Pleasing the Boss

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Chapter 82

After a few minutes of freaking out about my mother rocking Drew’s world, she comes waltzing out of the room like a brand new woman. I watch as she smiles, tightening her robe about her body.

“I’m so sorry you had to see that, honey.” She pats me on the arm as she goes into the kitchen.

“God, someone just shoot me so I don’t have to think about what I just saw. Eww.”

“Honey, we’re all adults. We all have sex. You don’t think I never heard you and Ethan doing the hanky panky and wanted to shove knives in my ears?”

“That’s so different than actually seeing it. You were mounted on that man like a racehorse. He’s the reason I’m over here right now. I need to tell you something.”

My mother pours herself a glass of wine and turns my direction, rolling her eyes.

“What is so important, sweetie?”

“Drew is Ethan’s uncle.”

Suddenly, she chokes and wine starts dribbling down her chin. It's pretty clear we don’t react well to unexpected news.

“He’s what?!”

“His uncle.”

“So we’re just keeping it in the family?” She cringes.

“No, Drew was adopted my Ethan’s grandparents. He’s not blood.”

“Oh, phew. I immediately pictured some three-eyed inbred child off some horror movie.”

This woman is something else.

I’m about to say something when Drew comes down the hall with only sweat pants on. As much as I’m grossed out by all of this, I try my hardest not to look down when I see a long imprint in the front of his pants. Thank God he’s not blood.

“I guess I should formally introduce myself.” He chuckles.

I hold my hand out and give him a firm shake before almost cringing at the fact that his hands have been all over my mother’s body. I manage to shake it away.

“I’m Thea.”

“I’m Andrew. Nice to finally meet you. Your mother talks about you often.”

“Often, huh?” I turn and look at her. “I guess she didn’t mention that I’m engaged.”

He shakes his head.

“No, she briefly said you were in a relationship.”

“And her new job?” I ask.

“Yeah, she’s a secretary.”

I give my mother a look and she shrugs.

“I don’t bother with technicalities. Just tell him.”

“Tell me what?”

I turn to Drew and smile. I wonder how he’s going to take this. I hope he doesn’t choke.

“My fiancé is Ethan Sawyer.”

Drew’s eyes widen a bit and he forces a laugh as he glances at my mother, who I assume is trying to give him some sweet innocent look.

“You’re engaged to my nephew?”

“Yuup. I also work for him as well as my mother. I’m his assistant. Which is how we ended up together.”

“Holy shit. Small world.”

“Yuuup. Super small. Oh, and we live a few floors up if you’d like to stop by. I’m going to go now and let you two finish whatever you had going on.” I don’t wait for a reply before I head to the door, waving at my mother.

In the hall, I groan and rub my forehead at the scene that just took place. I know now that Ethan is going to lose his mind laugh at this when I tell him.

When I get back to our place, Ethan is on the sofa, going through some pictures for the magazine. Instead of telling him this very minute, I go into the kitchen to make myself a sandwich. He usually doesn’t like to bring his work home, but if it’s urgent, he will. So I like to give him time to complete it quickly.

As I’m smearing peanut butter on some wheat bread, Ethan looks up as if he’s just realizing that I’m here.

“Babe, can you bring me a beer?”

“Yeah, sure.” I pause with my sandwich and turn to the fridge. Grabbing a beer out, I pop the top off and take a sip as I’m walking it over to him.

“Who said you could have some?”

“I did.” I laugh.

He takes it from me and before lifting it to his mouth, he hums.

“So how’d the talk with your mom go?”

“Eh, it was great after I walked in on them having sex.”

Instead of choking on his beer, he just pauses and looks at me. I simply nod and walk back to the kitchen to finish making my sandwich. By the time, I’m done eating two sandwiches, Ethan is done so I give him all the details. Of course, he laughs.

We talk about his uncle Drew for most of the evening. Ethan tells me pretty much everything he knows about the man. Where he went to school, family vacations, family arguments and so on. As much as I usually take Ethan’s side on a lot of things, I can with this situation. It appears Ethan’s family treated Drew so wrong for just wanting to know his real family. I mean I understand being hurt about changing his last name back and going to live with them, but it would have meant everything if they’d just supported him. It doesn’t seem like Drew wanted to hurt anyone with his choices. I can see why Ethan never talked about him. I can imagine his parents scolding him for doing so.

Apart from his family, Ethan has nothing but good memories with Drew. It’s nice to know that there won’t be any animosity between them now that Drew is dating my mother. I wouldn’t know how to feel if I had to take sides. It would hurt my mother.

By the time dinner rolls around, we’ve pretty much wrapped up all the Drew talk as we get ready to sit down and each. I’m about to set the table with the doorbell rings. For some reason I think it’s my mother finally coming to dinner, but when I open the door, I’m greeted by Drew.

“Hey, I thought I’d swing by and say hey to Ethan.”

“Yeah, come in.” I manage to get out as I step aside.

When we talk back to into the kitchen, Ethan turns and stops in his tracks.

“Hey, kid.” Drew smiles and despite the adoption, you’d swear they were truly related in looks. It’s crazy.

Ethan comes around the counter and in seconds, they are embracing in a hug.

“Been a long time, old man.” Ethan chuckles, slapping Drew’s back.

I continue setting the table and when dinner is done, we all sit down to eat together. I don’t get much talking done, because I become merely an audience to an uncle and nephew catching up. I’ve never met any of Ethan’s family and to be honest if I never met the rest of them, that would be fine because I doubt any of them could make Ethan smile the way Drew does.

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