Pleasing the Boss

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Chapter 76

I wake the next morning, tangled in arms and legs. To my legs, Anna’s beautiful naked body greets me and to my right, Ethan is sleeping on his stomach with one arm over mine and one arm over my stomach. Not wanting to wake them, I continue to lie still and just replay the night over in my head. I keep hearing Anna’s moans as my fingers and mouth got her off over and over. My core clenches thinking about Ethan slamming into me as I ate her out and the look in his eyes as he fucked her. Pure bliss. All night, the three of us moved in perfect harmony, never taking the attention off of anymore. It was perfect and as I lie here between them, I secretly wish it would never end.

I love Ethan enough on his own, but we both have strong feelings for Anna. I don’t know where they came from, but she just fits with us. It’s going to be hard to let her go once she’s ready to move on with someone else. I’ll be happy for her though. I want her to experience the same kind of love that I’ve experienced in such a short time with Ethan. She doesn’t deserve to be our third wheel forever.

When Ethan begins to stir, I decide to run my fingers over Anna to wake her up. They both begin to stretch and groan.

“Good morning, sleepy heads. It’s time to wake up.”

“5 more minutes.” Anna says as she buries her face into the pillow.

“What time is it?” Ethan asks.

“It’s 10:30 in the morning and I’m hungry so get up.” I nudge him and with his arm still around me, he pulls me close and starts tickling me.

I squirm and squeal, waking Anna up. She turns over and starts laughing.

“Oh God, you two drive me crazy.”

Pulling away from Ethan, I pounce on Anna, tickling her too. Her body jerks and she tries to push me away. Instead, I grab her wrists and pin her down to the bed. In between her legs, she wraps them around me. Looking up at me with sleepy eyes, I lean down and kiss her lips, gently before moving down to her neck. She moans softly and my tongue drags over her skin. Down to her breasts, I suck gently on her nipples, feeling them harden in my mouth. Her back arches a bit and she snakes her fingers through my hair.

I almost don’t notice, but out of the corner of my eye, I see Ethan holding his phone up, recording us. I smile a bit before tucking on Anna’s nipple with my teeth. While teasing her, I slip my fingers between her legs, feeling her wetness build. My fingers become slick and I waste no time plunging two fingers into her. She gasps loudly, grinding against my hand.

“Fuck, Thea, please.” She begs and I move my fingers faster.

Anna grips my hair with one hand and the sheets with the other as I fuck her. Suddenly, I feel Ethan moving and before I know it, he’s behind me, poking at my entrance with his manhood. I moan softly as he slides into me. I rest my forehead on Anna’s stomach as Ethan begins pounding into me. I fight to focus on my fingers inside of Anna, but my head begins with spin from the pleasure of him filling me.

As Anna gets closer to exploding, I slip another finger inside of her. She yells out with need and I scream Ethan’s name with each thrust of his thick rod. I feel Anna’s walls clenching around my fingers and within seconds, her body is thrashing against me. I remove my soaked fingers from her, sliding them over her throbbing bud of nervous as Ethan fucks me from behind.

Regaining some of her sanity, Anna grabs my arms and pins them down. I’m a little confused until she looks up at Ethan and smiles.

“Harder.” She orders him and I hear him groan as he grips my hips right before ramming into me. I bite down on Anna’s side and she laughs as Ethan fucks me out of my mind.

“Fuck! Fuck!” I yell, but Ethan doesn’t let up. Each thrust is stronger and harder than the one before causing me to see spots as I squeeze my eyes close.

He doesn’t even let up when I explode into a million pieces with an orgasm I haven’t felt in a long time. He continues to slam into me until he feels himself getting close. When he’s about to fall apart, he pulls out and I feel him release on my back. Slumping against Anna, I feel like all the energy has been taken from me.

Ethan kneels down until his face is close to mine. When I look into his eyes, they are beaming with humor.

“I love you.” I whisper softly.

“I love you too, sleepy head.” He kisses my nose and I feel Anna’s body shake as she laughs at me.

Once we’re all composed and awake, we jump into the shower and get dressed before heading out to breakfast. The three of us spend the morning together until Anna heads home to run some errands. In the afternoon, Ethan and I just ride around and do a little shopping. I don’t know how, but as we’re riding around, we manage to pass by the club and for the first time, I see the building in daylight. I find it interesting how it looks completely abandoned during the day and so forbidden at night.

It gets me thinking about how much I’d like to go back, but I don’t want to bring it up to Ethan too much if he’s not completely ready yet. I assume one day on his own time he’ll say something, but until then, I’ll take everything we did this morning with Anna. Having a threesome with my two favorite people is a good distraction. Hell just thinking about it gets me wet and if Ethan weren’t the one driving, I’d be on his lap with him inside of me. This spike in my sexual appetite is refreshing given all the sadness that’s gone. I feel like myself again before everything with Kate and the baby. I feel the need for Ethan the same way I did when he first hired me.

Looking over at him, I smirk softly.

“Can you pull into somewhere private?”

“Why? What’s wrong?” He asks as he looks around for a place to park.

“Nothing’s wrong. I just want to fuck my fiance in the car.”

In seconds, Ethan cuts a corner and we end up behind some large building in a little alley. Before he can even put the car in park, I’m pulling up my skirt and climbing on top of him. I can most definitely get used to doing this more often. Grabbing his belt, I pull it loose with determination and need as he lets the seat back a bit. when I have him free, I lift my hips and slide down on him, moaning, whimpering, and then smiling.

Definitely can get used to this.

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