The Reckoning of Molly Barons Darkness Becomes her

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Chapter 9

If I thought the flight to Russia was long, the flight from Russia to Scotland... was a hell of a lot longer, Marcus' made sure of that. His anger of what happened with the elf, was well, let’s just say I’ve never seen him so angry at me before, and that says a lot!

So when Marcus dragged me into a secluded corner in the airport to drink from him to heal myself.... I told him to, as the brit’s would say, piss off! That didn’t go over to well, but at the moment I didn’t really care.

The whole flight was him nagging at me, asking questions I just wasn’t in the mood to answer at the moment, and pissing me off so badly, that I didn’t want to talk to any of them. When Nicolas finally told Marcus that it was his fault that I was struck in the first place and to shut the hell up. That at least bought me an hour or so of silence.

I looked out the window at the sunrise, thinking everything would have been much easier if they all would’ve stayed their asses home! So by the time I walked into the castle in Scotland, I’d forgotten all about my injuries and was already making plans on leaving my guys behind...once again.

Alexander came in and scooped me up in his arms when he saw me, but when he lifted my chin to give me a kiss, he saw the bruise on my face. He pulled me close to his body like he was protecting me, from who, I didn’t know, but then growled at the rest of my husbands. “Why is she damaged?!”

Marcus started to growl over Alexander’s accusations, and then the smell of testosterone became over whelming as the oncoming fight brewed. I sighed, not having time for any of this... I had a Nanohuman to question, an enemy to destroy, and a daughter to rescue.

I pushed my way out of Alexanders arms, threw the duffel over my shoulder, and hurried up the steps to the master suite. When I got into the room I shoved the bag under the bed and got out my cell and started to dial Georgie. “Oh my gosh Molly, I’ve been so worried... so, how did it go?” She asked as soon as she picked up.

“I guess it was fine, I mean I won the fight and got the information I wanted. Oh, and I got some of those sweet little bullets that take away creatures powers.” I shrugged.

“Wow really, those are hard to get! So what are you going to do with them. I’m sure you’ve already got something cooking in that brain of yours?” She giggled.

“Yeah, I’m going to shoot each man in the ass so I can leave without any problems…” I sighed.

“You’re so bad... are you really planning to do that?” She laughed.

“It’s crossed my mind. But I don’t want to get into it right now. I was wondering if you’ve heard from my boys yet?” I asked chewing on my thumb nail.

Georgie was silent, which wasn’t a good sign... “No, nothing. Ryuuji hasn’t even been able to see any of them for a while now. It’s like their under some sort of weird veil, I’m sorry sweetie.”

I just wanted to strike out at something. It was bad enough that I couldn’t get to Mr. West, but now Nikon, Matthew, and David are missing. “Damn it, I need information to find my daughter!” I hissed.

“I know Molly, I know.” George sighed.

I took a deep breath before I spoke. “I need to ask you something.”

“Okay, shoot.”

“I got Sterling’s location and from that I’m going to get to Mr. West, come hell or high water. I might need back up to go in and get Aggie, are you in?” I asked.

“Of course I am!” She answered.

“But there’s one catch.”

“I think I already know what it is, but tell me anyways.” She sighed.

“No men are coming with us, and I mean it, I don’t even want them knowing where we’re at.” I stated.

“Yeah, okay.” She mumbled.

“I mean it George… not even GPS.” I told her.

“Holly shit, what are you expecting?”

“I expect to be starting a war.”

She was quiet after that statement. “Do you want only me, or do you think we might need some others?”

“We could use Calista, and see if Shelly will join us. I think with the four of us, we could take care of ourselves under the worst of circumstances.”

“So, what’s your next move?” She asked.

“I’m going to deal with my guys. I kind of had to do something tonight to Mississippi’s elf that left them more then a little pissed off at me.” I sighed.

“Oh, my, god! You didn’t.... did you?” She whispered.

“It’s not quite what you’re thinking…” I offered.

“That’s good.” She sighed.

“But, it was something like that too.” I admitted.

“And Marcus saw it?” She asked.

“Oh yeah... he saw it.”

“Well that explains a lot!” She chirped out.

“Yeah, and now I have to deal with Nicolas and Alexander too.” I explained.

“But mostly it’s Marcus.” She tisked.

“Yeah... mostly Marcus.” I sighed again, then heard footsteps and grumbles coming my way. “Hey, my guys are coming. Call Calista and Shelly and get your asses on the next flight to London. I plan on leaving tonight after I get my guys, comfortable.”

“Oh, our poor men, they never have a clue of what we’re up to.” Georgie sighed, then giggled. “I’ll get everything together, and I’ll see you soon.” She said hanging up.

As I shoved my cell into my back pocket Marcus was the first one to enter the bedroom… but of course he was. I fell back on the oversize bed waiting for the inevitable outburst that was coming.

“Do you want to tell me what the bloody hell happened after you won that fight tonight?” He asked, his anger on Def con one. That’s when Nicolas, Lennox, and Alexander came in, all looking pretty ticked off at me as well...fabulous!

“Well technically, it was yesterday.” I corrected.

“Bleed it all to hell woman, you knew what I meant!” He snarled.

“Well, I won my fight, received the information I wanted, and got some extra special tid bits I asked for.” I shrugged.

“You touched that naked elf!” He accused.

“Yes, but not sexually...” I pointed out.

“Not sexually? You were standing in front of him. What the hell were you doing then?!” He growled.

“I released my pheromones, that’s all I did...”

“You grabbed his ass!” He accused.

“Yes, but that was only to piss off Mississippi. I didn’t do that in a sexual way. The only thing I touched was his stomach, and again, that wasn’t sexual.” I informed him.

“You bit into that wankers neck! He came all over the fucking mat screaming out your name Molly! What the hell do you call that then?” He roared.

That made me sit up and glare at him, because he just didn’t get it. “What do I call it? I’ll tell you what I call it. I pumped that man so full of my bite that I didn’t have to fuck him on the platform in front of you!” I shouted.

He stood there, just staring at me with his jaw dropped, but I was more then done with this conversation. I jumped up off the bed and pushed my way through all of them heading into the bathroom before I stopped. “You don’t know me at all, and you don’t understand the depravity of my world...” I said as my head shook. “If I had wanted to, I could have broken you tonight Marcus. It would have been so simple for me to do. It’s what I was good at you know, pushing the people I love away from me. But I promised I was through with all of it, the fights, and the men. But I kept my promise, not only to Lennox, but to all of you.” I murmured as I started to walk away.

“Molly...” Nicolas started, but I held up my hand to stop him.

“I love you, I love all of you, I really do. But I will not let that interfere with me from getting my little girl back. After that Marcus, if you want to keep me barefoot and pregnant, so be it. But until then... stay the hell out of my way.” I growled, then went to go wash the day from hell away.

They all stood there at a loss for words as Molly walked into the bathroom without another word. Marcus ran his hand through his hair, still not believing what his little bird did to that elf, in front of everyone. “Bugger, bugger, bugger!” He growled pacing their bedroom floor.

Nicolas sat on the bed that Molly just left and shook his head. “You need to calm down. She knew she was going to win Marcus, and she stated it in such a way that she wouldn’t have sex with the man.” he offered.

Marcus stopped his pacing and turned around glaring at him. “Just bloody perfect! I should have known you’d take her side.” He growled.

Nicolas shook his head. “You don’t see anything but your own anger right now. I swear, you don’t think straight when it comes to her at times. I knew she was going to do what she needed to get the information she needed to find Aggie... just like we would have done when it came to finding our bird.”

Lennox looked back at the bathroom. “You have no clue of what you could have watched tonight, but I do. I’ve watched that woman take some fucker on that mat, and when she was finished with him, got up walking past me like it was nothing. But tonight she didn’t, she kept her promise to me, and that tells me all I need to know.” He growled, then made this way to go check on her.

Nicolas watched Marcus seethe as he got up from the bed. “You know, if Molly feels that we're going to interfere with her search, don’t be surprised if she tries to leave us again.” He warned.

“I won’t allow that!” Marcus growled.

Nicolas sighed. “And you think after what we just witnessed, our little bird couldn’t figure out a way to get out from under us? If there’s one thing she's proven time and time again is, if she wants to get away from us, she can.”

“This is all bollocks!” Marcus snapped.

“Don’t be such a miserable old git, you saw how upset she was from your constant nagging. You pissed her off so bloody good that she refused to drink to heal... from any of us! For once, just listen to what your brothers are telling you.” Nicolas snapped.

Moaning was coming from the bathroom and Nicolas got up off the bed giving Lennox some time with her. He fully understood what Lennox was talking about. “I’m going to give her some time alone with Lennox, that bloke deserves it. But later on tonight, I want to talk to her, alone. That means without your pestering.” He growled before he walked out of the room.

Marcus shook his head and glanced over at Alexander. “You’ve been unusually quiet. Don’t you have anything to say about this?” He snarled.

Alexander watched the bathroom door, like a wolf on the hunt, before he glanced back at the vampire. “A no like that me mate had to do such things to help our daughter, that should be our job. And the thought of her looking at another man’s naked flesh, touching him… that makes me want to go find this elf an put him in the ground. Her mouth, her bite, her body… is ours!” He fumed.

Marcus arms went up. “Yes, that’s precisely what I’ve been saying!”

“But A saw the truth when she talked to ye, she was hiding how much tonight affected her, how she was ashamed by what she was.” Then shook his head. “A won’t stop her from finding her daughter, even if I wish she would leave that to us... A have to work harder then ye Marcus, to earn her trust. A want her to be able to trust me.” Alexander admitted, then went back to watching the bathroom door. “That reminds me. Nicolas said there was a way to tell when Molly’s fertile... tell me about it.”

Marcus had his hands in his hair, then they just dropped to his side. “For Nicolas and I, there’s a taste to her blood that can become a frenzy for us to have her. With you, I’m not sure how it would work. My thought would be, when the pull is so strong to stay in her, to have her, that’s when your instincts are telling you she’s fertile.”

Lennox groaned Molly’s name and Alexander pushed himself off the wall. “A’m having her. So ye can stay an watch, or wait till A’m done.” He growled stalking to the bathroom.

Marcus shook his head making his way out of the room. “All you blokes better remember that I’m the first one who’s going to be knocking her up!” He shouted as he walked into the hallway. “I’m going to keep that little bird nice and pregnant. That way, none of these sods will come near her!”

My body might’ve been washed, but my soul still felt so damn dirty. The hot water streamed down my back as my forehead leaned against the wet tile thinking of just how much I’ve changed since the last time I was at Reds Place.

The love of the fights that I once had was no more. There was no thrill like there was before when I had no recollection of who I was, or why I was so angry.

My thirst was gone, my cravings for men was gone, well, for any other men but my own. It felt like all those things that had tarnished my soul, they seem to be healing. “You’re going soft there Seven, and that’s the last thing you need to be right now.” I mumbled to myself.

The door to the shower opened and long slender finger wrapped around my waist, and a kiss was placed on my shoulder. “Your talking to yourself again.” Lennox murmured against my skin.

My hands went over his taking a deep breath of his heavenly sent, but then sighed. “I’m sorry. I thought if I had Mississippi’s favorite toy thrown into the kitty, she’d back off and just want a straight fight... I was wrong.” I whispered leaning my head back on his chest.

“You took a gamble that didn’t turn out the way you expected, it could happen to anyone. Mississippi's want for revenge was much stronger then the love of her pet. That’s all there was to it.” He said kissing the top of my head

I turned in his arms and laid my cheek on his chest, feeling the feathers that run along his sides with my fingers and enjoying his body shudder under my touch. “If I told you that I was sorry for all the things I did to you, that if I could go back and change all the cruel things, I would, what would you say?”

“I would say, I know you would. And we both agreed that the past was the past, remember?” He whispered.

“Yes, I remember. But tonight just brought everything back. The fights, the men, Justice, Tipton, Sterling… god, I don’t know how you put up with me for so many years.”

“I loved you Molly, and if you remember, I wasn’t the saint you’re giving me credit for. I knew what mixers where before you even were one. I held no illusions of what it meant to be in love with a woman like yourself.” He chuckled, then his fingers lifted my chin from his chest and saw I was holding back tears. His eyes went wide with shock. “Sweetheart please, everything is going to be okay.” He soothed.

I nodded, but frowned at his beautiful face. “If you're really not mad at me, then kiss me.” I whispered. His lips touched mine, then they came in again as I opened for him.

He pushed me back up against the tiles and my fingers ran through the feathers on the back side of his neck and looked into his midnight eyes. “I love you.”

The grin he had on vanished as he took me in his arms and kissed me like a man on fire. His fingers entwined in the hair at the back of my neck as his tongue slipped into my mouth tasting me. When he had his fill he pulled back, breathing heavily. “I can never get enough of you saying that to me... I love you too, agra.”

“What is agra?” I whispered nipping at his neck.

“It’s Gaelic, it mean’s, my love...” He groaned as my hand took ahold of his swollen member.

“Gaelic... is there something that I’m missing here.” I chuckled as I kissed my way down his chest. My tongue flicked his nipple, then sucked into my mouth before I pierced it with my fangs.

“Nothing that needs mentioning at this moment...” He moaned with each pull.

My fangs receded and then I pushed him against the shower wall and started to kiss my way down his chest, his abdomen, then followed the trail of hair as I got on my knees. I kissed the tip of his erection and he groaned. “I thought you didn’t get on your knees for anyone...”

“Yeah, but your not just anyone.” I smiled up at him under my lashes.

“Damn it Molly” He groaned.

But instead of answering him, I licked the very tip of his already harden manhood, then wrapped my mouth around him, swirling my tongue around the tip, as my hand stroked him in rhythm.

His groan echoed throughout the bathroom as his hip started moving. My hands moved stroking him hard and fast as his fingers dug into my hair. When I took him in fully he hissed and I could feel his body tighten. “If you keep this up I’m going to cum.” He growled, as my tongue made sure to get the thick vein underneath when he pulled out.

My nails dug into his ass pushing him on. One of his hands went to the tiled wall, holding himself up as he watched me taking him completely with my mouth. “I’m there baby. You better stop if you don’t want me to cum...” He growled once again, but this time I could feel his erection starting to throb as he fought not to release himself.

Instead, I took one of my hands and stroked him with the rhythm and with each stroke, he grunted until his head fell back. “That’s it baby, damn it you feel so good, Molly...” He groaned as his orgasm shot in the back of my throat and his body shuddered from pleasure.

When he took a deep breath, I released him from my mouth, but kissed the tip one last time before I smiled up at him. “I thought I would give you something a little extra tonight.”

He chuckled as he smiled down at me. “Do you even know how sexy you are?” He asked, pulling me up from the floor and kissing me.

I wrapped my arms around his head hugging him close, needing to feel his love for me... when the shower door swung open to see Alexander, already stripped of his clothing, and ready to take me. He reached in taking me from Lennox' grasp, and pulling my wet naked body protectively to his chest. “Mine!” Was all he said before rushing me out of the bathroom and taking me to the bed.

His big body covered me as he laid on top of me, taking my mouth like a wild man he was. My hands went to his shaggy hair giving him whatever he needed from me. His big hands felt their way down my body, and then opened my legs sinking his fingers deep inside my wet needy center.

I gasped while he was still kissing me, making his chest rumble in satisfaction that my body was ready for him. Then, without any further foreplay, he placed himself at my entrance, and in one quick thrust, he was deep inside me.

The sheer force of his first thrust made me lose my breath, while he wanted to possess me body and soul. My pants became heavy as he took me without mercy. His body was on top of mine, as my fingers dug into his back. Thick cords of muscle moved under my fingertips with each frenzied stroke he made, and his grunts became, deeper, rougher, and more excited.

My hips moved in the same rhythm as his needing him to go deeper inside me. But when my heels dug into his ass needing him to possess me fully, a growl broke free as his mouth took mine before his hand came around grabbing my backside lifting me up to go in deeper.

My toes started to tingle as the damn was about to break, but then he kissed the mark he made on my neck, and my body exploded with rapture. “Oh God! Oh Alexander, oh baby… yes, yes, yes!” I panted as my body shook.

His own body pushed so deep, so fast, that it kept my orgasm going until he howled. “Mine!” releasing his warm seed deep inside me.

His body slowed and then shuddered on his last thrust before collapsing on top of me. He wrapped his arms around me, kissing my neck, my cheek, before finally kissing my lips again. “A needed ye.” He chuckled.

“I could see that.” I smiled caressing his face. My eyes wondered over his beautiful, rugged, face, knowing I had to see just how much he knew about his ex. “I need to ask you something.” I whispered.

“And what will that be hen?” He asked still inside me, his nose skimming his mark on my neck with the satisfaction of an Alpha male.

“Did you find out anything about your ex-wife?” I asked.

“Agatha, is harmless hen. Nothing was found for concern.” He chuckled.

“Are you sure about that?” I whispered.

He pulled back looking at me, his bi-colored eyes now looking concerned instead of lustful. “What do ye mean by that?”

“I don’t know. Maybe your feeling for her might have clouded your judgment.” I shrugged.

“A have no feelings for Agatha.” He stated, but then... “What’s this really about?”

“What if I had to challenge Agatha? What if I had to confront her and it didn’t end well for her because of it?”

“A donna think that’s wise for ye to fight a werewolf. Even a female one.”

I looked over his face and I saw concern, but I wondered who the concern was for, her or me? Maybe, just maybe… “You still love her.” I stated looking away from him.

His eyes widened and his hand took my face. His lips came down fast, slipping his tongue into my mouth showing me his answer before he told me. “No hen A love ye. Ye are me world!” He growled down at me.

“Then why worry about her?” I asked.

Alexander sighed and shook his head holding me close. “She is but a simple woman who wanted to be me mate. She couldn’t do anything more then what she has already done.” He explained.

“She had me gang raped, and then shot me in the head. That’s a hell of a lot more then you’re giving her credit for.” I growled.

He frowned kissing the scar at my hair line. “A’ve made a mess of so much in my long life hen, but never will A ever let someone harm ye again! Even if that means A have to kill Agatha myself.” He vowed. “Ye see, at the time it had been over two thousand years, and A still couldn’t find me mate.. A couldn’t find ye, even after all my searching.”

“I wasn’t born yet...” I answered.

“Aye, and you were also a mortal. Werewolves donna mate with mortals.” He explained.

“So Agatha?”

“Ye see, A was to be made king of my people after my family was murdered. It was thought best for the king to have a mate. A knew it was wrong to take a woman who was not me mate, but A did what A thought was best for me Kingdom at the time.” He sighed. “A never thought about what would happen after A found ye.”

“If you’re not supposed to mate with humans, why did you say I was yours the first night we met?” I whispered.

“Ye mean the first night A hurt ye...” He growled, then shook his head. “A donna know, like A said, werewolves are not supposed to have human mates. But ye’re smell… A knew ye were mine, and after all those years of searching, A couldn’t control myself... A’m sorry hen.” He mumbled with his head in the crook of my neck, feeling his nose skim along my skin.

My hand caressed his back. "It's in the past Alexander, there's nothing to be sorry for." I murmured, then closed my eyes taking a deep breath. "And you're probably right about your ex. I'm sure she has nothing to do with anything that's going on. So if your information is correct, I shouldn't have anything to worry about." I lied.

He kissed me one last time before he slid out of me and looked me over incredulously. "Ye are as cunning as they come hen. But ye're mine, and A will protect me mate, always.” His voice rumbled.

I bit my lip as he got off the bed hoping that me leaving tonight was going to go smoothly. But before I could even put another thought together, the bedroom door flew open. Marcus stood there in full master vampire mode... and I knew my night was far from over.

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