Pleasing the Boss

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Chapter 78

On the night that we’re supposed to go to the club for the first time in forever, Ethan is late coming home. Anna and I are sitting in his place, lounging around, waiting for him and it’s starting to make me think he’s having adverse feelings about it. We had talked about it last night in bed and he seemed all for it. I’d hate to find out that he’s just been doing all of this for me and not himself. That’s always been my worry. Ethan is naturally a people pleasure despite being stern from time to time. He has done nothing but make his life revolve around me and his love for me. This could easily be apart of that.

While we’re waiting for him, Anna and I decide to pamper ourselves. We put on face masks, turned on some music, and take a bubble bath together. While sitting in the hot water, we just relax with our legs tangled around each other. We don’t talk much, mostly because we’re relaxing. Other than being in the bathtub together naked, this feels like we’re actually just friends. It’s nice to know that we can be around each other without our hands wandering.

With the music blaring throughout the overhead speakers in the condo, we don’t hear anyone come in. It isn’t until, Ethan appears in the bathroom, knocking on the wall to alert us. We peel the cucumber slices from our eyes and find him standing there with an amused look on his face.

“What are you two doing?”

“Waiting for you.” We both say together.

“It doesn’t look like it.”

“Where have you been? I’ve been worried.” I say as I bite a piece out of the cucumber.

“I had to run a quick errand for tonight.”

When he says that I breathe a sigh of relief. He’s still planning on going. He isn’t getting cold feet or having mixed feelings. He actually looks excited about going, standing there still in his work clothes.

“Oh okay. We’ll hurry up and get ready, mister.” I smile and he smiles back at me as he begins undressing.

“While you too soak, I’ll just jump into the shower.”

Anna and I watch him as he undresses down to nothing before going to the shower. Through the glass we watch him shower as if it’s a steamy movie and we’re merely the audience. As Ethan suds up his whole body, his hand comes down and briefly strokes his manhood, causing both of us to stir in the sea of bubbles. Ethan just has a way of getting us going without even trying. We both sink down into the water and just watch him.

When he’s almost done, we both get out and hop into the shower with him to rinse the suds off of our bodies. Ethan assists, running his hands over our bodies and when the soap is all gone, his hand spend a few for moments roaming over our curves.

Since Ethan doesn’t take as long to get ready as we do, he goes to the kitchen to fix us a quick dinner while Anna and I dry off. We take turns drying our hair and using my curling iron. Right before we do each other’s makeup, Ethan comes in.

“I almost forgot about the damn errand I ran. Your attire for the evening is on the bed.” He smirks as we follow him to the bedroom. On the bed is two garment bags.

When I open mine, I see a black lace nightie. However, it almost looks like a dress despite it being see-through. Anna holds her's up and she has the same one. Quickly, we go back to the bathroom to finish our makeup so we can see ourselves in the attire Ethan got us. The match our outfits, we decide to do our hair and makeup exactly the same with big wavy curls and half of our hair up in a little ponytail. We apply matching smokey eyes with our makeup and when we’re done, we could probably pass as cousins, maybe sisters.

Putting on our bra and panty sets to go under the see-through dress, we finally get to put it on. Once I see it flow over my body, I finally understand it. With little spaghetti straps on my shoulders, the actual sleeves hang off giving me a boho lingerie look if that’s even possible.

Once we’re dressed, we go to the living room to see Ethan standing there already dressed in his suit, looking handsome as ever. As he is setting some plates on the table, his eyes flicker up and he has to look again.


“You like?” I do a little spin and Anna shimmies her hips a bit.

“You two are going to be the death of me.” He shakes his head. “Come eat right quick. I make grilled chicken and pasta.”

We sit down and over wine and food, we just talk a bit about our days. You’d think we’d discuss how the night is going to go, but we don’t. I think it’s already implied that it’s going to be a good night. It’s our first time back since my unfortunate health scare and we deserve this. The energy is already looming over us.

Once dinner is over and we’re full of wine. The driver arrives and we slide into the back seat with Ethan between Anna and me with each hand on our knee. The ride to the club is good, but for some reason, I become a little nervous. I know I’m just overthinking it, but what if it just doesn’t feel right anymore? What if we’re forcing something that no longer works? Both of those questions just seem dumb considering the three of us have thrived sexually in this club. It has changed all of us in some sort of way and will always be a part of us. It’s stupid to think this club would ever let us down.

“Babe.” Ethan says when he notices that I’m being too quiet.

I turn to him and he smiles at me before leaning in to kiss me. His nose brushes over mine and his fingers caress my knee.

“I love you, Thea.” He whispers.

“I love you too, Ethan.”

Just those three words blow all the doubt of my mind and I have a clear mind again. With all the nerves gone, a sense of excitement washes over me. The car pulls up the club sometime later. Before getting out, Ethan puts on his regular black mask while Anna and I opt for our lace masks.

The moment we walk in, it’s like nothing has changed what so ever. The atmosphere is just as intoxicating as ever and it only takes a second for my sexuality to ooze from my body, making me feel alive. I look over at Ethan and Anna and they both appear to be under the same drug.

When we enter the lobby, eyes fall on us. Despite always wearing masks, it seems like people immediately know who we are. It sends a chill down my spine just having people look at us. It also amuses me that most of these people never leave the lobby to go upstairs. They limit themselves to just mingling with the rich instead of free themselves. They admire us but never take the plunge. Little do they know, it’s as easy as just walking up the stairs and boom, liberation, freedom, sex, love, and life.

We all make our way to the bar and grab drinks before heading upstairs. We’re about to head up the stairs, but before I can get a foot on the step, this woman stops me. She looks young but dressed as if she’s at work. Through her mask, I see the most beautiful sea-green eyes.

“Hi.” She says and I smile.


“Can I ask you something?”

“Sure, gorgeous.”

Her lips curve into a small smile, surely feeling a little embarrassed by my compliment.

“What’s it like up there? My boyfriend won’t let me go. He says it’s just a bunch of people having sex. The only reason he comes here is to say he does. He never goes up.”

I take in the natural curiosity in her tone. I turn my head and look at Ethan and he just smirks, shaking his head. I look over at Anna and she’s nodding, urging me to make a move. When I turn back to the girl, she’s nipping at her bottom lip, looking over her shoulder.

I reach out and run my fingers down her arm. When I reach her hand, I lock my fingers in and lean into her ear.

“Come and see for yourself.”

For a moment, she considers her boyfriend, but when she looks at the three of us, she sees what she could be. Taking a deep breath, she nods and smiles, letting me pull her up the stares with us. As we’re heading up, I hear a guy yell.


The girl turns and looks but doesn’t stop walking. Frowning, I lean in.

“Please tell me that isn’t the name he’s making you use.”

She nods and I shake my head.

“Well, we’re going to have to change that.”

And just like that, she leaves her boyfriend and complacency behind.

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