The Reckoning of Molly Barons Darkness Becomes her

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While Molly's men try to find the infamous Mr. West and the people working with him. Molly and her friends strikeout to find Aggie, but finds more trouble then what she was looking for along the way. Molly has now come to the come full circle. She is now mated with all five of her makers, but knowing that her daughters in the hands of her enemies has made her all that much more... dangerous. With her body now held from the miscarriages, Molly sets out to hunt down Mr. West to take back her little girl, But that means finding people from her past, and stepping back into a life she swore she'd never go back to. With Nicolas and Marcus fighting the Vampire council, Ryklin at war with the Queen of Winter, and Alexander fighting with his own clan over their new queen, it is left up to Lenox to look out for their bride and the secrets she wont share with them... But then Lennox also has a secret, one that he has kept from Molly all this time. The underworld is at war, but as the battle rage on, does one woman hold the key to destroying the true evil that has taken hold in the already dark world? Or is there a bigger picthure that no one can see yet?

Romance / Thriller
Jennifer L Byars
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What is time to the timeless? That is a question I keep asking myself as I watch the world of immortals try to find a way to either contain the mixers, or destroy them. It is strange to watch these creatures who made us think they can contain us, could contain me. Yet, there are many fractions of this dark world that are fighting amongst themselves on what is to be done with us... forgetting that we have a mind, and a will, of our own.

As I set forth on this blood-stained path, alliances have already been made, and sides already chosen, as my enemies gather to strike. They think they have weakened me in body, and in mind, but that’s where their downfall lies. For those who think I will be easily subdued into submission, will learn of what the beast truly is, and as they fight for their lives, I will let her take her fill of their blood.

Yes, I will become the monster I swore never to become. But what will be left of myself after I am through, that is the question that terrifies me the most.

Can I do the evils necessary to win, and still be able to face the ones I love afterwards? Can I do the unthinkable, and still be able to keep my soul, knowing it will be far more blackened then when I started out? But for me to ask such a question, is a luxury I do not have, for I can see things all too clearly.

I will fight the good fight for what is good, and just. I will free my daughter, and destroy anyone that stands in my way to get her. I will hunt down those who thought they could take what’s mine away from me, and when I find them... they will know my wrath as I lay the foundation of this new world, with their bodies.

Molly Barons

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