anna leans in and kisses me with so much desire that it almost makes my knees weak. I moan against her mouth as her hands caress down my back. It isn’t until I feel a cool breeze that I realize she’s unzipped my dress. When it becomes loose, she pulls it down until it falls to my feet, revealing my lacy black bra and panties. I undress her down to her bring bra and panties. I can’t help but smile because they are so much like Anna. Sweet and sexy at the same time.

Still moving along to the music, we continue to make out in front of Ethan, giving him the type of show he would most like only see at the club. Knowing he isn’t quite ready to go back, I can definitely give him a private show in our home. I glance over at him briefly and his expression tells me so much. As his eyes are flickering back and forth between us, I know that he’s marveling over his two girls. Unlike with Kate, he doesn’t see his girl just playing with someone else. With Anna, he actually cares about her. He sees her as an equal, almost like a girlfriend. It makes the connection between us that much stronger. It’s definitely a huge turn on.

Wanting to bring out Anna’s sassy side, I run my hand down her back, tickling her skin. Just as she moans against my lips, I smack her ass hard, causing her body to flinch against mine. She nips my lip and groans.

“Fucking, bitch.”

“Mm, that’s what I want to hear.”

Getting rough, Anna begins pushing back until I fall into Ethan’s lap. He wraps his arms around me, locking me in as Anna falls to her knees. She peels my panties off, throwing them to the side and my breath hitches in anticipation of feeling her mouth on me. She pries my thighs apart, opening me up for her and Ethan begins palming my breasts, firmly teasing my nipples. Just before she dives into my depths, Anna looks up at me and she licks her lips and I damn near explode just from her lustful eyes. When she finally disappears between my thighs and I feel her tongue on my flesh, my head falls back against Ethan’s shoulder.

I’m in complete and utter bliss.

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