Pleasing the Boss

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Chapter 77

Over the next few days, living with Ethan becomes a dream. Waking up to him and going to sleep with him is everything I’ve ever wanted. The fact that we can call one place our own is great. It’s also a dream for my mother who is enjoying having her own place in the city. I don’t know if she’s had any male companions over yet and I don’t intend on asking because honestly, that’s just gross to think about.

She’s also enjoying her job with Ethan’s company. Someone on her floor let it slip that I’d modeled for the magazine once and showed her the pictures. She lost her shit and decided to ask Ethan for the negatives so she can have copies framed in her living room. Now every time I walk into her place, I have to see pictures of me laying all over a half-naked model.

With the topic of my short modeling career back in the light, my mother now wants to know when I plan on doing it again. It amuses Ethan to no end because apparently people have been calling and asking if I’m available. When I asked why he never told me, he claims that he knew I wouldn’t want to do it so there was no need to entertain the idea. I tried not to act irritated by it because I know his point would be that if I don’t care then there’s nothing to be mad about. In reality, though, I did have a little fun doing the shoot because it was something new and got me out of my little shell. I didn’t want to make a huge deal about it, but now that I’m more comfortable in my skin, it would be nice to do it again.

According to my mother, I should do it again because her little girl is gorgeous and the world needs to see my face. She’s my mother so she has to think that, but Ethan, of course, is backing her up on it. He says that the next time a photographer calls in reference to needing models, he will throw my name out there.

Not holding my breath for that, I go on about my secretarial duties with Anna. With her new promotion, she’s visiting my office more than ever now. She loves that fact that her hard work has finally paid off even though she said she was never reaching for any advancements. Ethan says that she never asked for advancements or even a pay raise in the years she’s been working for him so despiting our delicate situation, she deserves it more than anyone. Already she has hired and fired a few people. When running it by Ethan, he agreed that those who were fired had it coming.

With everyone in a good position in their lives, it’s refreshing. It seems like just yesterday, I was eating peanut butter out of a jar and chugging water just to trick my body into thinking it was full. I wore old Goodwill clothes, fought off roaches, and risked an apartment fire every time I flicked the light switch on. The sad part about that is I was grateful for that life. I was just happy I wasn’t sleeping on the street or dead. If it hadn’t been for Ethan giving me a chance when he knew I was a hot mess, I don’t know where I’d be. Hell, I might have actually had to sleep with my disgusting landlord for a rent extension. That would be worse than being dead.

After work, Ethan takes Anna and me out for dinner at some super expensive place. We invited my mother, but being the new social lite that she is said she had a hot date. She’s has three dates since being in the city and none of them have really sparked or so she says. I think she’s just being picky because she can be. I hope she finds a good guy though.

At the restaurant, we are seated in a private section of the room. We order a bottle of wine and when the first sip hits my tongue, I instantly feel myself relaxing.

“So how was everyone’s day? I ask, looking around the table.

“It was great.” Anna smiles, flipping her hair over her shoulder.

“Yeah, my day was okay. A shit ton of meetings. How was yours, babe?”

“Good. No complaints. Just thinking about whether we’re going to the club this weekend or not.”

He gives me a look as if he knows that I’ve been thinking about it and has been waiting for me to say something. I don’t want him to think I’m pressuring him into going, but I also don’t want him to give up something he loves and has put forth month for just because of something sad that happened. It’s not in his nature to just give up on things.

“What do you think, Anna?”

Her wine glass stops at her mouth and she looks at Ethan as if he’s asking her a million dollar question. Clearing her throat, she sets her glass down and places her hands in her lap.

“Well, I have had nothing but good experiences at the club with the two of you. Thea has expressed to me via text at work that you feel a little weary about going back in light of Thea’s medical emergency that took place there. However, the two things have no connection what so ever. Had this happened at work, would you never go back?”

When Ethan doesn’t answer, Anna continues.

“I believe that Ethan feels like if he goes back he’ll have a bitter taste in his mouth about going to the club instead of having Thea at home resting. It’s understandable, but nothing could have prevented such an unfortunate event. It’s no places fault and no one’s fault. Ethan the club is your favorite place and you and Thea share good a ton of nice memories there so you should let this one situation ruin something that you two bond over. I personally believe that you two should go to the club alone just to get back into the groove of things.”

I give her a look, but no one notices. Looking over at Ethan, he drinks his wine, nodding softly.

“I agree. However, I don’t agree with you not going, Anna. You enjoy the club just as much and you are a special person to the both of us.”

“Thank you, but you two are about to get married. Do you two plan to keep this threesome going after the wedding?”

The question comes as a shock to me seeing as I’m not the only one who has been questioning the future of this trio. However, it stings a bit that Anna is bringing it up.

“I mean, Anna, we haven’t really discussed it. I guess we figure that when you’re ready to call it quits then that will be it. We don’t expect you to be with us long term. We know you want your own relationship and love life. We value you while you’re will us, but would understand when you’re done with this arrangement.”

Anna nods.

“I’m glad you feel that way. I enjoy being with the two of you and I was a little nervous about bringing this up. I didn’t want you two to think I was having ill feelings towards being with you two. I really like the two of you and when I find someone special, I hope that has welcoming and love as you both are. I must admit that when this is over, I’m going to miss the hell out of sleeping with the both of you. The sex has been wild.” She laughs and Ethan and I feel a weight off our shoulders from having this much need conversation. I’m glad we all have a little understanding about the future between all of us.

“Well, not that it’s settled, I guess we’re going to the club this weekend.” He smiles and Anna lightly claps her hands together as I smile at the two of them.

After finishing dinner, we drop Anna off at home and when we get home, Ethan and I proceed to have sex in the shower, then the bed, then the bedroom floor for what seems like hours. I don’t know why, but at this point, I don’t even care.

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