The Reckoning of Molly Barons Darkness Becomes her

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Chapter 12

Chapter 12

Alexander paced the large room waiting to hear from either Marcus or Nicolas on where the hell they went with Molly. When he woke up and realized that she had not come back to bed... he knew that something had happened. After that he woke Lennox up and they had both been making calls to see if they could find out what the hell was going on.

Alexander had just talked to the captain of his guards to start scouting for her whereabouts, when he saw a black car pull up to the castle and a very pissed off vampire slam the door behind him.

“Who’s that?” Lennox asked.

“Nicolas has showed up, but Molly is not with him.” Alexander growled.

“Shit, and where the hell is Marcus?” Lennox fumed, making another call.

“I donna know, but A better find out right quick!” He snapped heading towards the entrance. But as Nicolas came in, he stormed past the pissed off Werewolf King without a single word, and then headed straight to the bar.

Alexander followed him swearing under his breath before asking the one question he wanted to know... “Where is she?” He growled, but didn’t get an answer. “Does Marcus have her?” But Nicolas still didn’t answer, instead had himself another drink.

Lennox dropped to one of the chairs and shook his head. “You heard the man, where the hell is she?” He fumed kicking himself already knowing something was up after she disintegrating the information she got before he had a chance to look at it. “Damn it!” He shouted at Nicolas’ non-answering glare.

After Nicolas had two more drinks down him, and wishing the alcohol had the effect it had when he was a mere mortal, he finally answered. “I have no bloody clue where she is by now. She just put me in a cab like a bloody child, and then left...” Nicolas growled.

Lennox had his cell in his hand, but looked up at Nicolas with a question. “She went to see Sterling, right? Didn’t he give her the information she wanted, or is that why she left?”

That had Nicolas laugh. “Oh no mate, that little tosser gave her loads of information, just not about the whereabouts of Mr. West or Aggie.” He shook his head gulping down the rest of his drink. “It’s amazing how quickly she gets these sods to spill there fucking secrets. She was right, all she has to do is let them think they’re going to be shagging her, then they can’t shut the bloody hell up!”

A deep growl came from Alexander as he walked closer to Nicolas. “Watcha mean by that statement?”

Nicolas scowled over at the werewolf revealing another bit of information that was found out tonight. “Oh, and that’s another thing mate. Your bleedin’ ex-wife is working with the man, who not only has Molly’s daughter, but also snatching up all the innocents, and selling them to the enemy!” He seethed, throwing his glass at the wall and leaving fragments embedded in it.

“What?!” Alexander asked, making sure he heard correctly.

Nicolas collapsed into the seat and ran his hands over his face. “What bleedin’ luck. We get rid of Eloise, and we lose Philip in the process. Now we have to deal with your fucking ex being the one who’s starting the war with the vampires!”

“No, it canna be Agatha?” Alexander murmured.

“Bloody hell mate! Your ex already shot our wife in the head, and let her brother’s rape and destroy her. Why wouldn’t you think she’d want to destroy not only Molly, but her kind as well. I think it’s her way of a punishment to you.” Nicolas growled.

Alexander walked over to the window, thinking back to what Molly had hinted about earlier that evening. “She asked me about Agatha only hours ago. She asked what A would think if she fought Agatha, and if it dinna turn out well for her...”

“Shit, Molly already knew that your ex was involved, that’s why she had you check up on her. Damn it, I wish I knew what was on that piece of paper.” Lennox growled, then shook his head. “Where the hell is Marcus anyways. Normally at a time like this he would be scouring the world for her by now.”

“He had to head back to London... things have been happening there that are leading to many questions. He left tonight when he knew Molly was asleep so she wouldn’t know he needed to speak with Jamison in person. So...” Nicolas hinted.

“Has no clue that she’s even gone missing.” Alexander finished.

“Precisely.” Nicolas growled.

Alexander took a chair and threw it across the room as his body trembled with rage. “Then why dinna ye follow her, and bring her ares back home!?”

Nicolas glanced up and sighed. “Because she shot me with something that made me powerless.” He fumed.

Lennox got up and frowned. “Was it a blue gun, one that was almost neon in the cylinder?” He asked.

“Yes, how did you know?”

“Because I’ve seen those guns before. They’re guns that the mixers have come up with to get the upper hand over creatures.” He sighed.

“Well, it bloody hell did that much for her! I was going to take her and jump her arse back to the castle if I had to... but she just pulled out the pistol, and shot me. After she did, she jumped on her motorcycle and drove off like a bat out of hell!” He declared.

Lennox looked at the both of them and shook his head before glancing at Alexander. “I have to leave, tonight. I have my duties that I have to perform. I’ve already left early to go with Molly, and now who knows what I will go back too...with my father in charge. There is a price for me to pay if I’m gone too long. Who knows if hell has all really broken lose by now? And now would not be the most convenient time for us to have another group coming into this world to cause havoc…” He hinted.

“Aye, A will head to the parliament of clans and see if A canna find out if any of what ye say is true about Agatha. Then A will deal with her so our girl doesn’t have to.” Alexander growled.

Lennox nodded. “If you hear anything, call me at once. I have a week that I cannot come back when dealing with things from home. But if it is an emergency, my home be damned, call me.” He ordered before getting up and heading upstairs.

“What the bloody hell is going on, and what the hell is he talking about?” Nicolas asked watching Lennox leave.

Alexander shook his head and got up from the chair to get himself ready to leave as well. “It is no my place to tell. He’ll be back and looking for Molly soon. Until then, A will leave it up to ye to tell Marcus of what is going on.” He growled before leaving the room.

“Bollocks!” He growled going into the void.

Marcus sat in the large wooden room, in one of the many bleacher like chairs, listening to the next old git ramble on about the decision to be made about the mixers. Fingers were being pointed, and shaken, in his direction as he was the creator of the women in question.

He was so bloody tired hearing this incisive whining, he was about to lose his mind. He glanced over at Jamison, who glanced back at him, and then rolled his eyes and shook his head. These prigs had no clue what the bloody hell they were blustering about. But when that bloke had said his piece, half of the room stood cheering, while the other half booed and shook their fist.

He was about to step out for a smoke, when he saw Nicolas just appeared down at the bottom of the stairs looking around. Once he found him, he started to walk in his direction. “What the bloody hell...” Marcus growled. “What the bloody hell are you doing here? This place is a bloody mess at the moment. And we agreed while I try to get everything under control, you were to watch out bird to make sure she doesn’t leave, again.” He growled.

“To late, she’s gone.” Nicolas told him.


“She was about to sneak out when I caught her. Don’t give me that look Marcus, she said she was willing to fight me to leave! What the bloody hell was I supposed to do?” Nicolas growled.

“Bite her bloody neck and stop her!” Marcus snapped.

“Then what? She’s there for a couple hours and finds another way to leave? I went with her to get the information from that wanker Sterling.” He started to explain.

“I’m taking it she didn’t get what she was looking for or she’d be back in bed at the moment.” He seethed.

“It’s far worse than that mate. Did you happen to know that this Sterling Bloke thought as himself as King of the Nanohumans?”

“King, what bloody rubbish...” Marcus laughed.

“Yes well, he thought of himself as king, and he told our bird that he thinks of her as queen.” Nicolas explained.

“Queen of what precisely?”

“Her species…”

“There’s no such thing.” Marcus declared.

“Well it looks as if the new players in this world are creating their own rules. And that’s not even the worst part of it...” Nicolas sighed.

“Blimy, it gets better?”

“Of course it does. Our bird just killed this so-called king of the Nanohumans, and declared a war with everybody else in our bloody world. So as soon as any of this bloody git’s find out this information, and after knowing about just how powerful these women are, especially our girl...” Nicolas hinted.

“Their all going to want to destroy the whole lot of them, including our bird.” Marcus growled looking at every vampire that was fighting to exterminate these women. “Bugger, bugger, bugger.” He swore as his hand ran threw his hair to glance back at Nicolas. “Ideas?”

“Alexander is going to try to get the werewolves to stop attacking the mixers, and explain that his Agatha is the one who has started this war, not Molly...”

“Alexanders ex?” Marcus asked to Nicolas’ nod. “Bloody hell, it just keeps getting better!” He sighed pulling out the much-needed smoke. “Have the banshee go and...”

“Can’t, he took off and will be gone for about a week.”

“What the bloody hell for?”

“No idea, Alexander seemed to know what was going on and didn’t challenge under the circumstances, so I let it be. He did suggest though that Lennox would be out scouting for her as soon as he was back. Until then she’ll be on her own until we can calm the quarrel about to take place in the committee.” Nicolas answered.

Marcus lit his smoke and then made up a plan... “Get Jamison up here. We need to make sure he’s informed of what is about to happen. I on the other hand will call the dragon and see if it’s just our bird who has stepped out. If not, at least we know she is not completely on her own, and we’ll take steps from there.” Marcus stated.

“Fine, but what is our next move?”

“We need to find that old git Merlin. I’m sure he’ll have some idea, up that crusty old sleeve of his, on what our next move should be.”

“Merlin, bloody hell. That’s where we find ourselves? Finding that man is like trying to catch smoke in your hand Marcus. If he doesn’t want to be found then...”

“Yes, yes, I know, then he won’t be. But our bird is the woman he’s spoken about for so many bloody years now... I’m sure of it.” Marcus growled.

“And that means what for us?” Nicolas sighed.

“It means his old nose is already in our business, so finding him will be easier than you might think. For now, let’s just get through the next round of debates until I find the old wanker!” He hissed taking his cell from his pocket as Nicolas shook his head and walked down the steps.

Marcus took a drag of his smoke heading outside, when he stopped and glanced at his retreating friend. “Ohy, after you talk to Jamison, go start a fight with these sods on the floor. Let’s make sure these nob heads have their minds on something other than our bird!” Marcus ordered, then started calling his least favorite creature in the whole bloody world, Ryuuji.

“Splendid, I’ll go start a war, in-house no less.” Nicolas fumed walking over to Jamison.


I made my way to terminal two waiting for the girl’s plane coming from JFK to Heathrow. I sat out front smoking a cigarette glancing down at my cell as Marcus texted me... once again. “Damn that man.” I sighed hating that I missed him so much already.

As I glanced up, I saw my girls coming out to meet me, Georgie, Calista, Shelly, and then I saw a woman who I wasn’t expecting, but was happy to see... Nikki V. Then I saw behind her was one shaggy ass dog that followed, Samson.

“Damn woman, can’t you leave your men behind?” I chuckled as Nikki came up and shook my hand as Sampson stood behind her.

“He’s a pain in the bleedin’ arse, but you know he can keep his trap shut... and I thought, if you were gathering us all up, the dog might come in handy.” She winked as the dog in question grumbled.

“Well, after I tell you what I’ve been up to, I’m sure we’ll find something for him to do... good to have you aboard Samson.” I nodded trying to hide my smile.

Cal ran up and jumped into my arms hugging me. “So effing great to see you!” She laughed. “But I see yah been gettin’ your ass kicked again.”

“Yeah, you know how much I love to fight.” I smiled as Georgie came up and threw her arms around us.

“I’m so glad you’re okay...” She sighed looking me over.

“Damn it George, you know I’m fine. Come on, we needed to get out of here and find a place where we can talk. Am afraid I didn’t call you for a reunion, but to update you on what I just did.” I hinted.

“Oh bloody hell, that doesn’t sound good.” Nikki sighed.

Shelly just laughed. “If Molly has our asses flying all the way out to London, then you know it isn’t bloody good!”

I pulled out another smoke and lit it as I started to walk to my car... “I don’t want to say anything in public, don’t want any ears listening in. But now we have to find a place for a home base.” I admitted.

Samson chuckled draping his arm lazily around Nikki’s shoulder. “Well I guess it is a good thing I came along. I have an old house that was kept here for emergencies.” He said, but then held out his hand to me.


“Give me the keys, I’ll drive us there.” He smirked.

“Oh hell no...” I started.

“Mol, just give him the bloody keys so we can get this shite started.” Nikki sighed, and with a grumble, I did.

“Come ladies were going to good ol’ 27 cherry Ln. It’s close by, and the only other person who would know to find it is Dorin… but he has no clue where I’m at Molly, so don’t worry.” He chuckled.

“Great, all I can do is hope you’re right about that.” I murmured getting into the back and crossing my arms at Samson’s grin.

It only took ten minutes to travel to an old line of duplex looking homes. I counted four doors to one building as we drove along the road lit by street lamps, until we pulled into an old blacktop driveway.

I opened up the car door and stood outside smelling the air around us. When I was sure there was nothing but the scent of only humans, I tapped on the seat letting everyone know that the coast was clear.

When Samson opened the front door and clicked on the light I looked over the old pieces of furniture scattered over the rooms as we followed him in. He walked over to the kitchen and turned on the light taking a seat at the old table. I couldn’t help but chuckle at the enormous flowers in orange and yellow on a brown background with gold running through the center. “Hey Samson, did you decorate the place yourself?” I asked taking a seat with a grin.

“Piss off...” He growled to then get tapped in the back of the head by Nikki.

Everyone sat down and looked at me wondering what was going on. “Okay, so first things first. I killed Sterling tonight and started a war.” I blurted out.

“You did what?!” Georgie asked.

“Yeah Molly do you mind elaborating on that.” Shelly snapped.

“You heard me. I went to go get information about Mr. West and or my daughter, but he didn’t give it. But he did tell me that Agatha, or better known to me as Alexanders ex-wife, is the one the main culprits of our missing innocents and murdered mixers.” I answered.

“Bleedin’ hell, I knew this was going to be bad...” Calista murmured.

“It gets even better. I was also told that Silver is one of the main ring leaders in selling our kind to the enemy.” I admitted.

Now Calista kicked up her feet onto Shelly’s legs, and shook her head. “So, now what?” She asked.

I looked over at Nikki V and Samson. “I’m really glad you two came because I need to know how the recruiting has been going? Do we have more girls in the clusters now?”

“Yeah, it’s been going really good. We got a lot more than we thought we would. We’ve got at least seventy-five small new clusters around the world ready to go when needed.” Samson informed me.

“That’s good, because we need soldiers. You see ladies, I think it’s time we get ourselves out there and take care of these assholes that want to destroy us. But instead of us always being on the defense… I say we turn the tables to the bastards.”

Georgie nodded then glanced up at me. “Okay, but what is the end goal here?” She asked.

“Well, I guess we should see if these male mixers want to join with us. One species as a whole is more powerful together, and much harder to destroy, then when it’s at each other’s throats.” I explained.

“And the MM’s who don’t wan’t such an alliance?” Shelly questioned.

“Then we bury them, we’ll bury them all. And those who want to do the bidding of Mr. West, we kill. And that goes for anyone who has the blood of the mixers on their hands. We’re going to make any of these assholes suffer a fate worse than death, this way they will think twice before coming at us.” I seethed looking at all of my friends. “This is war ladies, and there will be no mercy... ever.” I growled.

“Then what’s our first game plan then Mol?” Nikki grinned.

“Oh, I have a great idea. But first we get a hold of the clusters and have them plan out strategical attacks on where I think these assholes are keeping the innocents, and rescue them. After that they can burn everything to the ground.”

“And what about us?” Calista asked.

“I need to find Silver... I think getting her out of the game will be a good blow to whatever the enemy has going on.” I explained.

“I still find it hard to believe that one us would take the innocents and sell them off?” Shelly murmured falling back into the seat.

“Yes, she would, and this isn’t her first time doing this shit either. It’s bad enough that there are creatures snatching us up and selling us off, while others debate if we even have the right to live or die.” I stated with a shake of my head. “But if Silver thinks she’s some kind of queen of our people, and she has the authority to do what she’s doing... then I guess I’m going to find her and go dethrone the bitch.” I growled.

“Holy shite, I guess this is really going down.” Calista smiled.

“The road I’m heading down is going to get messy ladies. Anyone who comes with me will inevitably have blood on their hands. But I’m the one who started this war, and anyone who wants out is free to do so, and without any condemnation from me.” I told them truthfully.

“Oh hell, Molly girl. You know we’re in it with your arse!“Nikki V chuckled.

“Of course we are. Why else do you think we came?” Calista grinned.

“So, what’s our plan of attack?” Georgie asked, while Nikki V smacked her gum in agreement.

“First we get these clusters do what we talked about when it comes to finding our missing innocents. Also, they can find creatures who are willing to fight along them for our cause. But the five of us, where going to scout out Silver, and then take care of business.” I stated.

“And Samson?” Nikki asked.

“He’s going to be staying here and running our home base.” I smiled.

“Just like the very good little doggy he is.” Nikki laughed putting her head on his shoulder and patting his chest making all of us laugh... well, except for Samson.


Alexander had left for the parliament of the clans as soon as he knew that Agatha had gotten herself involved in destroying Molly. He had worked relentlessly before that to have the clans stop the blasted war with the vampires, but had failed so far. Now, he had his men trying to find the ex-queen and bring her in so he would know just how deep her treachery went.

But there was more to deal with then that. Many werewolves still thought Agatha as his mate and their queen. Now he would have to be the one to tell the clans that it was the ex-queen who was guilty of not only enslaving these helpless innocent mixers, but was also one of the main people who started the war with the vampires... but would his people care as much as he did about such things?

He wanted Agatha to be punished for the abominations against another species. That she was the abomination to their ilk, and the peace that they once all had, not the woman who wore his mark.

But when Alexander fought in parliament, telling them the truth about Agatha, and also on who their true queen was, all hell broke loose. Then when he, the werewolf king of Scotland and Wales, declared that the mixer Molly was his mate, a roar came from all stating that she never would be. Even the elders hollered that he, the king, should kill his mate and take back the female werewolf that had been his wife before.

Now he sat in an over stately room, looking over paperwork that had been brought to him by one of the parliaments secretaries. His eyes wondered over the words, but his mind was elsewhere. His first lieutenant and longtime friend Timothy came in looking none too pleased with how this day was turning out as well.

He stood in front of the old oak desk with his hands behind his back waiting for permission to speak. “Just tell me the news.” He sighed.

Timothy frowned and shook his head. “It is not all bad, but there looks tae be more arguing among the elite and old one’s sire. The younger wolves, they are coming tae an understanding and acceptance with ye’re new Queen. They also see the depravity of the old Queen, also recognizing the new species of mixers. Now let’s hope the young ones can make the old ones follow suit.”

Alexander sat back in his chair, and looked over to his first lieutenant with concern. “We have to get all of them on our side. If A must, A will hunt down and take Agatha out with me own two hands. She has hurt ma mate beyond repair, and A let her live. But my patience is wearing thin and the only way she continues to live, is that parliament sees that Molly is me mate, and their new Queen. A will not accept anything else.” He growled.

“Yes sire, but if they don’t?” Timothy asked.

“A have looked for me mate for over two thousand years Tim. Then, not only did A hurt her, A let Agatha destroy her. Then for sixty-five years she was gone and I felt the pain of other males having me mate. A’m done, and will not have it any other way. The children she bares, they will be mine, and they shall rule after me.” He growled trying to do right by his people by letting parliament have a say in the vampire war, but Molly was his point of breaking.

“A think, ye’re majesty, many fear what some of these women can do. Rumors have started tae spread about some of their abilities. Many rumors A would assume were just talk and speculation, while others, are hard tae even believe. They say some of these women are far worse than the vampires, it makes many of us nervous sire.” Timothy confessed.

Alexander sat back in his chair, thoroughly exhausted by today’s turn of events, and ran his hands over his face. “Aye, and they should be frightened of them. But only if they want to make an enemy out of them.” He answered looking up at his lieutenant and seeing the concern in his eyes. “A canna tell ye ye’re queen is a good woman. She loves her species, an if ye give her a chance, she will love ours as well.” He started but then shook his head over the plain truth. “She’s ma mate Tim… She has been gone for weeks now without me knowing her whereabouts. That’s why A’m so concerned for her safety.” He admitted.

Timothy nodded. Any male who had a mate of his own knew that the bond to that woman was so strong, they’d chose their mate over anything else. “A have tae say something ye’re majesty…”

“Please, no more formalities. Just say what is on ye’re mind…” He sighed.

“Alright. The way I see it is, even if ye do get the elders tae agree on their new queen, the elite will never accept it. The fighting will be horrendous among the clans as many other wolves scout out these mixers for mates? A know you will choose ye’re mate Alex over anything else, but what do ye think they’ll do when she comes to live in the castle?” Timothy questioned.

“No need to worry about that, she’s already been living there, and for a while now. A just dinna let anyone know about it.” He admitted, and then there was a knock on the door. “Enter!” He barked more annoyed than ever.

A small little woman came in, looking rather nervous, and curtsying. “Ye’re majesty, someone has come to talk to ye.” She said softly.

He looked over at Timothy, who looked concerned that someone would make their way to the king’s room at this moment in time. “And who could that be in the middle of debates?” He asked, knowing everyone that would dare come to see him was on the floor in upheaval.

“Queen Agatha your Majesty.” She spoke.

Timothy turned his head back to him. “How the hell did she even get in here?” He asked baffled.

“Just send her in.” He growled, not in the mood for anything by her exclamation of her treason.

Agatha strolled in to the office with a sly smile on her face and took a seat in front of him. “Me darlen’ husband, it has been some time hasn’t it.” She smirked, then slid her eyes to Timothy. “And A see your still here to Tim. Why am A not surprised that he’d have his dog with him right about now with all that is going on in parliament over his little slut.”

“Watch ye’re self, woman.” He warned as he sat back watching her. “A see ye still have ye’re ways of finding ways into places that ye shounna be. So, tell me why ye would risk ye’re wee neck to come see me, when ye know A’m the one trying to put a rope around it?”

“Always the sweet talker me mate. But when A was last in your bed, that little abomination’s name was not the one ye were calling out to.” She gloated.

“Well yes, A had to make it seem real now… dinna A?” He answered coldly.

Her body tensed at the statement, and then she glared hatefully back at him. “Yes, well anyways, A was asked to come home and give ye a massage.” She growled.

“A message, and who would that be from?” He questioned.

She now smiled a hateful grin. “From someone who wants to tear ye’re little slut apart.”

“Donna call her that again Agatha, A will not tolerate such words when it comes to me mate.” He warned

She leaned forward in the chair grabbing a hold of the arms. “She is NOT ye’re mate, A am!” She seethed.

“A married ye to keep my lands intact at the bloodiest time in our history. We both knew if either of us found our one true mate, the farce would be over.” He sighed.

She sat back crossing her arms and shrugged. “Might be so, but ye’re little bitch has just made herself an enemy that she canna escape from. She just so happened to kill one of my partner’s husbands, and she’s looking for payback for that affront. Ye see, this particular woman is the Queen of the abominations that you’ve created.” She hissed.

He couldn’t help but chuckle. “Me wife is a rather dangerous woman. A word of advice, ye would be wise not to get yourself even further on her bad side than ye’ve already have.” He smiled.

“A was ye’re mate for two hundred years, not her. It was my bed that ye craved!” She fumed.

“Say whatever ye likes, A know whose bed A sleep in now.” He grinned at her seething face. “But, if ye hate me wife’s kind so badly, then why do ye help one who is just like her?” He questioned.

“Because A have also learned a thing or two Alexander. A have been torn apart and put myself back together and have moved on to want more for myself than just being a Queen that rules under the likes of a man.” She said with a cold stare.

He sat forward looking her over, and trying to understand what she was implying. “And what more are ye looking for Agatha?”

She chuckled cruelly. “She was right, all men are fools. Do ye think woman were going to be subservient indefinitely?” She growled as she stood from her chair. “The tide is changing husband, and A think ye’ll not like the direction in which it flows.”

“Ye are not going anywhere. A’ve told parliament of your treason. That ye are the one who started the war with the vampires and then blamed the mixers. All will be known of what ye’re forked tongue has spewed. But for now, you’ll be placed into the custody until I squeeze every ounce of the truth out of ye. After that, A will see if A let you live...” He growled.

“A know ye know where Molly is.” She shrugged reaching into her purse and pulling out some sort of sweet spray that irritated his nose. “Tell her to meet Silver in Wacuozi, under the dome tomorrow, at midnight. From there everything will be settled and when the fight is over, everyone will see who the queen of the mixers will be. And then ye’re little bitch will be gone, and ye will come running back to me bed!” She seethed.

He jumped up, hitting the desk with his massive hands, glaring at the woman in front of him. “A will not have me mate get put in harm’s way by ye again Agatha! Ye would be wise not to test where my loyalties lie.” He warned as the beast that lies underneath started to make its way out.

Her eyes widened, then glaring hatefully at him. “It doesn’t matter what ye say Alexander! This will happen, and that bitch will die. Because the games in which these women play, they are just as vicious and deadly as any means.” She cackled.

“What do ye mean by that?” His voice rumbled.

“Meaning, they are just as cruel as the men in our world. The game Silver is playing is for death, and death will be the outcome of this event. Make sure ye’re abomination understands that.” She replied, then pulled out a neon blue gun and shot him in the shoulder, and Timothy in the chest.

“Bloody hell woman!” He roared going to jump over the desk, but found himself as weak as a mortal. “What the hell have ye done?!”

“A made ye powerless. Too bad it doesn’t last all that long... A would love to see ye sweat.” She smiled going to the door. “Tell her that Silver will kill two innocents for every hour she has to wait for her to show.” She smiled, then gave him a look that told him just how twisted and warped, her soul had become.

“Oh, and one more thing me husband. If she manages to live, which is highly unlikely, but if she does... God help ye if she bares you a child. Because that will be the first thing A will make sure to take away from ye!” She chuckled and then sprayed some mist into the air making him go momentarily blind.

He jumped at her, but she had slammed the door shut. He felt weak, and could barely manage to open the wooden door as he ran out into the corridor. He rubbed his eyes trying to see clearly, but one thing was for certain... she was gone.

Timothy ran out of the room, going to the guards, and telling them what just had happened and ordering the men to search the grounds. But he knew that whatever Agatha had used to make her escape, she was most likely long gone by now and all he knew was, he could do nothing about it! “Damn ye to hell Agatha!”

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