Pleasing the Boss

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Chapter 8

In the conference room, Ethan and I sit at a long table with multiple chairs and a projector screen. I sit my things down and pull out my journal just in case I have to make a note. The man he is meeting is sitting at one end with another guy. I listen as Ethan greets them before sitting back down. As they get to talking, sit quietly. It gets boring really fast and I hardly understand what they are talking about. Suddenly, without looking at me, Ethan slides a sticky note over.

Fix your posture and you don’t have to listen to us if you don’t want. You are free dream

I nearly laugh, but I bite down on my lip. Sitting up straighter, I look at Ethan and he nods. Opening my journal, I let my pen go to work on the page with a scene I’ve been thinking about since my earlier day dream.

.....She slowly undid his tie, not taking her eyes off of his. He was shocked that his shy neighbor was standing in front of him, skirt up around her waist and shirt hanging off of her, mostly unbuttoned. She was so tempting, so arousing right now as she took charge of him. His eyes flickered down to her half undone shirt, her luscious plump breasts dying to be free from the lace bra restricting them. His hands reached up to rest on her hips as her delicate fingers worked the buttons of his shirt.

“Where is this coming from?” He whispered harshly, trying to ignore the growth in his pants pushing and fighting against the zipper.

“I’ve always wanted you. So many nights, I pleasured myself to the thought of you plunging into my tight canal. I need you inside of me, inside of my mouth and my-” she couldn’t continue due to his lips suddenly on hers.

He kissed her hard and passionately. His hands slid up her sides and over her swelled mounds. Gripping the shirt, he yanked it apart sending buttons clinking to the floor. She gasped and felt her hot juices flood her panties.

“Please take me” Her small sensual voice coaxed him and his cock throbbed. “Down on your knees, little minx” He nearly groaned.

Falling to her knees, she reached up and undid his pants, gasping when she came face to face with his rod, swollen and hung. Looking up at him, he ran his fingers through her hair, gripping it hard. “I’m going to fuck your mouth and I want you to gag, baby. Then I’m going to slam into your hot waiting pus-”

The sound of someone clearing their throat causes me to pause in my writing. Looking up, the men across the table are talking. It isn’t until I look to my left that I see Ethan staring at me. I don’t need to ask to know that he peeked at what I was writing. His expression said it all. My throat tightens and I slam my journal closed. Panic consumes me and I want to crawl under a rock and die. My breath shallows and Ethan leans over into my ear.

“Unless you want them gawking at you, I suggest you calm down. You’re turning red.”

I don’t reply, I just nod and try to take a few deep breaths. Did he read the whole thing? Hell, it doesn’t matter. The whole damn page was dirty. When I look over at Ethan again, his knuckles are nearly white as he grips his pen too hard. Oh god, he’s furious with me. He has to be. I just sat in a meeting and wrote a bunch of sex filth as Ethan negotiated with an important potential client. I’m so fired.

I sat quietly as they continued the meeting and Ethan didn’t look over at me anymore. My nerves heighten and I’m almost afraid of what he is going to say when we get back to his office. However, I can’t ponder on it completely, because I am extremely turned on. Under the table, I’m pressing my thighs together as my panties dampen a bit. Curse me and my filth writing.

When the meeting is over, I follow Ethan out of the room. He shakes hands and says bye to the men before heading to his office, not speaking a word to me. Back in the office, I go to sit in my desk as Ethan goes into his own office.

“Nope, don’t sit. Come here, now” He wasn’t even looking. How did he know I sat down?

Getting back up, I walk into his office as he sits behind his desk and pulls at his tie a bit.

“Thea, what the hell?”

“You shouldn’t have been spying in my journal”

Ethan frowns. “I was going to ask if you wanted a sub sandwich for lunch and it caught my attention. What was I supposed to do?”

“Look away?” I shrug.

“Easier said than done. Thea, I swear I don’t know what to do with you” His tone causes my whole body to tense. I don’t know what to say. I technically didn’t do anything wrong. I mean, I was just writing. My hands clench around my journal as I hold it behind my back. Ethan stands up and paces around his desk. His expression is hard and mean.

“Ethan, I know it wasn’t professional and...”

“Shh. Don’t speak. There is no excuse for what you did.” He steps in front of me and I look up at him. Behind my back, my hands are now trembling, my breath shallow.

I don’t even take in enough air to make my chest rise. Ethan stares down at me and despite the situation, I can’t help but feel a pull in my lower belly. His domineering stance makes my pussy clench with need. Leaning over into my ear, Ethan’s warm breath tickles my neck.

“Do you know how hard I was in there? How badly I wanted to take you on that conference table and fuck you in front of both of those men? To let them watch me pound into you, relentlessly?”

Where the hell did that come from?! “Ethan, I-”

My voice trembles as my nipples harden and press against my bra, achingly. Jesus, take the wheel.

“Quiet, Thea. I’m not done. Three days I’ve known you and I thought I could see right through you. I was so wrong. Your sex appeal is reserved right up here in that dirty little mind of yours.” He lifts his hand and runs his thumb over my temple. Ethan begins pacing around me, circling me like shark waiting to attack its prey

“I can only imagine what you were day dreaming earlier, how soaked your panties were as you wrote in your journal. Oh, how slick my cock would easily slide into you.” Ethan pulls back and his deep brown eyes bore into mine.

Our bodies are so close that if we inhaled at the same time, our chests would touch. That wouldn’t be so bad though, right....wrong! Thea, could you be more foolish and horny? Calm yourself woman!

Stepping back, I shake my head and look up at Ethan. “I...I need to make copies.”

The only excuse I can muster up to get out. Ethan gives me a short nod, dismissing me. Turning on my heels, I get the hell out that office. When I’m out of his view, I lean against the wall and exhale hard.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck.” I hiss through my teeth before grabbing some papers I already made copies for. It wouldn’t hurt to have a few more extra copies.

Anything to cool my nerves right now. The man didn’t even touch me, yet I feel like I just came. As I make unnecessary copies, I lean up against the wall and wonder what the hell just happened. One minute he is my boss and the next he is my sexy, fuck me crazy, make me scream, boss. Damn it, Thea.

For the rest of the day, Ethan and I barely speak unless it has to do with meetings, coffee, and copies. By the time I have to leave to go pick up his suit, my feet no longer feel rich. They feel dirt poor in these red bottoms. As I climb into Ethan’s car, I tell the driver to take me back to the apartment as I take the heels off my aching feet. Leaning my head back, I close my eyes and replay the way he looked and spoke to me. It was amazing and exhilarating. I’ve never had a man use such a tone with me. It makes my insides quiver in anticipation for more. As wrong as this may be, Ethan turned me on without any physical contact. Jeez.

When I get to the apartment, I wait in the lobby until a man with a garment bag strides in. “Ms. Washington?”

“Yes.” I nod and he hands me a clip board.

“Sign please.”

I quickly write my signature before grabbing the bag and heading up to Ethan’s apartment. At his door, I fumble in my bag for the key he gave me before I left the office. After unlocking the door, I go straight to his bedroom and hang the bag in his closet, not touching anything else.

As I’m about to walk out, something under the bed catches my eye. I step to the bed and kneel down picking up a black mask just like the one from his office drawer. I look around for anything else, but there is nothing. His room is spotless. Sexy neat freak.

Putting the mask back where it was, I leave his bedroom, extremely curious about what Ethan’s extracurricular activities are. I couldn’t ask, but he may think that I was snooping or something.

Grabbing an apple out of his fruit bowl, I hurry back to work.

When 7:00 finally arrives, I’m tired as hell. It didn’t seem like I did a lot, but between meetings, copies, and coffee, it’s quite a tiring job. Ethan and I leave and on the ride home, we sit quietly as Ethan goes through his phone. 10 minutes into the ride, he finally speaks.

“How was your first day?”

Swallowing hard, I bite my lip.

“Interesting. Enlightening. Tiring” My eyes scan over him.

He looks just the same as when we left home this morning. Nothing out of place. Hair still combed back neatly where as little out of place stings of hair now framed my face. I try to imagine the many reasons one would need a black mask. I come up with nothing logical.

Ethan smirks and looks at me. “It was quite the interesting day for me as well.”

And that’s the extent of our conversation. He is so confusing. One minute he is being brooding and sexy and the next he is a mute. He either wants to fuck me or not.....I mean not that I would...I just mean...crap. I’m hot for the man.

When we arrive at the apartment, I get off the elevator on my floor, not daring to look back at Ethan. In my apartment, I drop my bag to the floor and kick my shoes off. I go straight to the fridge and grab a bottle of wine that came with my groceries yesterday morning. I hunt down a glass and fill it up as I begin boiling some spaghetti for dinner.

As I stir pasta and fry ground beef, all I can think about is today at work. I didn’t want it to turn out like this. On my first day of a new job, I end up having the hots for my boss and if I’m right, he has the hots for me. I doubt we’ll act on it though. It wouldn’t be professional.

After cooking, eating, and two glasses of white wine, I’m beat. I shuffle to the bedroom and strip out of my clothes before washing my face and brushing my teeth. Pulling on a long shirt, I fall into bed at 11:00. Staring up at the ceiling, I fantasize about what Ethan said about fucking me on the conference room table. The thought alone makes me moan softly. I begin to slip my fingers between my thighs, but I stop. Turning on my side, I open the bed tide table and retrieve the sex toy I purchased.

“Time to break you in.”

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