Claiming Her Stone Heart

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Taking a glance inside the purse, I said, "She also has several...hundred condoms in here, all different flavors so I figured that you guys might need them." Ken had the decency to blush a bit. John is tired. He is tired of sleeping around with girls who don't mean anything. He wants something different, something unique. That's when he meets Alexis again. He thinks she is a 10th-grade nerd turned into a beautiful girl who loves messing around with people. Oh boy, he could never be more wrong. Sometimes, people just don't forgive and forget. In the process, they turn bitter and mean. Isn't it better to just forgive the person who once hurt you horribly instead of being like them?

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Chapter 1


I stared out the window with a satisfied expression. The sun had barely come out, turning the sky into a swirl of pinks and yellows. You know, that perfect shade of sky that girls loved to take pictures of and post it on Instagram? That was the one.

Turning around, I almost puked while catching sight of the soiled sheets that lay rumpled on my bed. The sky looked so much better than Ken’s breakfast for yesterday.

Covering my mouth, I walked over to the sheets and tugged them off in one big tug.

Okay, no I didn’t. It took a few good tugs to even dislodge the sheets. Somehow, my muscles turned into fat when I tried to tug my sheets. I had this theory that there were these tiny bed muscles inside the bed which made the sheets almost impossible to tug off. No one believed my theory but I was a firm believer of it.

Grabbing the sheets, I held them as far as possible from my face which wasn’t that far since my arms didn’t go on for miles. I could smell rotten eggs and pancakes that were burnt. Trust me, that was a horrible smell. What did Ken eat last morning, burnt pancakes?

Opening my laundry room, I tossed the goddamn sheets inside the washer and heaved a sigh which sounded like a snort of disgust. Walking out, I quickly started to get ready for school, ignoring the piercing headache in my head.

Being legal wasn’t a big deal but Ken and Tyler had to have a party with alcohol causing a hangover for me and Ken’s guts displayed on my bed sheets. Why did Manitoba even set the drinking age at eighteen, couldn’t it be like Ontario? At least I would be nineteen and have some level of maturity.

Snorting at last night’s stupidity, I opened my closet and grabbed a random pair of clothing and made my way to the washroom.

Fifteen minutes later, I stood in front of my mirror looking at myself. Call me narcissistic but I just loved to see how I looked every morning. It counted as a perfectionist trait of mine.

Looking at the time, I grabbed my keys before rushing off to every senior’s nightmare; high-school or as I call it; hell.

I just couldn’t wait until I could leave for university.

Turning on the radio, I let the wind whip through my hair, causing them to go into a wild tangle. Tyler always told me that this was a girly trait of mine but I just couldn’t help it. I loved the way the wind felt like against my scalp.

Tendrils of some kind of love song started to drift from the speakers, giving my whole car a Twilight kind of feel.

Smiling, I started to enjoy the mixing of voices and the beat as I drove to school.

Tyler and I made our way down the school hallway without Ken, who was probably passed out on his bed or puking to get rid of the excessive amount of alcohol.

Beacon High’s hallways were huge which allowed a large number of students to pass through without any trouble.

Currently, the hallway was parted down the middle for us. Ken and I had put everyone into cliques. We were on the highest clique named as the Beacon High Celebrities. Surprisingly, the way Ken had divided everyone in his mind actually worked.

Smiling, I made my way to my locker while high-fiving random people. On the other hand, Tyler stood stoic and made his way without a smile. Ah, the typical post-morning Tyler behavior.

Opening my locker, I peered at the schedule taped to the inside of my locker. Even after five months of the same schedule, I just couldn’t memorize it properly. It was the curse of the schedule.

“Yo, you have Chemistry first period, right?” Tyler popped his face out of his locker and looked at me. Just great, even Tyler knows my schedule.

Chemistry? I almost groaned. Chemistry and I had a love-hate relationship. Sometimes, I would finish all my Chemistry work in one swipe and sometimes I couldn’t look at those Chemistry formulas without wanting to bash my head into a wall.

Today was one of the latter days.

“Yeah. I do. See you around. I’m going to tackle Chemistry head first.”

“John, it’s not football that we are talking about,” Tyler said, amused.

Grunting in annoyance, I started walking towards my Chemistry class which was only two doors away. Funny how I could memorize the school’s layout but when it came to schedules, my mind just wouldn’t cooperate.

I entered my class before the bell even rang. This was the first time in the entire semester that I had reached class before the bell rang.

Smiling smugly, I made my way to the back of the class where no one would notice me.

Ah, who am I kidding? I could feel everyone staring at my back.

Suddenly, Mr. Craig popped in making me sigh in relief. The attention was off me for now. Don’t get me wrong, I loved myself but feeling everyone’s eyes on your back was creepy. You could just feel the judgment that rolled off them.

It made me uncomfortable.

Mr. Craig carefully placed his Chemistry book on the table as if it was new. The weird thing was, the book was almost in tatters and the cover had random words written on it.

The bell rang, piercing everyone’s ears but no one stopped talking.

He coughed loudly which caused everyone to stop their whispered conversations and pay attention to him. Well, fake attention. Most of the students, including me, were bored out of their minds. Mr. Craig just had that voice that puts you to sleep.

Taking out a random notebook, I started to doodle random stuff.

Mr. Craig finally started to speak. “Students, as you all know the end of the semester exams are approaching so the classes will-”

The door opened suddenly, crashing into the wall behind it. “Sorry, Mr. Craig! I slept in.”

Uninterested, I kept on doodling.

“Don’t let it happen again, Ms. Cimberly.” Mr. Craig’s voice rang out gravely.

I could almost see a faceless person nodding meekly.

Footsteps made their way to the back of the class before they paused. A sigh was heard and then the chair beside me scraped against the floor as it was dragged out. Slowly, a body lowered itself into it.

I didn’t even look up since my doodle was finally starting to look like something. I had started out with random lines and now, it had started to take a shape of a car. I was an artistic miracle!

Mr. Craig coughed again.

“As I was saying, since the exams are coming up, we will not go to the labs. Instead, the rest of the Chemistry periods will be preparation time for the AP exams.”

The class nodded, smiling. No one was going to study, all we did was mess around in these so-called ‘study periods.’

Mr. Craig nodded before sitting at his desk and turning on his laptop. Probably, to watch porn.

I bent down to complete my stupid doodle of a car when someone tapped my shoulder. Scrunching my face up with irritation, I whipped my face around.

My features immediately relaxed when I saw who was in front of me. I immediately recognized her as Alexis but damn she looked beautiful to me when she was close. I think I drooled a bit when I studied her features. She was definitely pretty, hell she was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen and that is a huge compliment coming from me.

With dark brown eyes and dark brown hair, she seemed ordinary but her high cheekbones and arched eyebrows gave her a mysterious feel. How come I never noticed her beauty despite being her Chemistry partner in 10th grade?! Now, I just felt stupid as I kept on looking at her; absorbing her features in.

Fuck, I sounded like a girl.

I almost facepalmed when I realized that Alexis was still staring at me.

“Uh, what did you say?“, I asked snapping out of my daydream.

“I apologized for accidentally touched your shoulder but if you want to be an aloof little asshole, go for it.”

My mouth almost dropped open. Woah, she had changed a lot! The first line she had said to me included her dissing me. There goes my dream of me even dating her. Woah, hold the fuck up! Where did Alexis come into a dating equation?

“I’m sorry for that. I didn’t mean to look aloof.” My practiced words slipped off my tongue before I started to wait for her answer.

“It’s cool. I’m Alexis, your lab partner for 10th grade and the person who unfortunately had the pleasure of seeing your sexts to random girls. They were horrible by the way. How did you even attract girls like that?”

My face started to burn in shame. I barely sexted and when I did, it was like a really tiny conversation. Plus, my flirting skills were smooth...right?

“I guess they just like me?” My answer came out more like a question making me wince.

Come on, John! Get your act together!

“Uh, huh...” She just nodded before turning her attention to her Chemistry notes. Insulted, I turned back around.

Was that what rejection felt like? I didn’t even ask her out!

I had gotten rejected in my life only twice. The first time was Blair, my long-term girlfriend in 10th grade who broke up with me and the second time happened right now. I had never been denied anything, even when I was 5-years-old. Guess my parents had to take the blame for that.

Smiling, I turned around to study the Periodic table. My day had taken a very beautiful turn.

I knew that I had barely paid her any attention in grade 10 but how stupid was I? I was so wrapped up in my bubble with Blair that I failed to notice everything else and I regretted that now; deeply.

I was at least going to become her acquaintance before we graduated. One more thing to do for the checklist that I had stuffed in my underwear drawer.

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