Pleasing the Boss

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Chapter 87

Thursday at noon comes faster than I thought it would and before I know it, I’m sitting in a conference room with a reporter, his camera, and a tape recorder. This is literally the first time I’ve been out of the house in days and it feels very awkward. After days, I finally had to do something to my hair and put adult clothes on. Boy, do I miss lounging in boxers and t-shirts.

“Okay, Thea, are you ready?” The reporter, Jim, asks.

“As ready as I’ll ever be.” I sigh, and he turns the recorder on and flips open a note pad with questions written down.

“Okay, this is Jim, sitting down with Thea Washington, one of the many members of Sinful Desire sex club. She is one of the hundreds whose name was leaked into the tabloids as being a member and one of the few to decide to open up about her experience there. Thank you for meeting with me, today.”

“No problem. I’m happy to do this.”

“So, tell me, who first introduced you to the club?”

“I had a friend who thought it would be a good place for me to visit. She piqued my curiosity and that’s how it started.” I shrug, thinking of Kate.

“Since the club was extremely low key, how were you allowed to enter?”

“You have to be invited and escorted in by an established member. Once you enter, you’re on a trial period. After so many visits, your name is added to the member's roster so then you’re allowed to come on your own and bring your own guests.”

“What was your first impression of Sinful Desires?”

I can’t help but smile, remembering how nervous I was the first night.

“It’s a little intimidating. The unknown is always a little scary.”

Jim smirks and raises his eyebrow.

“Did you recognize anyone there?”

“Oh no, masks are required to maintain member anonymity.”

“So basically, the names on the list are a surprise to even the people on the list.” He chuckles.

“Pretty much. I’m sure there were people who knew one another outside of the club, but for a lot of people, they were complete strangers to everyone next to them.” I giggle, and Jim shakes his head as if even he is becoming intrigued by the idea of the club.

“I hope you don’t mind, but now I’d like to get down to some of the more scandalous aspects of the club. As you know, the rumors of prostitution have come up numerous times in headlines. Would you like to address that?”

“Yes, I would. There was in no way, shape, or form of prostitution happening in the club. People came to simply experience things that were taboo at home or in society. Whether they were simply observing or physically participating, no one was getting paid to do anything.”

“What about you?”

“What about me?” I raise an eyebrow.

“Did you observe or participate?”

“In the beginning, I only observed, but eventually I did participate with trusted partners.”

“In front of people?”

I laugh.

“Yes, but like I said, no one was recognized, and we even used fake names to address one another. Being in the club was all about being liberated and free without work or home life getting in the way.”

Jim nods and flips the page of his note pad.

“What do you have to say to people who are judging the club so harshly?”

“I think that what people fear what they don’t know. From puberty, we are introduced to sex and what society wants us to believe it is. Sex is supposed to be private between a married couple with limited tastes and anything outside of that box is bad or dirty. Most of the people who are judging are secretly wishing they would experience the things I have in the club.”

Jim nods and closes the notepad.

“Well, Thea, I’d like to thank you so much for doing this interview for me. I appreciate it.” He reaches his hand out to shake mine.

“No problem. I thought it would be longer.” I laugh, shaking his hand in return.

“A lot of the article will be on my part. However, with what you’ve given me, you are going to have a lot of people intrigued about going to this club. By the time this article hits the shelf everyone is going to want a tell-all book.”

As we’re walking out, Ethan is there to greet us. He chats with Jim for a bit before letting him go. When Ethan comes over to me, he kisses my forehead.

“How was it?”

“It was nice. It felt like telling someone a big secret. A lot of weight off my shoulders.”

“I’m glad. Now, are you ready for the second half of the agreement?”

Crap, I almost forgot about the photo shoot.

Leaving the building, Ethan and I ride a few blocks away to the same building I had my first photoshoot at. Only this time when we walk in, there aren’t any other models walking around. The only peoples here are the ones responsible for wardrobe, makeup, and photography.

Wasting no time, a woman comes over to me and takes my hand. As she’s about to lead me away, I stop and turn on my heels. Looking up at Ethan, I scrunch up my nose.

“Why don’t you go get some lunch or coffee or a new car? I think I need to do this on my own.”

The corner of his mouth turns up and he leans in to give me a quick kiss.

“I’ll be back later. Off to buy a new car and maybe a dog.” He waves as he gets back into the elevator. Once he’s gone, I feel a little more comfortable about doing this now that he won’t be standing there watching me.

At the makeup station, I get my hair done in large loose curls and it gets pinned back in a little vintage Victorian style updo. By the time I’m getting makeup down, I can tell they are going for an old fashion Victorian masquerade type look. I like it a lot. However, when I’m presented with the lingerie, it’s anything but vintage. I’m a very sheer type black pantie and bra set with a sheer cover up that doesn’t cover much.

Before finishing me up, they stick a few black feathers in my hair and give me a mask. I assume Ethan suggested it to add a little something for the members to catch onto.

Once I’m all dolled up, I go to the photo shoot area and there’s a long Victorian chaise lounge. I can see where this is going.

“Okay, Thea, just get on the lounge and act totally natural. Feel as if you’re in the club and getting the vibes.” The photographer says, using excessive hand gestures.

I nod and look around a bit.

“Do you mind if I make a suggestion?”


“Can you shut off some of the lights? It’s hard to imagine the club this bright.” I snort.

He turns around and begins ordering all the lights to be shut off. One by one they turn off until there is minimal light in the room. There’s already sensual music going so it feels a little more intimate now. I walk over to the chair and sit on it and without missing a bit, the camera starts snapping. Taking a few deep breaths, I just imagine everyone around me naked in the sexiest way I can. Thoughts of people fucking in the corner of the room pass through my head. The thought of Ethan’s hand moving up my thigh gives me chills.

Over the span of an hour, I manage to move from pose to pose and from the looks on everyone’s faces, I must’ve done pretty well. Before I know it, it’s over and I’m a little sad when all the lights are turned back on.

While I’m in the back getting dressed, I hear Ethan return. From the back, I can hear the photographer raving about the pictures and I’m sure he’s showing Ethan some of them. Ethan has to see them at some point since he’s the person who approves them.

Loving the curls in my hair, I let them out of the retrains of the million bobby pins, letting them flow down my back as I put my clothes on. I walk out to the main room and Ethan is holding some quick prints of the pictures. From across the room, I see a smile on his face.

“I hope I’m not that ugly.” I say as I walk up and he shakes his head.

“I’m getting some of these blown up and hung in the condo.”

“Absolutely not.” I smack his arm, playfully.

“You look gorgeous, baby.” He kisses me and leans into my ear. “These pictures have me hard as a rock right now.”

“Hmm, well, why don’t you take me home, so I can help you with that?”

“You read my mind.” He wraps his arm wound my waist and thanks the photographer before pulling me with him as we leave.

This day just keeps getting better.

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