Scarlett's Scars

By Tawni Suchy All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Mystery


BOOK ONE OF THE BROKEN SERIES. A story of heartache, heartbreak, abuse and betrayal. Two hearts unknowingly beating as one. Two souls drawn together, awaiting their destiny. A story of finding hope, extending grace and receiving the ultimate healing only given by the One. A second chance at love. A second chance at finding their happy ending. [The Broken Series Book ONE] © 2018 Tawni Suchy. All rights reserved.

Author's Note

I just wanted to share a quick little note before you dive into the book.

First off, thank you for choosing to read Scarlett’s Scars. It is the very first book I have ever completed and I give thanks to God for the ability to write this first draft.

Please note: this is the first draft and has only been self-edited by me. It was originally written in Microsoft Word so it will have its grammatical mistakes because once again: this is the first draft.

I am in the process of re-writing and editing it to improve each aspect (that is the goal anyway). So, if you do find major errors please excuse them as this is a work in progress. I post stories purely for enjoyment and receive no commission.

I apologize for this long note but hope you enjoy the story, even with its imperfections.

If you do enjoy please feel free to leave me a review, feedback is always welcome.

Thank you again,


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