Pleasing the Boss

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Chapter 80

Over the next few days, I don’t hear much about the club from Ethan. When I ask about it, he says that he hasn’t heard much either and I believe him. I try not to over the think that fact that the place was basically raided over accusations of being a brothel. Hopefully, they realized they were wrong and just left, but that would be just too good to be true.

In the meantime, I just focus on work and home. At work, these flow easily and at home, it’s peaceful. A little too peaceful in my opinion. We begin to fall into a weird routine of work, home, dinner, and bed. No sex. No movies. No nothing. It’s odd. It makes me think that something bigger is going on with Ethan that he isn’t telling me. Is he worried about something regarding the club? We agreed a long time ago not to have secrets, so I’d be pissed if this club scandal uncovers something I don’t know about him or his past.

While trying not to get ahead of myself, I spend some time with my mother to clear my head. In her place, she’s completely started to redecorate after receiving her first paycheck. The furniture has being rearranged and the color scheme has been changed. I don’t care though. I’m glad she’s making the place her own. It makes me happy that she has made a home here for herself.

At her place, we have a glass of wine and catch up on her dating life. She’s had a few promising dates with a retired lawyer named Drew. He’s a 48-year-old widower with 3 adult kids who live across the country. According to my other, he’s loaded and wants to take her on vacation if their relationship flourishes.

“So, does he treat you well?” I ask, sipping the glass of wine.

“He does. He kind of reminds me of how your father was in the beginning. Drew makes me feel young again.” My mom giggles and I can’t help but smile.

I never realized how badly I just want her to be happy until just now. She’s been through a lot and has made some bad choices in her life, but she’s redeemed herself. It’s about time she gets a little romance in her life.

“I’m glad, mom. I can’t wait to meet him one day.”

“Me too. I talk about you all the time.”

“That’s good. What does he look like?”

She grabs her phone and scrolls through her pictures for a moment before turning the phone screen in my direction. I look at the picture and nod. Drew is quite the catch. He’s tall and black hair with silver streaks in it. His haw line is amazingly defined, and his body is quite toned. If you squint, he almost looks like…Ethan. He has the same color eyes and smile.

“He’s handsome.”

“Isn’t he?” She smiles as if she finds it hard to believe that someone who looks like Drew would want her, but she doesn’t realize that now that she’s gorgeous. Every time I look at her, she gives me 70’s movie star vibes. I’m sure if she could still wear platform shoes and bell-bottoms, she would.

“Hey, can I get a refill?” I hold up my glass and she takes it, heading toward the kitchen. With her back turned, I take my phone and snap a picture of her picture of Drew. I want to show it to Ethan. For some reason, their resemblance is just too coincidental.

For the next few hours, we talk over wine, crackers, and cheese until Ethan texts me to come eat dinner. I tell my mom that she should come eat with us, but she said her work from Shannon invited her out for dinner. After a hug and kiss on the cheek, I head home.

As soon as I open the door, the smell of dinner hits my nose.

“Mm, something smells amazing, babe.”

“Grilled chicken, asparagus, and baked macaroni and cheese.”

“Yum.” I kick my shoes off and head to put my hair up.

When I come back, the table is set and Ethan is placing my plate at my seat. I sit down and take a deep breath, wiggling my sore toes from wearing heels all day.

“How was your mother’s?”

“Good. I invited her to dinner, but she has plans with a lady name Shannon from work.”

“Nice. I’m glad she’s fitting in nicely.”

“Me too. I never doubted it, but I’m still glad. She has also been going on steady dates with one guy. She thinks it’s promising so I’m hopeful for that too. She’s adjusted to the city faster than I did.” I make Ethan laugh as he cuts into his kitchen.

“Do I need to do a background check on the guy?”

“Actually. I’d like you to see a picture of him because he looks a lot like an older version of you.”

Ethan frowns.

“What do you mean?”

I swallow my food and nod.

“He looks like you or you look like him.”

“I find that hard to believe, baby.”

“Bet.” I shoot back and Ethan snorts.

“You’re betting on it?”

“Yes. If you agree with me that he looks like you then you have to….give me a lap dance.”

Ethan raises an eyebrow and I wiggle mine.

“And if I disagree, you have to give me head from under my office desk.”

“Agreed.” I spit out without even really thinking about what he just said. I’m just that sure that I’m right.

“Cool. Do you have a picture of him?”

I nod, pulling my phone from my pants pocket. I find the picture and slide the phone across the table. I watch Ethan pick up the phone while lifting his glass of water to his mouth. He’s about to sip when his misses and dribbles water down his chin.

“I win.” I smile as I eat a fork full of macaroni.

“Yes, you win. You win because your mother is dating my uncle Drew.”

Immediately, I almost choke on my food. I slap my chest a few times, coughing while Ethan just smirks at me like I grew three heads. When I clear my airway, I gawk at Ethan.

“He’s your uncle!”

“Yeah. His law firm represents the company. It’s being run by his son, William now.”

“He told my mom that his kids live in California.”

“They do, but William is relocating here soon to run the firm now that Drew is retired.”

“Why have you never mentioned an uncle?”

Ethan shrugs.

“We don’t cross paths often. The only reason I would have to see him is if the company was being sued or something. We check in with each other occasionally. He and my dad weren’t exactly that close. Drew was adopted before my dad was born, but when he found his birth parents, he became close to them and distant from his adopted family. My grandparents weren’t happy when he changed his last name back to his birth family’s. It caused some tension among the family for a while. I never had anything against him so when the company was passed down, I called him up.”

I just stare at Ethan for a moment.


“My mom is dating your uncle.”

“Technically, my uncle and I are only related by paperwork.” He shrugs as if there is nothing crazy about all of this, but at this point, Ethan is just used to crazy things happening in his life.

My mom, however, is going to shit a cow when she finds out.

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