Pleasing the Boss

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Chapter 79

When we get to the second floor, I can feel Jen’s hand sweating in mine. I’m sure she thinks I’m judging her for being nervous but in reality, I sympathize with her. I was the same way when I first came with Kate. Now, in my defense, I was sneaking around and lying to Ethan so I was sweating bullets, but still, i understand where she’s coming from. Once we get to a section of seats me like, I turn and ask her if she wants something to drink.

“Uh, I don’t drink much. So I don’t really know the name of anything.”

I smile softly, nodding.

“I’ll get you something sweet. You can sit down if you like. I promise my friends won’t bite.”

Jen giggles softly, before finally letting my hand go and taking a seat next to Anna. I already know Anna and Ethan’s preferred drinks so I head to the bar to order. When I get there, there are a few masked men seated on either side of me. They both have dark liquor in their glasses, not talking to anyone. It isn’t odd for men to come alone, but usually, they are at least talking to someone or eyeing someone they want to talk to. Maybe they just needed to get away from reality.

I’m still waiting for my drinks when I see one of the guys turn to look at me for a long moment. I cut my eyes to him and he nods a bit.

“You look amazing tonight.”

“Thank you.”

“You seem like a regular here.”

“I am.” I smile again, watching him slosh his drink around in the glass with no ice.

“So what does a man have to do with end up with a woman like you?”

“Hmm, well if you play your cards right you might end up with a woman like me. It just won’t be me. I’m taken. Sorry.”

“Ahh, I see. This just doesn’t seem like the place for commitment.”

“Depends on who you talk to.”

“Well, I’m talking to you.”

“And I told you that I’m taken.” I smile softly, but in my head, I’m starting to think this man is a bit of a creep.

“Can I ask you something?”

Forcing a smile, I turn to him with my hand on my hip.


He leans in a bit and I lean away causing his to chuckle a bit as if I’m putting trying to play hard to get or something. I want to see if Ethan is watching, but I already know he is.

“How much?”

“Excuse me?” I frown.

“How much for the night? Just give me a number.”

My eyes widen and I step away from him, brushing against the other guy who is just sitting at the bar not talking.

“You think I’m a prostitute?”

The creep laughs and reaches in his pocket for his wallet.

“Ah, come on, don’t take it the wrong way, sweetie. I’m just loo*\king for a good time.”

“Then go to a fucking park. I’m not a fucking prostitute you piece of shit.”

This time when he laughs, he turns away. My eyes flicker down for just a moment and I notice a police badge on his hip. He’s a fucking cop. Why would there be cops in here? This isn’t some brothel or anything. Finally, my drinks come and I quickly grab them. As I’m walking away, I turn around again and he’s smiling at me while raising his glass. Fucking creeper.

When I get back to where Ethan is sitting, he’s looking at me strangely. It’s probably because I look fucking pissed right now that some rude cop is ruining my first night back at the club by accusing me of being a cheap whore.

“What’s wrong?”

Distributing all the drinks, I lean over into Ethan’s ear.

“You need to go tell the owner that there’s a cop in here accusing women of being prostitutes. I think he’s investigating the place.

“Shit.” He hisses.

I straighten up and for some reason, my eyes flicker to Jen and she’s looking at the cop in a way.

“Holy shit.” I whisper, stepping over to her.

Her eyes look up at me and she puts on this fake innocent smile. Leaning over, I place my hand on both of her knees and press my mouth against her ear.

“You and your little asshole cop friend need to get the fuck out of here, now. You don’t belong here.”

My words startle her for a second before that whole sweet and innocent act fades away. Standing, she sighs and smiles.

“I know a whore house when I see one. We’ll find something.”

Standing up, she goes to brush past me and I fight back the urge to push her to the floor. However, before the thought can fully cross my mind, Ethan is up and pulling me away from her. We watch as Jen, the asshole cop, and not to my surprise the other silent guy gets up and leaves without so much as another glance my way. Once they are gone, Ethan tells me to sit down with Anna so he can go talk to the owner about what’s going on.

Sitting down next to Anna, she is downing her drink, knowing her night has gotten off to a weird start. For her sake, I decide to calm down and try to redeem the night. I sip the drink I originally got for Jen or whatever the hell her name is. After a few moments, the drink is gone and I’m feeling warm from the alcohol. I will not let anything ruin my night.

Feeling tipsy with the music blaring, I’m feeling a ton better. Next to me, Anna is looking as if she’s itching to dance. Wanting to spice things up, I lean over and brush my fingers mover her thigh.

“I think I deserve a lap dance.”

“Oh really?” She raises an eyebrow. “And why do you think that?”

“Well, I’ve been a very good girl. I didn’t punch any smug cops. So I think I deserve a little something.”

Laughing, she throws the rest of her drink back and stands. My eyes run up and down her body, wanting so badly to strip her bare right here. She stands in front of me and with her leg, separates mine until there is enough space to stand between them. I feel a soft breeze between my thighs and it sends a chill down my spine. Anna begins swaying in front of me. She turns around and dips her ass down into my lap, grinding against me. I’m about to say something when suddenly, here comes Ethan, rushing over.

“Get up. We have to go.”

“Why?” I whine causing him to roll his eyes as he pulls me up by my arm.

Pulling me close, he damn near growls into my here.

“The cops are about to raid this place in 5 minutes. We need to get the fuck out of here now. Let’s go.”

My heart starts pumping and I grab Anna’s hand just in time for Ethan to start pulling me towards the exit. By the time we get to the lobby, most of the rich people are gone. Lucky them. Ethan doesn’t stop pulling until we are outside where the car is waiting for us. Inside the car, I suddenly hear an alarm coming from inside.

“Drive.” Ethan orders and without missing a beat, the driver speeds out of the parking lot.

We round the corner and coming towards us is a line of police cars, speeding in the direction of the club. We hold our breaths as they speed past us and when we’re in the clear, we all breathe a sigh of relief. When my nerves die down, I shake my head.

“My night has been ruined.”

Before Ethan can say something, Anna starts giggling uncontrollably. Ethan and I look at her causing her to snort.

“That was so exciting. We could’ve gone to jail tonight!”

I laugh realizing that she’s completely drunk off the strong drink I gave her. At least she had a good time. I just can’t say the same for myself. Better luck next week....if there is next week.

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