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Scarlett's Scars

By Tawni Suchy All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Mystery


BOOK ONE OF THE BROKEN SERIES. A story of heartache, heartbreak, abuse and betrayal. Two hearts unknowingly beating as one. Two souls drawn together, awaiting their destiny. A story of finding hope, extending grace and receiving the ultimate healing only given by the One. A second chance at love. A second chance at finding their happy ending. [The Broken Series Book ONE] © 2018 Tawni Suchy. All rights reserved.

Prologue: Scarlett

June 10, 2004

New York, New York

Mama, daddy and I sat in the back of a hot pink limousine they had rented just for me for my 10th birthday. Winston, our driver and my parent’s bodyguard sat in the driver’s seat quietly as he waited for the traffic to move. I sat right in the middle of my mama and daddy, patiently waiting for the light to change and the crazy New York traffic to move.

We were on our way to my tenth birthday party, being celebrated at the marina on my family’s yacht. My parents wanted to make it a surprise, but I ‘accidentally’ overheard them talking to my aunt on the phone a week before. The theme was mermaids, Ariel was my favorite Disney princess so they took that and ran with it.

I wore a turquoise, knee length dress, a seashell tiara and mama put a little mascara and lip gloss on me. Mama’s dress color matched mine and daddy wore a black suit, white dress shirt with a tie that matched mama’s dress perfectly. We looked like a perfect Disney family, and felt like it too.

My mama and daddy were my best friends. They worked all the time so most of my days were spent playing in their offices on the top floor of their New York City skyscraper. They owned a chain of hotels all over the globe. My daddy ran the company while my mama worked as the philanthropist specialist. They donated a large amount of money to various charities each year.

Despite their busy schedules they always made time for me, their only child and most precious possession.

I feel mama grab hold of my hand. When I look up at her, I see tears in her eyes. I take my little hand and lightly wipe away the lone tear that fell down her cheek. Mama was perfect, she was so beautiful both inside and out.

“What’s wrong mama?” I ask.

“Oh absolutely nothing baby. I just can’t believe you’re already ten years old.” She says, smiling down at me and tightening her grip on my hand resting against her cheek.

Daddy looks at his watch, “It was this time exactly when I had your mama in the car on our way to the hospital. You were born only twenty minutes after we arrived. It seems like only yesterday.” Daddy finishes, wrapping his arm around my shoulders and pulling me close to plant a kiss on my temple.

We look out and see that we are thankfully finally moving again.

“I love you mama and daddy.”

“We love you too princess.” Mama says.

“You are our world baby, we love you.” Daddy says, smiling down at me.

The three of us look up when we hear a loud HONK before a huge mac truck smash into our limo sending me out the sunroof onto the cold pavement with a piece of glass wedged into my right hip.

My vision is blurry but all I see is mangled metal, two lifeless hands hang out the windows of the pink limousine, I hear screams and someone shouting “Call 911!” before I am consumed by darkness.

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